Padgett's Messages

What do these messages say about the Bible?

Christians of all flavours base their beliefs on the Bible. What have these revelations to say about the accuracy of the Bible? Is it 100% Truth? If it is not 100% Truth, why is that so? Jesus himself still maintains that the Bible is the greatest book, save only for “True Gospel revealed anew by Jesus.”

If you would like to review a large number of Biblical quotations referred to in these messages, read this page. Here you will find the Biblical phrases explained, or refuted in detail, and cross referenced to our messages. It is quite resonable for us to claim that the core Truths exposed in the Padgett mesages can still today be found in the Bible.

Another very detailed approach has been created meticulously by the Rev. Mark Kramer and is also available on this web site. See this page: Reconciling the Padgett Messages to the Bible

And here are communications from various spirits, including the apostles and even Jesus himself regarding errors in the Bible:

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus Anxious to explain the truth and correct the untruth as it is known.  
Paul St. Paul explains speaks of errors in his epistles. June 28th, 1915.
Martin Luther Martin Luther, one time monk and reformer. July 6th, 1915
Luke Luke Gives His Testimony. July 17th, 1915.
St Augustine St. Augustine says that many of the teachings of the Bible cannot be relied upon. August 7th, 1915
St Jerome The truths of God must not be sought for in his writings or those of the disciples as contained in the Bible, because of many errors therein. August 17th, 1915
Luke St. Luke also mentions that even Jesus in his writing can exhaust his power according to spiritual laws. August 24th, 1915
Paul St. Paul wants to correct errors in his epistles as contained in the Bible. August 30th, 1915
Martin Luther Martin Luther writes about the many errors in the Bible. September 5th, 1915
Luke Luke asserts that the Gospel in the Bible is not the one as he wrote it. September 5th, 1915
Jesus His disciples never wrote many false doctrines in the Bible attributed to him. September 5th, 1915.
John Not the blood of Jesus but the Divine Love is what saves and redeems. Revelation of the Bible is not to be relied upon as true in many particulars. September 7th, 1915
John the Baptist The time is now ripe for the Truths to be made known so that mankind can be redeemed from the false beliefs. September 7th, 1915
Luke St. Luke of the Bible never said that Jesus came to earth as the only begotten of the Father, which is not true. September 17th, 1915
Paul of Tarsus Paul of Tarsus denies the vicarious atonement - this belief doing much harm - Bible contains many false statements. October 26th, 1915
Peter Affirms what Paul wrote about the vicarious atonement. October 26th, 1915
James The Truths are not to be refuted by any preaching or teachings, or any reference to the Bible, that are contrary to these Truths. October 28th, 1915
Jesus Jesus is not God, but an elder brother. Sin has no existence except as it is created by mankind and man must pay the penalties. December 25th, 1915
John Book of Revelation is only a mere allegory of some one or more writers and is not the same as St. John wrote. March 12th, 1916
Luke Luke - “The sins of the parents are visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generations.” April 9th, 1916
Luke Luke makes some corrections in the previous message. April 10th, 1916
Luke St. Luke corroborates what Luther has written about the errors in the Bible. July 25th, 1916
John John gives reasons why corrections have to be made in the New Testament. August 28th, 1916
Luke The mystery of the Godhead, three in one is a myth. There is no mystery that men should not know. November 5th, 1916
Paul Paul of Tarsus: Hell and the duration of punishment. November 19th, 1916
Martin Luther Luther denies the efficacy of the eucharist to save man. The Bible is full of contradictions and errors. January 31st, 1917
Luke What is the fact in reference to the authenticity of the Bible. March 12th, 1917
Elias (Elijah) The truth of the Bible as to the things that are contained in the Old Testament. March 18th, 1917
Jesus There is nothing in existence or in the knowledge of man comparable to the Bible - except the truths that Jesus and the Celestial spirits have written through Mr. Padgett. February 23rd, 1918
John Many things in the Bible John says he never wrote. March 2nd, 1918
Jesus Jesus refers to the prophecy in the Bible (Matt. 24) May 20th, 1918.
Helen Padgett The epistles in the Bible are not the same that the Apostles wrote. October 29th, 1918.
John The true meaning of - “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, etc.” March 12th, 1919
Jesus The importance of knowing the Way to the Celestial Kingdom - many statements in the Bible untrue. October 18th, 1919
Matthew Matthew, Apostle of Jesus. November 22nd, 2001
Judas What does the bible tell us? December 3rd, 2001
Jesus Jesus comments on the Padgett messages. June 22nd, 2006
John John comments on his Gospel and his childhood. January 17th, 2007