Padgett's Messages

Quotations From The Bible.

This is a cross reference between the New Testament and the Old Testament, and the various communications we have received from spirit over the last 100 years. There are probably over 300 passages from the Bible that are referred to across our messages. Not only do the messages refer back to these passages in the Bible, but you can select a passage and see what reference messages we have.

Some bible quotes are confirmed as accurate, some are explained in very great detail and some are refuted as inaccurate or misinterpreted. It is absolutely fascinating to hear Jesus and the apostles themselves explain the New Testament. Although hearing Jesus expound on the Old Testament is equally fascinating, after all it was his prime source of spiritual inspiration. The links to the following pages are available:

Gospels of John
Gospels of Mark
Gospels of Luke
Gospels of Matthew
New Testament Various
Old Testament Various 1
Old Testament Various 2
Old Testament Various 3

Another very detailed approach has been created meticulously by the Rev. Mark Kramer and is also available on this web site. See this page: Reconciling the Padgett Messages to the Bible