Miscellaneous Messages from Dr. Samuels

The soul of a Child.

Received by Dr. Samuels.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I am here to answer the question raised by M__’s letter of January 23rd 1961, which deals with the progress of an infant who has passed over prematurely into spirit life. This subject is of indeed one of vital interest to young parents who have suffered the terrible bereavement of a little child death, and one wondering what will become of its soul alone and bereft of those who in life love it the most.

If there is one consolation that can help asuage the sense of emptiness in the heart of a mother and father who for sundry reasons and circumstances have thus sustained so deep a loss, it is the soul of the child, unsullied by passage through the mortal life, cannot experience the suffering and remorse that attend soul purification in the various abodes of darkness and despair in the outer regions of the spirit world. In this world of spirit to which your own mortal world is but an ante-chamber and a prelude, there are so many kindly, motherly spirits whose love of infants is fulfilled by caring for, with the greatest of maternal solicitude and affection, those little one whose greatest need is to love and be loved. These little spirits are loved and watched over by these guardian spirits in nurseries, or aeries, designed specifically for the purpose, and they attend schooling for knowledge and information that will enable them to take their places, in time, in their world, as you do in yours, as fully-fledged spirits, carrying out these tasks for which the composition of their souls gives them a certain vent or predilection. The motivating force in the spirit world is progress-progress of the soul from sin and unhappiness, to purity and contentment, and, as I have been teaching and proclaiming it, constantly increasing bliss and possession of eternal life through prayer to the Father for His Divine Love and the subsequent change of soul substance into the very essence of the Father.

Spirits throughout Spirit Spheres are constantly made aware of the existence of the Divine Love and it availability to whomsoever seeks it in sincerity and faith; the pity of it is that many souls are not in a condition to grasp its meaning and believe it is a hallucination or mere falsehood, while others, especially in the spheres of the purified souls, are so satisfy with the happiness they have already attained, that they cannot conceive of anything beyond what they already possess. Their attitude has been conditioned, shall I say, hardened, by their experiences in the earth life and the stages through which they have passed from the hells to the heavens of sunlight and happiness.

Infants and children, however, as though this is their compensation for their loss of the mortal experience, come into the Spirit Life, without going through the somber experience of the hells; they come with their souls filled with purity and, this is with happiness, and they are furthermore open and receptive to the teachings of the Celestial Angeles who inhabit the Celestial Heavens where I and those who possess the Father’s Love have their dwellings. Ancient forebears and ancestors who do not possess the Divine Love are not permitted to impose their will upon child spirits in order to make them adhere to their own particular cult or sect, and since it is the Father’s Will that the Divine Love be proclaimed so that as many as so desire it may seek and obtain His salvation; these lesser spirits, regardless of what their relationship in the flesh might have been to the infant or child spirit, are powerless to prevent these infant spirits from being taught and accepting and praying for the Father’s Love, and inhabiting the glorious heavens of the Celestial Angels.

The result of infant mortality in the world of the flesh is usually rapid advance in the Spirit World to the Celestial Heavens, for brains and intellect count for little when the standard for admission and acceptability is a soul filled with the divine Love of its maker, pure and candid and radiant, and where knowledge and understanding are the products of divine intuition and insight. It thus happens most frequently that it is the young soul, ablaze with the glory of the Father’s Love, which seeks to encourage its mortal parents to turn to God and purify their souls, as well as to seek His Love and obtain everlasting life and happiness thereby. It is indeed saddening to witness mortal parents praying in church for the soul of a departed child, which is happy and radiant in its Celestial abode, or progressing rapidly towards such an abode in the soul spheres of love. It could not be more secure and safe with its Celestial protectors. Prayers by mortals, in sincerity and love reach the soul of the departed, and make it aware of the bond of love between them, and give it that sense of gratitude to know that it has not be forgotten by its kin on earth, and the fact that its kin has this faith in God and do seek the Father’s Love makes the bond between them closer, more perceptible, and makes the eventual abode of all of them in the spirit world so much more close.

There is just one more thing I would like to speak about-and this includes not only infant spirits, but also the entire subject of illness, suffering and death in the mortal world. If God is good and kind and all merciful, why does He seemingly permit such torture, such misery, such pain and grief? And why does He apparently permit evil, wars, plagues and calamity?

I have heard these reproaches often enough, from anguished hearts. It is very difficult to give a rational explanation for the mind, when the feelings and the heart must be reached instead. You must know, however, that evil and the resultant horrors which proceed there from, come from the aberrations and moral malignancies in the human heart, and as man possesses a free will, or he would not otherwise be man, he must be permitted free scope to his actions, and eliminations of human miseries and catastrophes born of these malignancies must stem from elimination of those evils in the heart, not only in the hearts of those in favor, but from all mankind.

This is the reason for moral religion, as exemplified, one may say, by Judaism, and for the New Birth, where Divine Love will replace evil, fill the soul, and enable mankind to obtain love, mercy and peace on earth, as well as in heaven.

In the physical universe, matter is obedient to physical law, and these laws cannot be broken by God, because He set the pattern for their operation in the eternity of past, an expression which you may find difficult to comprehend, but true nevertheless, and the life, so to speak, of the universe, approximates that of animal life in the flesh, with accretion, growth, and dispersion, whereby vast masses of cosmic matter are attracted to each other, grows and finally bust asunder, bringing about repetitions of the process in different forms and conditions. Hence the birth of your solar system and earth, subject to the laws that govern them through the direction of the first cause.

Placed in this milieu, life as you know it and as I have known it in Judea, remains subject to the physical laws of the earth and of the cosmic forces operates to perfection the divine pattern; without them man could not exists as a living creature on earth and to them man must attribute his eventual demise; at best he may seek to control or use them within his capabilities for his own questionable or noble purpose, and struggles against these aspects in the cosmic forces that on earth are prejudicial to his survival, like harmful organisms and adverse weather conditions.

Relatives of mortals, and mortals, themselves, who, regardless of their age, succumb to these physical foes, and these include accident as well, must realize that these conditions were not brought about by God to harass man, be he innocent or guilty, but that they are extant in, and form part of, a developmental process which has enabled life as you know it to emerge and established itself on earth, and for which man should thus be grateful. As it is man’s present privilege, as a conscious being aware of his Maker, to eliminate his moral imperfections for purification and strive for At-one-ment of his soul with that of God through the Divine Love for eternal life and happiness, so should man seek and strive to eliminate these forces of the physical world noxious to his existence, and eliminate them through use of his intellect, moral courage and help of God.

I hope that these words will be used for the consolation of the bereaved, regardless of the circumstances, and that use can be made of them for better understanding between the departed and its beloved on earth, and I shall stop now, and blessing you with my love and calling upon the Father to pour out upon you His mercies and love in abundance, I shall sign myself

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens