Messages 2002

Web sites and spreading the Good News.

January 17th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.



I was with you this morning when you started to gather together all the messages you have received into one file.

[H.: In the morning, I began to convert all the messages from Judas, Jesus, Matthew, and John Mark which I had received, into HTML format, in order to compile them into an HTML-help file, which I intend to create for all the published Divine Love messages.]

I am happy that you have decided to do this. It is a useful work, not because those are my messages, but because any form in which our messages are introduced to the public constitutes one more step to reach out to people with the principal message of Love. In this context, allow me to say some words on the impression that has come up lately that several web sites have entered into “competition.”1

Actually, if there were not three or five or ten web sites on Divine Love, but a hundred or a thousand, it would be even better. It would increase the probability that many people who surf the Internet would find this information, and the volume and pressure of so many sites on this topic would perhaps encourage them to really read what is presented there. Many people are greatly influenced by the opinion of others, and when seeing that there are so many people who put forth the main idea in the most diverse of ways, they will think that there is “really something” in all that, because otherwise the idea would not find so much echo amongst others.

This is why I do not like the expression “competition.” Competition in what? What do you win? If this effort is useful for leading more people towards the Divine Love path, then it is even better. This is not what I call competition, but a dispersed effort in the service of one and the same objective: To spread the principal message of Love.

It is true that there is very little coordination in these efforts, but there is will, and this is what counts. If you can achieve a better presentation, a better coordination, with diverse focuses, then we will all be happy from the bottom of our hearts. However, never forget that there is a world beyond the Internet. This also offers a wide field of possibilities.

Remember the message where Jesus indicates that the messages could also be presented in form of a science fiction novel. This is already a broad hint that the words of the messages are not magic formulas. They are only carriers of ideas and thoughts, and these can also be transmitted in other ways, taking any liberty.

My dear H___, lately you are thinking of writing a book based on the messages you receive. This is a good idea. It would constitute a focus somewhat different from the Padgett messages. Each focus is valuable, for the intellectuals, the romantics, the sci-fi addicts, the mystics, whatever.

If you, for example, concentrate your book around the afterlife, integrating what I have communicated, you will surely find a wide public, since the problem of death and the afterlife is a topic which the entire world is interested in. Don’t cling slavishly to the received text, but try to give it more color, some tension. Try to arouse interest.

I also find that it is a good idea to talk about your personal experiences, how you found the Padgett messages, how you received the Love of God, what you feel in these moments, your doubts and questions, prayer and its effect, and your quest in general.

People love to read books that not only give them information but additionally also show in a practical way how they may live these experiences themselves. There is no recipe book for obtaining Divine Love or for developing mediumship, but there is some basic advice.

These several forms of message presentation are so important. We would like to exercise our influence upon all humanity, to give each one the information they need and can digest, but unfortunately this is not possible. It is the problem that I have already described so often, the problem of tuning in.

Do you remember when you were in contact with me for the first time? You don’t know it, but you tuned in to everything except the spiritual thing. Only now, in retrospect, you can determine that much of what you have done, much of what you felt attracted to, was due to our influence, to my influence in particular.

Do you remember when I, for the first time, tried to reveal myself to you? Yes, it is true, and at that time you did not grasp it.

[H.: Years ago, when I already knew the Padgett messages, and when I had received some of God’s Love, a certain fixed idea began to take possession of my mind. I “saw” myself in the beyond, newly arrived and disoriented. It was a hazy scene, myself amongst other equally disoriented spirits, when suddenly somebody came closer. It was a very luminous spirit, full of love who sat down at my side and started to talk to me. He told me a little about the spirit world, things that I did not understand but that impressed me. However what impressed me most was this bright being’s love.

A short time later an even more luminous being approached me, and presented himself as Jesus of Nazareth. And he told me that his fellow spirit’s name was Judas Iscariot.]

Yes, this is correct. It was then that I tried to impress you with more force and more insistence. However, for you, it was just a fixed idea. We often meet this obstacle, that is to say, even when people are capable of receiving and willing to receive our messages they do not recognize them.

It is true; the work of publishing the message of Love is a combined work. We depend on you, and we appreciate any effort in this direction.

Please, don’t see yourselves as competitors in a limited market, but as collaborators in an ocean of tasks, where each contribution constitutes a relief and an advance, and where no effort is in vain, although its benefits may not be obvious immediately.

Thank you for your time, dear brother. Have a nice day.



1 This comment was made in all seriousness when there were really only two Divine Love web sites, that created by Doug O, and that created by Victor Summers. It was Victor who created the fuss, but he was not without support. He was happy when my web site was only ten or twenty pages, but as soon as I started adding all the Padgett Messages (because I planned to index them in date order) Victor accused me of being competitive. Today there are a great many web sites, and this nonsense has been long forgotten.


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