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Hearing from Divine Love friends after they have passed

This website repeats page after page that true salvation is achieved by praying to God for His Divine Love. So what better proof is there than asking those of us who have passed after living this spiritual practice for many years?

In some cases we have also heard from them after passing into the Celestial Kingdom, and that is the complete salvation process. But it happens some time after death, in some cases quite soon, but others take their time.

The very first “friend” here is actually not anyone any of us could have known, because it is the wife of James Padgett, and the trigger for the revelation he delivered. He encouraged her to seek higher spirit planes, and with the help of James Padgett’s grandmother, Ann Rollins and James’ mother Ann, she actually reached the Celestial heavens within 12 months of passing. A phenomenal feat. All due to the power of the Divine Love as explained to her by Ann Rollins.

If the reader is not as yet familiar with the details of the different spheres (or levels) of advancement that one can arrive at after death, the vast majority of humans from this planet arrive at the First Sphere. That is quite simply because it is also vibrating at the average of the Earth’s humans at this time. Both James Reid and Barbara Davies passed to the Fifth. That is incredibly advanced and it is proof positive of the efficacy of the teachings on this site accompanied by a lifestyle that applies those principles. We have not so far heard from an Indian guru who advanced beyond the Fourth sphere. That is not to say it has not happened, as those depicted in the “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the far East” would certainly appear to be higher.

Name of Friend Date
Helen Padgett 1914
James Padgett 1923
Dr. Leslie Stone 2005 but passed in 1967
Bill Reilly 1995
Victor Summers 2011
James Reid 2016
Lorna Scott 2016
Percy Hayes 2017
Vicky Forest 2018
Elsie Grosart 2018
Kathryn Stokes 2018
Jocelyn Harleston 2018
Barbara Davies 2021
Joseph Babinsky 2021
Kevin O’Neill 2023