Padgett's Messages

Progressing And Reaching Gold!

In this set of messages, Helen Padgett tells of her progression in spirit. If one spirit can go from the bottom, to becoming a “christed” spirit in less than a year, why would any one want to reincarnate? She died in February 1914, and became born again (correctly, not as is currently believed on Earth) on 3rd March 1915. It should be said that this is extremely fast spiritual progress, and she was aided in this by her grandmother.

It remains our firm conclusion, that the only spirits who communicate about past lives, are those that are limited in their understanding, and limited in their own spiritual progression. One of the things that lends credence to some spirits, is that they do move between spirit worlds, as they progress. But they certainly are not reborn. On the other hand, the event of becoming “one with God” which is necessary in order to exit the Spirit Spheres and enter the Celestial Realm is apparently very significant, and not something one could fail to notice.

Author Title Date of Message
Helen Padgett First preserved message from Mr. Padgett’s wife Helen: Who says that she looks on Jesus as a man of God, but not as God Himself. Also informs him regarding his parents and grandparents. May 31st, 1914
Helen Padgett In an early message Helen wrote that Mr. Padgett was too much taken up with his business matters and does not devote enough time to prayer to the Father to receive the gift of the spirit. November 3rd, 1914
Helen Padgett Helen relates about her early spiritual development to the Third Sphere with the help of Mr. Padgett. November 16th, 1914
Helen Padgett Helen describes her home in third sphere. November 30th, 1914
Helen Padgett Mrs. Helen Padgett’s experience in leaving her body and going to the spirit world. December 9th, 1914
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett wrote that she is studying spiritual laws and learned that a spirit can only communicate with mortals when they are in rapport, and that the same law applies to mortals. and that her home is in the Third Sphere. December 29th, 1914
Helen Padgett Helen writes about her progress from the Third Sphere to the Fifth Sphere. January 7th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen tells of her great happiness in her progress. Helen arrives in the Celestial Heavens. March 3rd, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen describes her home in the Celestial Spheres. March 10th, 1915