New birth

Miscellaneous Messages from Dr. Samuels

Dr Samuels received a number of messages which follow on from the work of James Padgett over the period 1954 to 1966. As best I can discern, he received predominantly messages from Jesus, and these are listed on two pages, those called revelations and those called sermons. 

Author Title Date of Message
James The principalities of the air.  
Jesus Jesus confirms James' writing.  
Jesus The Sermon on the Twenty Third Psalm. March 16th and June 2nd, 1955
Jesus The functions of the Hebrew priesthood.  
Jesus Many Hebrews have been named Jesus.  
Jesus Dr. Samuels has become a true child of the Father. October 28th, 1954
Jesus Dr. Samuels' instrumentality is serving a dual purpose. October 21st, 1954
Jesus The Old Covenant and the New. August 1955.
Jesus Souls at Creation, Development & Dematerialisation. July 25th, 1961 & April 20th, 1962
Jesus The soul of a Child.  
Jesus Legal Marriages, Divorce, Adultery, Birth Control and Abortion. April 1st, 1961
Mary Jesus' birth and youth as revealed by Mary, mother of Jesus. 1963