76 Sermons On The Old Testament Given By Jesus

Sermon 3 - The lack of the True Grace of God in Christianity today.

August 25th, 1957

Received by Dr Samuels

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I wish to go into further detail concerning the message of the Father’s Love and its availability to all mankind through prayer to Him for its inflow, and the reasons why the churches as they are constituted today do not possess the message of the “glad tidings of immortality,” as I preached it when I made my appearance on earth as the Messiah of God.

Let me repeat that the Christian concept of a divine trinity is merely a human fabrication and no man is baptized by the Holy Spirit in the sense that it is taught by the churches.

The whole message of my ministry while I was on earth, the glad tidings that the Father’s Divine Love was available to the human soul and that it is this Love that transforms the human soul into a divine soul and thus enables mankind to achieve immortality, has been misconstrued into a love that is human and subject to defilement. And the Will of the Father, that man should be made one with Him in His Love, has not been carried out and is not being taught by the churches. But I wish to declare unto you with all the authority that I possess that God is not mocked, and that His Will must and shall eventually prevail, and it shall be as men, themselves, come to the Father for that Love and are thereby transformed into His true children in free will and love, and in the soul understanding of the Truths that these sermons and others to follow point the Way to Him.

The Love, then, that is now the concern of the churches which claim Christianity, is not that Divine Love which I came to make known and available to the Jews and to all mankind, but is that love which is human only and which was given to humankind with the implanting of the human soul into the living being called man. That soul was created in the image of God, and not His Essence, so that, regardless of what the churches teach, the soul of man is not divine, and man cannot look within himself to develop any so-called divine spark, for there is none. But he may simply develop the human soul qualities that he already possesses, and his human love for his fellowman and his human love for God, as Moses had already taught.

It is for this reason that the churches, whether they will it or not, have continued to regard the Ten Commandments as the moral code by which Christians are to live by; for while they teach my shed blood redeems the faithful of their sins, yet they realize that good church-goers as well as all mankind continue to sin, and that this love that Jesus supposedly has for them does not prevent them from sinning, and that it is only by obedience to the Ten Commandments, with encouragement and exhortations from the priests, and the threats of an everlasting hell of brimstone and fire, that the faithful are able to make progress in their sincere struggles against temptations and the wrongful indulgence of their material desires.

In their prayer to God, therefore, they seek His Aid that their souls be purified of sin, and indeed, God does aid the sincere penitent by sending His ministers to strengthen the human will in those persons who seek that aid; nevertheless, the problem for the Christian faithful continues to be the problem of sin, and the efforts of the human will to eliminate the sinful tendencies to which their souls are prone, and also to ward off the new temptations with which their flesh is contending. And as they sin, those that sincerely repent and turn in prayer to God find that they are indeed relieved for, strange as it may appear, the penitent soul is no longer the same soul that sinned, in that its condition is different and is cleansed of that sin; but that cleansed condition is subject to the temptations of the earth plane, and with but its human will and desire not to sin because of sincere human love of me or, as they think, God, and because of fear of what they think may be God’s wrath and purgatory, if not eternal hell, they attempt not to sin and may be temporarily successful, but are dismayed to find that despite their beliefs that theirs is the way to God, they sooner or later succumb to the evils that cling fast to their souls, and they sin again, and this process continues repeatedly and with little abatement in their lives; and the only consolation which the sincere Christian may have is the feeling that he is gaining to an extent in the constant warfare against sin, as his will continues to be strengthened and his increased love for his Deity combine to lessen to that extent his desires to sin.

And thus he finds that the grace, or his baptism by the Holy Spirit, or Jesus’ love and redeeming sacrifice of which he is supposedly the recipient by virtue of his faith in Jesus’ name, has not purified him of sin, and thus had not really fulfilled the law, for he must continue to live by God’s laws in order not to sin. For he knows that if the Commandments were given by God that he should not sin, then Christ’s supposed sacrifice was also made that he should not sin and the Holy Spirit which he believes to be within him should have been the power which protected him against the desires to sin and make him free of sin. For Paul taught in  Romans II: 14 - 15 that Christians can do by nature the things contained in the law, and this has not come to pass. And so the sincere churchman finds that his grace, as the churches so preach it, has not fulfilled the law, which he must continue to obey; and he must find his consolation in the thought that, as he has been taught, Jesus’ blood will cover his sins. Yet if that is so, then Christianity degenerates into a religion wherein mankind may continue to violate God’s Laws, in that Jesus’ blood will cover the sins of those who believe in his name, and that God can accept into His Holy house a soul laden with sin and evil merely because of faith in that name.

Hence, Christians, and all mankind, must understand that neither Jesus’ nor anyone else’s blood, has the power to wash away the sins that each one has committed; and that a soul is purified only to the extent that it is obedient unto the Laws of God. Christians must also understand that the “grace” they have been taught is theirs as a result of faith in God, or in Jesus as the so-called second person of the trinity, is not the True Grace - the Father’s Love - that comes to man only by prayer to the Father for it, and that it is only a purification of their own human love without that sure power to eliminate sin as does the Divine Love which not merely purifies the human soul but transforms it into a divine soul. And this is the reason why Christians, despite their clinging to the so-called vicarious atonement, are so much concerned with moral backsliding - sinning after they have been told they have won salvation through belief in Jesus’ name - and that is why the Catholics have their “purgatory,” the purification of the soul after the material death, after they have been taught that Jesus’ blood has redeemed them from sin. And that is why as I have said, Christianity today is, regardless of the preaching of the priests and pastors, merely a religion identical with Judaism, placing its ultimate reliance upon the Ten Commandments of Moses for human soul purification, without the power of the New Heart which I came to bring to the Jews and to all mankind, and that is why the churches do not know the message of immortality - through prayer to the Father for His Love - as I preached it when on earth as the Messiah of God.

With all my blessings, and those of the Father, I am

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens