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An Enlightenment Experience

Its obvious to me now that my detailed memory of the events that occurred in Athens on October 20th and 21st of 2013 has largely been erased. This may seem impossible to some, but in fact its not that uncommon. Almost none of us recall in the morning what we were doing in the sleep state, so its a common thing. And in 2017 we received a message that explains why that is the case, and also confirms my diagnosis of what happened to me. 

I will refer to this as an enlightenment experience, as that seems a suitable label. Some might call it accessing the Cosmic Mind, others the mind of your soul, yet others a morontia mind upgrade. While most of the experiences were totally fantastic, and the sort of thing that spurs you on in the spiritual journey and the dance of life, there was one event which was not enjoyable. I don’t yet know if it was related, but it seemed to be. It appeared to be the “closing” event. Two years later I have come to conclude that this experience was in fact 24 hours of operating out of soul-mind, as opposed to the normal material-mind.

How did it start? I was meditating on my bed, in the hotel room in Athens the very first night there. Janet, my partner likes to read before sleeping, and I use that time to meditate. I became aware that I now had a far greater psychic awareness, and I proceeded to engage in a sort of question and answer session with what I believed were a range of entities. None of which are unknown to me, but none of which I have been able to “hear” before. I should add here that for many years I have just, at the very limit of discernment, been able to detect a yes or no answer to a question. Frequently, indeed usually, this answer comes either before I frame the question, or in the middle of the question. This hardly constitutes a two way conversation, such as I suddenly became aware of. So I was overjoyed. I also sensed a lot of things, such as I believed I could now sense what people who I have a troubled relationship with, really think of me. I also felt that I could actually discern Sunshine – my beloved cat’s - response to my sending him remote love.  I also seemed to accurately sense the moods that people projected, and this included folks who were remote.

Then I had an experience of knowing. I surely wish I could recall what exactly I now “knew”, but it was such an amazing feeling, that even the concept of soul knowledge just does not convey. I do now know that real “knowing” is such a huge total certainty that doubt cannot come near it. I have long understood the issue of mindal knowledge which is really only belief, as opposed to soul based certainty, and this is what I felt in every pore of me. Belief is however entirely vaporous, and has no substance. That people have gone to war over it is just as curious. But real knowing invades every cell of your being.

Then I became an observer of an inner dialogue. Again only one example of this stays with me, and it was rather trivial. I sensed that what I heard as clear as day, was my Indwelling Spirit having a conversation with my ego. My soul may have also said a few things, but since I can’t review the things I heard any more, I can’t say.  Why I believe my ego was involved, was because this was my typical response to input – the result all my learned behaviours. Especially the issue of lack of patience. 

Ego: “Hurry Up, Janet wants to use the bathroom” (I am shaving, and immediately I feel tense and a need to hurry)

Father: “No she doesn’t”

Ego: “Yes she does, you know she does” (edited here as to the reason - lol)

Father: “If she wants to, she will tell you”

Now I am an “A” type personality. A “do it now” or don’t do it person. I am often irritated by others who seem so slow, and while I can just about understand slow, I can’t understand comatose. Be alive, make decisions, or get out the way!!! That’s my motto.

So its not surprising I appear agitated, and I am sure it adds a big layer of stress to my life. Well for some hours I was unbelievably patient. Excepting I just was, I was not “being” patient, as that suggests having deliberately altered my behaviour. I just had no urgency, I was in the zone, and I did not make this happen. 

And suddenly my partner Janet was the impatient one. (Which is so weird an idea, because its so not true.) But my understanding went far deeper. The Divine Plan is all about rhythm. And syncronicity. You only experience all this, from a place of peace and when you are without any time-pressure, and simply go with the flow, it happens. You can’t force this, quite the opposite, it ONLY happens in this unhurried and perfectly rhythmic zone. Now the ego is the culprit here. It keeps up an incessant chatter telling you to hurry, if like me you have trained it well. Sure in this material world you will get a lot done. But you won’t have a peaceful life. And you will have difficulty with the Divine Plan.

I also had an experience with judgement, in that I learned we can see others soul condition and know where they are at, IF and ONLY if we are in a place of detachment and zero judgement. It of course also requires that the individual being observed have less spiritual advancement than the observer, something the observer will NOT be telling the observed, because it is absolutely judgmental to even think that.

That day was an amazing day. Many other things happened, but Janet certainly noticed a “new” Geoff, one she dearly wishes would come back. So do I. My guidance is that this was shared because I “was ready”. And that in my lifetime I might yet reach that spiritual level where I will be that “new” Geoff. I can now for the very first time exactly see who Jesus was, as a man reborn of spirit. So I will redouble my efforts, that I may yet reach the pinnacle of spiritual development. And I will continue my prayers to overcome my innate impatience.

There was a closing event too. I suspect possibly it actually had nothing to do with this, but I don’t know that. Janet and I celebrated our last night in Athens by going to a very superior seafood restaurant. I don’t think I have experienced a better or classier meal. But at 1am I awoke violently to a dreadful image – Janet had just been impaled. It was a nightmare, but the nightmare continued as I lay there. I absolutely could not control my mind. It reminded me of the stroke I had a year ago, except then my mind was perfectly functional, only my body did not respond to its requests. Now it was the complete reverse, my body seemed fine, but my mind was a total mess.

After a few minutes I concluded there were three likely options. Firstly that my enlightenment experience had finally overloaded my mind, and I was now insane. Those that I am close to received an email the day before asking them to be aware I was going through something. I do know that some have not come out the other end of one of these events sane. The other possibility was poison, but it was four hours since I had eaten, and my stomach was not complaining, so food poisoning seemed unlikely. The last option was was drugs, but the four hour gap made that very unlikely. I discounted psychic attack, as it seemed unlikely. I then turned full on for help from the living and the dead. I got immediate guidance to sit up in bed, but as the room was cold, I had to find a shirt in the dark - my suitcases were packed. But within about another 20 minutes I recovered, but now I had zero guidance discernible. Twenty four hours later “old” Geoff was back, and back with that almost impossible to discern inner voice. But not the same, as these events do not leave you the same.

As a result of a very intense 2 month isolated spiritual retreat, I and six others finally reached the point where we “walked through the door” to an awakened soul. This happened on or about the 13th December 2017. This is just the very beginning of my returning to the condition described above, and which should really be called ”A fully awakened soul.”