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Soul Choices - Good and Evil

December 8th, 2017

Gibsons, B. C.

Received by A.F.


God bless you, I am Samuel. I have been listening in on your conversation1 regarding the soul and wish to comment and hopefully clear up some misunderstandings that you may have regarding the power of the soul versus the power of the mind. The soul has a great capacity to choose, it is not just the mind that can choose an action. The soul indeed has the capacity to make a choice and that choice can be for Light or for darkness. You see there are some souls in God’s Creation that have chosen such darkness that they are not only encrusted with the conditions that are not in harmony with God’s Laws, but their souls have become infused with that darkness. It has put out the Light of that soul and this is a serious condition indeed.

The soul brings life and animation to the spirit body and the flesh of body. When a soul chooses to incarnate, so it brings this condition of life into that individual forming from the womb. But the question is, what does the soul decide upon and choose in its life? Naturally a soul will choose to pursue a spiritual path, an awakening of sorts. It does not choose the mundane aspects of life. This is where the mind operates. The soul chooses the deeper things of life. It is drawn to various other souls. It is drawn to God. It is drawn to be expressed with the emotions of the soul. The mind on the other hand is readily drawn to many other aspects that are influenced by the conditions around it, the thoughts that infuse it and the desires of the flesh. Many conditions affect the choices of the mind, and as you well know, these choices affect the soul. It brings to you the encrustations of the soul, covering the soul over with conditions that are not so spiritual or of Love or Truth or of God. The soul can choose as well, because the entire being is given the choice, the gift of free will. At times the soul does indeed choose darkness and for whatever reason this can be so.

When we say there is evil in the world, we are referring to those souls who have chosen it and who are dark within themselves. It is not that their life force has been put out, but those aspects of the soul that express goodness and kindness, Love and joy are diminished to such a degree by the conditions of the soul and the choices of the soul that they are barely present within them. Indeed their struggles in the darkness, their struggles to find the Light, which invariably they must, are harsh and difficult. By comparison my beloved souls, you have an easy time of it indeed. You must have compassion for those dark souls and you must have a respect for the power that they possess to create evil in the world. For to come close to these individuals, some are very evil indeed, you risk harm to yourselves and you cannot save them from their condition as only God can do this. You can pray for them as you do when you pray for the world, but at some point within their existence there comes a choice deep within them that they may be in the Light and thus the process begins. God hears that cry and he sends His angels and spirits to comfort those pathetic souls in darkness. Just as He does for you my beloveds, He sends the blessings forth because your soul has decided and has made that choice deep, deep within to make that connection with God. And this deep connection, this touch from God may start as a kernel of thought within your minds to bring some action, some desire forward in prayer or contemplation, but truly the beginnings of this is within the soul, the choice is made from that place, powerful and beautiful and imbued with choice.

Now I do not say that a soul borne into the flesh begins in darkness, this is not my point. My point is that some souls are very susceptible to the dark conditions of this world. They readily take on these conditions which build within them and are expressed more readily through that individual. And yet God in His mercy, God in His Love provides a way in which that soul may come to redemption, either in the perfect condition of the natural love or with the blessings of Divine Love. God’s plan is that every soul will find redemption, find perfection and find Love. And that those who receive the Divine Love will find at-one-ment with God, continuing in this condition of Light forever and ever. Yet in this world, a world filled with potential, a world filled with many different conditions, there is a greater possibility that the soul will be in darkness. This is what, in essence, your mission is my beloved souls, to bring the Truth, to bring Light, to work diligently so that these conditions of darkness may not so readily impinge upon so many souls, to clear the error so to speak. For this world is so polluted with error and a lack of Love and such darkness and depravity that so many innocent souls that are born into this world are carried away, swept away by the darkness. Think of the children that are starving and neglected in this world, there are so many. Some manage to find Light and are not so affected by these conditions, but many succumb to the dark conditions and are filled with anger, confusion and many other human expressions that are not of God.

So for you my beloveds, this is a huge undertaking to bring the world back to harmony and Light. Without God’s plan to guide you and His Will to carry you, it becomes an impossible task to dissolve this huge wave of darkness that has enshrouded this world, affecting many souls and affecting many lives. Yet you sit in this Light, this beautiful Light and you seek the touch from God, and you seek that your souls may be free from these encrustations and indeed you are blessed by God because you have made that choice. You have asked for the gift of His Love and you have asked to serve God, to be a channel of His Love. This condition is indeed far from the conditions that I describe that others carry, and the evil forces of this world will not touch you my beloveds, for the power of God, His power, His touch, His Light will keep you from those conditions. In time, as you continue to work towards this goal of creating Light, of bringing Truth, of eradicating error, joined with many others in the years to come, in the time to come, this evil will be eradicated from the world.

This is what will be my beloveds. There will be no evil left. You must keep this in mind when you see such darkness around you and you must have faith that God has a plan to deal with all of these terrible dilemmas of life in this world. You work towards these ends step by step, day by day. Your prayers, your efforts, the healings of your soul, the beauty of your soul stands forth and says this can be done in our world. There is Light enough, there is power enough in Love to eradicate the darkness. I know of its source, this Light and it is powerful indeed and will heal this world in every way and bring once again harmony and Light. This is your mission; this is God’s request of you to stand forth in Light, to accept within every aspect of your being, Love and harmony. To pray with the fervency of your souls to bring this Light within you, expanding, ever expanding, creating an aura of Light so beautiful that you can do what is required. And there will be nothing to stop you beloved souls, nothing to stop you for the power of the Light that is building within your souls, the beauty of that Light will change everything within you and remake it and bring it to harmony and Love.

My beloveds, you stand at the forefront of this great wave of Light. At times you can scarcely believe your own Light, your own beauty, the wonderment of God’s Creation within you. But you must accept this and embrace who you truly are, for in this you will carry this Truth forward. You will touch many souls and you will be used by God to dissolve these great waves of darkness that have so long infused this world. God begins to change this world to Light. It was always meant to be this way, this Light, this beauty, this harmony, but because of the choices and free will of mankind, it has come to this. This time of such extreme pain and harshness and equity and imbalance. It must change my beloveds, it will change and God is calling His beloved children to walk in this world and speak of a new world, a new way of being in this world. You are called my beloveds, you are called and you have answered in Love. May you continue to embrace the Light within you and may it continue to grow so that you may truly make your mark in this great up-liftment of the world.

God bless you my beloveds, I am Samuel and I have been drawn by your Light. And I shall continue to assist you in bringing Light to this world. God bless you and keep you my beloved friends close to God, close to Light and far from the darkness. God bless you.


1 Note. This was a conversation between Al Fike and myself (G.J.C.) where I shared what was received through another medium several years ago in a message hosted on this site. In that message John the Beloved is said to claim that the soul can only choose love. It would now appear that some further correction to that message may be required in order to explain such a stark contrast to this message where a soul may choose evil.