76 Sermons On The Old Testament Given By Jesus

These sermons were received by Dr Samuels over the period 1957 to 1966. When I first found these, I was largely disinterested, as I had never been a student of the Old Testament. Now I find each is interesting of itself, but what is far more interesting, is the overall concept that Jesus conveys in taking us on this journey through the Old Testament. It is thus useful to read these in sequence. It becomes clear how the Jewish faith evolved, why times were ripe for a Messiah, and how Christianity adopted pagan rites and beliefs so as to make the Christian doctrines more attactive to pagans - their primary target market. It also takes one though the spiritual journey that Jesus himself took, in identifying the promise of the Divine Love, centuries before he was born.

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Author Title Date of Message
Jesus Sermon 1 - The Way to Immortality. July 16th, 1957
Jesus Sermon 2 - Christianity’s failure to preach the Father’s Love. August 24th, 1957
Jesus Sermon 3 - The lack of the True Grace of God in Christianity today. August 25th, 1957
Jesus Sermon 4 - The true fulfillment of the Law - the Father’s Love. August 26th, 1957
Jesus Sermon 5 - Abraham’s true faith and righteousness. September 25th, 1957
Jesus Sermon 6 - Misunderstanding the blood sacrifice. October 22nd, 1957
Jesus Sermon 7 - The Christian rite called Mass. November 4th, 1957
Jesus Sermon 8 - Jeremiah, the suffering servant. December 19th, 1957
Jesus Sermon 9 - The New Heart in the Old Testament. January 25th, 1958
Jesus Sermon 10 - Human love is a prerequisite to an appreciation of Divine Love. February 18th, 1958
Jesus Sermon 11 - The Father’s Divine Love foreshadowed in Joseph’s experiences. April 4th, 1958
Jesus Sermon 12 - Ruth’s trust in the Father’s Love. April 10th, 1958
Jesus Sermon 13 - King David’s abundant kindness. July 21st, 1958
Jesus Sermon 14 - David’s unshakable faith in the Father. July 22nd, 1958
Jesus Sermon 15 - King David’s forbearance. July 28th, 1958
Jesus Sermon 16 - King David’s love of his rebellious children. August 1st, 1958
Jesus Sermon 17 - King David, a man of God. August 2nd, 1958
Jesus Sermon 18 - King David’s praise of God. December 22nd, 1958
Jesus Sermon 19 - David expresses his concept of God in his psalms. January 2nd, 1959
Jesus Sermon 20 - David’s second psalm does not allude to Jesus. January 3rd, 1959
Jesus Sermon 21 - David regrets the injustices existing in his reign. January 4th, 1959
Jesus Sermon 22 - David’s views of the afterlife. March 10th, 1959
Jesus Sermon 23 - Jesus explains psalm 18. April 10th, 1959
Jesus Sermon 24 - Church sacrifices explained during King David’s time. July 12th, 1959
Jesus Sermon 25 - The twenty-third psalm. July 21st, 1959
Jesus Sermon 26 - Hosea’s awareness of the Father’s Love. July 21st, 1959
Jesus Sermon 27 - Jesus explains Hosea’s prophecies. July 23rd, 1959
Jesus Sermon 28 - Jesus studied Hosea’s prophecies. August 20th, 1959
Jesus Sermon 29 - Amos, first prophet of Israel. August 21th, 1959
Jesus Sermon 30 - Amos and Hosea were obedient to God. October 22nd, 1959
Jesus Sermon 31 - The first Isaiah, prophet of Israel. April 21st, 1960
Jesus Sermon 32 - Isaiah and the Assyrian menace. July 12th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 33 - Isaiah declares God’s Judgment upon the nations. July 14th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 34 - Isaiah’s struggle against social evils and sacrifices. July 14th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 35 - Isaiah’s hope of an ideal kingdom for Israel. July 14th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 36 - Micah and Jerusalem’s aristocrats. August 24th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 37 - Micah and the prediction of Bethlehem. July 29th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 38 - The Judgment Day as visioned by Zephaniah. November 12th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 39 - The righteousness of all nations to be saved. November 12th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 40 - Jeremiah’s ancestry in the reign of Saul and David. July 16th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 41 - Jeremiah’s boyhood at Anathoth. July 16th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 42 - Jeremiah’s call as a prophet of God. July 17th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 43 - Jeremiah’s early sermons. July 18th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 44 - Jeremiah in Jerusalem July 19th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 45 - Jeremiah brought to trial at the Temple. July 21st, 1960
Jesus Sermon 46 - Jeremiah’s conception of a moral world. July 22nd, 1960
Jesus Sermon 47 - The burning in the prophet’s heart. July 24th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 48 - Baruch and the prophet’s book. July 25th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 49 - Jeremiah attacks social evils in Judea. July 29th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 50 - Jeremiah’s letter for the Judeans in Babylonia. August 5th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 51 - Jeremiah and the New Covenant. August 7th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 52 - Jeremiah’s tribulations as an anti-war prophet. August 12th, 1960
Jesus Sermon 53 - Jeremiah’s ideal of democracy. August 1st, 1961
Jesus Sermon 54 - Habakkuk, singer and student of the psalms. August 1st, 1961
Jesus Sermon 55 - Jesus explains the true meaning of Habakkuk’s prophecies. August 1st, 1961
Jesus Sermon 56 - Ezekiel describes his exile to Babylonia. April 15th, 1963
Jesus Sermon 57 - Ezekiel’s prophetic call. April 15th, 1963
Jesus Sermon 58 - God’s loss of Jerusalem symbolized by the death of the prophet’s wife. April 15th, 1963
Jesus Sermon 59 - Ezekiel gained the title of “Father of Judaism.” April 15th, 1963
Jesus Sermon 60 - The double vision of Ezekiel’s prophecies. April 15th, 1963
Jesus Sermon 61 - The Second Isaiah, the voice of liberation. July 15th, 1963
Jesus Sermon 62 - Isaiah, the messenger of good tidings. July 21st, 1963
Jesus Sermon 63 - The Second Isaiah, the prophet of the exile. July 21st, 1963
Jesus Sermon 64 - The Second Isaiah wrote the Suffering Servant Songs. July 21st, 1963
Jesus Sermon 65 - The Second Isaiah’s twofold concept of the Father. July 21st, 1963
Jesus Sermon 66 - Jesus further explains Isaiah’s songs. July 21st, 1963
Jesus Sermon 67 - Many Christians regard these sermons as prophetic. July 21st, 1963
Jesus Sermon 68 - The Second Isaiah preached vindication of his people July 21st, 1963
Jesus Sermon 69 - The Third Isaiah models his style after that of the Second Isaiah. April 1st, 1964
Jesus Sermon 70 - Jesus used the Third Isaiah’s opening lines when he spoke in Nazareth. September 1st, 1964
Jesus Sermon 71 - Haggai urges the rebuilding of the Temple. July 1st, 1965
Jesus Sermon 72 - Haggai instills courage and faith in the rebuilding of the Temple. July 1st, 1965
Jesus Sermon 73 - Haggai’s revelation of God July 1st, 1965
Jesus Sermon 74 - Zechariah, the dreamer September 7th, 1965
Jesus Sermon 75 - Zechariah receives a command from God, Himself September 7th, 1965
Jesus Sermon 76 - Jesus, when on earth, was impressed by Zechariah’s writings. January 4th, 1966