Messages from Judas

All the Messages from Judas, known as Judas Iscariot and also Judas of Kerioth.

While Judas is not the only Celestial Angel channelled by H., he is certainly the most prolific. These communications detail exactly what it was like to be a disciple of Jesus. And they specifically answer the question of who was Judas Iscariot, also known as Judas of Kerioth? We even have some sketches of many of those disciples including Judas. A great deal that has not been previously known has been revealed here, and even some things that were mere speculation have been confirmed. In addition to the Life of Jesus, Judas also ventures into some hot topics like terrorism and homosexuality. These messages have now been published in both print and Kindle form. See this description in the book section. I have also added, at the bottom of this list, some messages from Judas received via other mediums.

The topics that you will find covered by these messages, fall into the following categories, and sub-sections have been created with only these topics:

  1. The Lost years of Jesus
  2. The Public Ministry of Jesus
  3. The Spirit Spheres (Life after Death)
  4. General matters of Spirituality
  5. Comments on the challenges of mediumship
  6. Portraits of the Apostles

Copyright has been asserted in all these messages. We believe we are justified in so claiming copyright, because of the substantial work carried out in the years 2012 and 2013 to re-edit all these messages. We are also aware that some other sites currently host the earlier versions, but as best we understand these sites do not have the explicit permission of the medium to publish the messages, and they were obtained as a result of his initially sharing these by email. In other cases it is clear they were obtained directly from this site. Wherever a site mentions, or appears to mention the name of the medium, you can be sure this was done without permission.

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus Hearing your inner voice. August 17th, 2001
Anonymous The soul. August 19th, 2001
Judas Judas August 20th, 2001
Judas Communication & Mediumship. August 20th, 2001
Judas The Temple Incident August 21st, 2001
Judas The Efficacy of Prayer. August 22nd, 2001
Judas Warning of danger and the choices we face. August 22nd, 2001
Judas Guides, Guardian Angels and Automatic Writing. August 23rd, 2001
Judas Spiritual Awareness and Perception. August 24th, 2001
Judas Hidden meanings in Jesus’ parables. August 25th, 2001
Judas On Divine Love and Judas’ background. August 26th, 2001
Judas The Spirit of Life. August 27th, 2001
Judas Man’s interference in the Spirit of God. August 28th, 2001
Judas Celestial and other spirit communications. August 29th, 2001
Judas The Law of Divine Love. August 29th, 2001
Judas Homosexuality. August 30th, 2001
Judas The parable of the mustard seed. August 31st, 2001
Judas Do Celestials lose their individuality? September 2nd, 2001
Judas The closing of the Celestial Heavens. September 3rd, 2001
Judas Judas’ death and passing into spirit. September 5th, 2001
Judas Judas’ experience of the hells. September 6th, 2001
Judas Spiritual light or spiritual vibrations? September 7th, 2001
Judas The Twilight zone and Summerland. September 8th, 2001
Judas Various questions concerning passing over. September 9th, 2001
Judas A question on the Epistle to Ephesians. September 10th, 2001
Judas What can we do to offset the effects of evil? September 15th, 2001
Judas The second sphere. September 16th, 2001
Judas Islam and Mohammed. September 18th, 2001
Judas The Third Sphere. September 19th, 2001
Judas Listening to your Inner Voice. September 21st, 2001
Judas The Fourth Sphere. September 23rd, 2001
Judas Soulmates. September 24th, 2001
Judas The Fifth Sphere. September 25th, 2001
Judas The Sixth Sphere September 27th, 2001
Judas The Seventh Sphere. September 28th, 2001
Judas Divorce, and the twelve Apostles and the twelve tribes of Israel. September 29th, 2001
Judas Innocent parties to terrorism? October 1st, 2001
Judas Joseph marries Mary and returns to Bethlehem. October 3rd, 2001
Judas Parallels between Galilee at the time of Jesus, and today. October 3rd, 2001
Judas The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. October 4th, 2001
Judas The flight to Egypt. October 5th, 2001
Judas Assisted suicide and Christian Symbols. October 5th, 2001
Judas Justified Violence and Soulmates. October 6th, 2001
Judas The education of Jesus in Egypt. October 8th, 2001
Judas Joseph and Mary return to Nazareth. October 9th, 2001
Judas The political situation in Galilee. October 11th, 2001
Judas Urantia and the Trinity, and channelling. October 12th, 2001
Judas The uniqueness of perception and the goal of harmony. October 14th, 2001
Judas Young Jesus, Mary and Joseph arrive back in Nazareth. October 15th, 2001
Judas Effecting your desires - the Law of Desire. October 16th, 2001
Judas Perfection, Self love and the Law of Desire. October 22nd, 2001
Judas Justice and punishment. October 23rd, 2001
Judas The Tax Revolt in 6AD. October 25th, 2001
John Mark John Mark on faith and looking within. October 29th, 2001
Judas Love and the heart of flesh. October 30th, 2001
Judas Mind versus Soul, and current models of the mind. November 4th, 2001
Judas After the Tax revolt of 6AD. November 5th, 2001
Judas Forgiveness and Forgetfulness. November 6th, 2001
Judas Archangels and Satan. November 8th, 2001
Judas The Alchemist. November 9th, 2001
Judas John the Baptist and Jesus growing up. November 13th, 2001
Judas John the Baptist as a child. November 14th, 2001
Judas The Essenes, the Sadducees and the Dead Sea Scrolls. November 16th, 2001
Judas The role of the Pharisees. November 19th, 2001
Judas The Three Wise Men and the Star of Bethlehem. November 20th, 2001
Matthew Matthew, Apostle of Jesus. November 22nd, 2001
Judas Mediumship. November 26th, 2001
Judas Mediumship and the mind of the mortal. November 30th, 2001
Judas What does the bible tell us? December 3rd, 2001
Judas Who would Jesus preach to? December 4th, 2001
Judas The danger of mediumship. December 4th, 2001
Judas Meditation. December 6th, 2001
Judas The Death Wish. December 9th, 2001
Judas The One Fat Book! December 11th, 2001
Judas Communication of Truth, and the use of parables. December 12th, 2001
Judas The Weight of Love. December 14th, 2001
Judas Religious Festivals. December 17th, 2001
Judas Jesus and Judas - childhood friends? December 26th, 2001
Judas Trance Mediumship. December 27th, 2001
Judas The Chosen People. January 2nd, 2002
Judas The start of Jesus’ public Ministry. January 2nd, 2002
Judas The response to Jesus’ declaration that he is the messiah. January 3rd, 2002
Judas Other beings and the purpose of these messages. January 7th, 2002
Judas Channeling and the influence of ingrained beliefs. January 9th, 2002
Judas On Faith. January 11th, 2002
Judas Building harmony with humility. January 14th, 2002
Judas Faith continued. January 15th, 2002
Judas Web sites and spreading the Good News. January 17th, 2002
Judas Footprints in the sand. January 17th, 2002
Judas The Faith of little Children. January 22nd, 2002
Judas The distortions of history. January 25th, 2002
Judas The Global Vision. January 28th, 2002
Judas Helping others. January 29th, 2002
Judas Faith, knowledge, understanding and trust. January 30th, 2002
Judas Nathanael, the first disciple. February 2nd, 2002
Judas Jesus is baptised. February 4th, 2002
Judas The return to Kpar Nahum. February 5th, 2002
Judas Jesus meets Simon Peter. February 8th, 2002
Judas To live in this world, but not be of it. February 14th, 2002
Judas Jesus meets the Zebedee family. February 15th, 2002
Judas The Prodigal Son. February 18th, 2002
Judas The real meaning in Jesus sayings. February 19th, 2002
Judas Judas and John the Baptist. February 20th, 2002
Judas Judas meets the Master. February 22nd, 2002
Judas Some questions on Bethsaida and the disciples. February 25th, 2002
Judas Some questions on spiritual guides, dark spirit attack and materialism. February 25th, 2002
Judas The wedding at Cana. March 3rd, 2002
Judas The miracle at Naym. March 4th, 2002
Judas On Prayer. March 6th, 2002
Judas Mary Magdalene. March 11th, 2002
Judas The devils in Mary Magdalene. March 12th, 2002
Judas The Sound of His Voice. March 13th, 2002
Judas The attitude of Jesus’ family in the year 26. March 15th, 2002
Judas The story of Nicodemus. March 18th, 2002
Judas Jesus and baptism by water. March 19th, 2002
Judas The political situation in 26AD - Tiberius Claudius Nero. March 21st, 2002
Judas The political situation in 26AD - Lucius Aelius Sejanus. March 22nd, 2002
Judas The political situation in 26AD - Publius Pontius Pilatus. March 25th, 2002
Judas The political situation in 26AD - Publius Pontius Pilatus continued. March 26th, 2002
Judas The healing of the mayor’s son in Kpar Nahum. March 27th, 2002
Judas The healing of the paralytic in Kpar Nahum. March 28th, 2002
Judas The miraculous catch of fish. March 29th, 2002
Judas Simon the Zealot. April 1st, 2002
Judas Healing the leper. April 2nd, 2002
Judas Stand up and be counted (1). April 15th, 2002.
Judas Stand up and be counted (2). April 16th, 2002.
Judas Stand up and be counted (3). April 17th, 2002.
Judas The unfaithful steward. April 19th, 2002
Judas Devils cast into swine? Jesus preaches to the pagans. April 25th, 2002
Judas Mediumship, and the value of messages. April 28th, 2002
Judas The Antichrist. April 29th, 2002
Judas The Samaritans, Part 1. April 30th, 2002
Judas The Samaritans, Part 2. May 1st, 2002
Judas The Samaritans, Part 3. May 2nd, 2002
Judas The Good Samaritan. May 3rd, 2002
Judas The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. May 5th, 2002.
Judas The Soul of God. May 8th, 2002.
Judas Saramago’s God. May 10th, 2002.
Judas Truth and False Beliefs - Part 1. May 13th, 2002.
Judas Truth and False Beliefs - Part 2. May 16th, 2002.
Judas Truth and False Beliefs - Part 3. May 17th, 2002.
Judas The women around Jesus. May 22nd, 2002.
Judas Salome May 28th, 2002.
Judas Slavery. June 4th, 2002
Judas Focus on Love. June 19th, 2002
Judas The spiritual hangover. June 25th, 2002
Judas The season to be alone. July 17th, 2002
Judas Judgement. July 18th, 2002
Judas Mary Magdalene. July 19th, 2002
Judas Fundamentalism. August 7th, 2002
Judas Miracles and thoughts. August 8th, 2002
Judas Paul of Tarsus and the First Epistle to the Corinthians. August 15th, 2002
Jesus The year in reflection, and the value of simplicity. August 17th, 2002
Judas The popularity of absurd “revelations.” August 20th, 2002
Judas Why Judas betrayed Jesus. November 16th, 2002
Judas Passing over. December 7th, 2002
Judas A new form of communication. January 18th, 2003
Judas Jesus confounds the Pharisees. January 22nd, 2003
Judas The Pharisees scheme to get rid of Jesus. January 24th, 2003
Judas The Parable of the almond tree. January 27th, 2003
Judas The Parable of the rotten timber. January 31st, 2003
Judas Trust in God. February 3rd, 2003
Judas The Lack of Hope found in the Hells. February 5th, 2003
Judas Getting out of the Hells. February 6th, 2003
Judas The way it is. February 25th, 2003
Judas The dynamics of life 1: Evil. March 21st, 2003
Judas The dynamics of life 2: Love. March 21st, 2003
Judas Pilate takes charge in the year 26. March 28th, 2003
Judas The good that lies hidden. April 3rd, 2003
Jesus Why did Jesus pick Judas and Mary Magdalene? April 7th, 2003
John Mark Free Will and offering Healing. April 9th, 2003
Judas The coin in the fish’s mouth. April 14th, 2003
Judas The parable of the rose garden. April 23rd, 2003
Judas Grow in My Love. April 24th, 2003
Judas The Parable of the Two Rooms. May 4th, 2003
Judas Thought Containers. May 24th, 2003
Judas The world of a child. June 29th, 2003
Judas Thoughts Continued. June 30th, 2003
Judas Guidance comes from God. Sept 22nd, 2012
Judas The source of emotions. March 13th, 2013