Messages 2001

Justified Violence and Soulmates.

October 6th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


My dear brother, you are a very insistent man. So then, I will answer your question, although it has been answered many times.

Once again, it is the problem of self-defense. You imagine the situation where a woman is about to be violated and then murdered by a criminal, and her husband could prevent this by killing the aggressor. Would the use of violence be allowed in such a situation? You are also thinking that in the country where you were born the husband would go to jail if he would not help his wife, because this would be called omission of a possible aid. That principle, then, goes even further than pure self-defense, since it appeals to the moral obligation of helping people in need. You also remember that the new Catholic catechism doesn’t only speak of the right of self-defense, but of the obligation of self-defense, of the obligation of defending life, which in fact is God’s. But when we say that the violence is not justified in any situation, you are in a dilemma. You also wonder, if in a given situation someone is going to lose his life, it may be the victim or the aggressor, would it not be better that the aggressor loses his, since it is he who brings inharmony to the world, while the victim possibly contributes to a greater harmonization of the world.

Well my brother, you ask difficult questions, and I know that you will not be satisfied with evasive answers, you want a clear yes or no and definitive explanations.

I have already indicated that this topic was dealt with in several messages, received through several mediums, and always with the same answer: Violence is never justified. This alone should make you think that this is in truth the correct answer. And I tell you, indeed, it is true.

Your point of departure is an exceptional situation. Have you ever been in it? No? Do you know anybody who has been in such a situation? No?

I agree that this situation certainly does occur, but that it is very rare. And the construction on the base of this almost fictitious situation neglects a very important principle: The kind of help we lend. And when I say we, I refer to us spirits, especially to the guardian angels. In his message on this subject, Jesus stated that people living in harmony with God’s Laws would receive warnings, even if they were not aware, consciously, of these warnings. In other words, in that given moment of danger they would not be present. They would not be “forced” to use violence.

Your way of thinking even betrays that you are still very bound to earth life, and that deep inside you, you still lack a process of ripening, so that you may understand that this life is but a tiny fraction of the life that is awaiting you.

But, as you know, the decision is yours. You have your free will, and you may kill, if you wish to do so. You may barter a fast progress toward absolute happiness for a moment of heroism.

Yes, the principle of non-violence is valid also on a greater scale, in politics. Don’t tell me that this principle leads nowhere. Just think of how much Gandhi achieved with this attitude. And he did not use violence. Of course I cannot answer with facts and definite proofs what would have happened in Hitler’s case through this kind of answer, because you would have to scrutinize all of humanity’s history in order to find one or the other instance of non-violence.

Violence causes violence. This is happening right now in the world. Israel has said that they know how to deal with terrorism. I suppose, then, that in Israel terrorism does not exist anymore? Because if this evil still exists in that country, one would have to doubt this proud assertion. And if it were the case that terrorism in that country is worse than elsewhere, then one would have to suppose there is a forthright lack of realism in this declaration. What do you think?

We all know that terrorism and many other evils in the world have roots, that they grow on certain apt and fertile ground from these kind of aberrations. Then, in order to combat those phenomena, it is necessary to treat this ground and to eliminate the space and nutrients for evil. Did you hear that they are planning to do something in that respect, I mean, the powerful of the world? Think about it.

The subject of violence obviously is one of those “evergreens,” which surge time and time again…

There is another topic of this kind, and that is the subject of soulmates.

Our dear D___ asks the following question:

“Are there eternal soulmates existing in the spirit world right now who were formerly both males as mortals, and are there eternal soulmates existing in the spirit world right now who were formerly both females as mortals?

If both propositions are indeed true, then it would seem that either one of two things would have to occur on the mortal plane:

  1. Either the unincarnated soul sometimes has the composition of two males to be, or two females to be, or:
  2. If the unincarnated soul always does have a male/female division, then the male has a male soulmate apart from his original female counterpart, and his female counterpart has a female soulmate apart from her original male counterpart.

Are there any other alternative possibilities? Which applies above, if not?

First I will answer: Yes, right now there are eternal soulmates existing in the spirit world who were formerly both males as mortals, and there are also eternal soulmates existing in the spirit world right now who were formerly both females as mortals. And you would be surprised to know how many there are.

The answer to the second part is that the unincarnated soul sometimes has the composition of two males to be, or two females to be. But watch out! Both will incarnate in males or females IN THE FUTURE, because despite what the Padgett messages may tell you, the soul has no sex. And to avoid any confusion, I wish to state that the soul has no gender, it is neither female nor male, and that the condition of woman or man is determined exclusively by the physical body, and that definition continues being reflected in the lower spheres of the spirit world in their spiritual bodies, because the appearance of that body is the product of the soul’s creative power, still influenced by its physical experience in the mortal body, but this difference disappears eventually as the soul (the spirit) progresses to higher spheres.

Soulmate love doesn’t have anything to do with sexuality, neither with the physical body’s sex, which the incarnated souls have occupied in their mortal lives. Sexuality and soulmate love move on completely different levels, the first one on the material level, and the second one on a high spiritual level.

Soulmate love is just a word for mortals, you cannot understand it, although you may not like to hear this. Even spirits in the lower spheres of the spirit world don’t have enough development, so they might understand this form of natural love.

You know (but you don’t understand) that soulmate love is only exceeded by God’s Love, which brings perfect fulfillment and supreme happiness. My dear D___, did you know that Mr. Padgett began a serious relationship with another woman after his wife Helen’s death, and that this relationship began after having received thousands of messages, among them also messages on soulmate love, and knowing that Helen was his soulmate, and despite the fact that he was in almost daily contact with her? Didn’t that love, then, offer him fulfillment? Did he lack something? Obviously he did. I tell you this only, so that you may understand that even Mr. Padgett, during his mortal life, didn’t understand soulmate love.

And I wish to repeat, this love has nothing to do with sexuality. Soulmates who both once were women or men, bear for you a certain flavor of homosexuality. But with that you are completely mistaken. And don’t try to find your soulmates in this life, you wouldn’t even be able to identify them. When you are in the fourth sphere or in an even higher place, you may worry about this topic. But for the time being, it doesn’t have any relevance for you.

That kind of love is only one of the countless marvels that our Heavenly Father offers us for our happiness. There are thousands of different ways to find realization, and we don’t even have the possibility to enjoy all of them. Yes, our Father’s generosity is infinite. And if somebody doesn’t find, for any reason, their soulmate in the spirit world, they won’t need to worry. Ultimately, they will not miss them.

Also realise that natural love is an attribute of the natural soul. That natural soul doesn’t exist in the Celestial Heavens, its last remains have already been transformed in the seventh sphere. But soulmate love may continue existing. And only because it is a structural likeness between two souls, a likeness, which certainly will also disappear, when the definitive separation is unavoidable, and when each soul begins to develop not only in substance, but also in structure, in different ways and towards different destinies.

I understand that this topic awakes much curiosity, but I would like to dedicate more time to other subjects of much more importance, which may have an immediate application in your lives as mortals, and which are still abandoned like orphans.

I hope I may have contributed a little to clarify this topic which is of little relevance. But I advise you to focus on those topics which really have weight in this world and may contribute to a greater development of your souls.

With my love for all of you, who are on their way toward the Celestial Kingdom and strive to bring Love into their personal environment, I will say good-bye, and will leave you my blessings.

Your brother in Christ,



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