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The Soul Mind and the Material Mind

At a time when medicine and science believe the “mind” is in the brain, here we are telling you that you have two minds. And neither are in the brain. Yes the brain is the input device to the material mind - the animal based mind we got as a result of evolution. But we also have a soul mind, closer to the divine, if not actually divine, that came as a direct result of the creation event the Bible tries to describe. There is yet another mind that we might not think we “have” and its the soul consciousness.

Most people who have not studied this subject deeply will not be sure exactly what a soul is, and whether it is “spirit”. We here however distinguish between these. The word spirit can be used to describe the form of a person post-death, and what we would term a “spirit-body”. The word spirit can also be used as a description of an animating force, and we do understand that soul is animated by spirit. But soul exists, even though it is not of the material - so no electrons, no protons, no neutrons. Such a concept is well beyond our understanding. Maybe some scientists can go there, I am not sure of that. So we would say that a spirit, being a dead person, cannot see a soul. Because a dead person is not capable of that until they have developed soul-perception that is not a vision at all. However they can see a spirit-body that encapsulates and protects a soul. The references listed here first start with explanations of what a soul is. Then they cover the incarnation of the soul into a foetus. Finally we have a few messages on the soul-mind. What I would say is that every one of us should be striving to open our soul-mind, and learn how to utilise its facilities. This is something that happens as one advances. And just prior to our being ready to experience the rebirth process, the soul faculties will be what we will use. Our material mind will no longer be used at that stage. I believe I have experienced using my soul-mind and it was so unsettling that I was very scared and prayed for the experience to end. But in December 2017 I have managed to return to this state, albeit right at the beginning, and I will be praying hard to get back to the stage I experienced in 2013 - as an awakened soul.

The Soul

If you have the time, this video by Rev Jimbeau Walsh traces the concept of soul from ancient times to our understandings.

Author Title Date of Message
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The incarnation of the soul

Author Title Date of Message
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The soul and the mind

Author Title Date of Message
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