Messages from Jesus of Nazareth

The real Jesus of Nazareth - what do we know about his life - his biography.

This is a selection of remarkable set of messages which chronicle many of the early years of the life of Jesus - fascinating insights to a most remarkable life. Only late in 2000 we received a further insight from Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She said, in a message about Faith: “Soul communicates with soul, and so it begins. When it is we reach out is difficult to determine; my son longed for the Love of God while still in the womb. God responded with His Love.”

In late 2001, a new series of messages has begun, chronicling the life of Jesus as told by one who was actually there - Judas of Kerioth. This covers both the lost years of Jesus, as well as the public years.

Author Title Date of Message
H.R. The likely dates of Jesus’ birth and death. October 20th, 2001
Jesus Here the Master, in his first writing, tells who he really was. September 28th, 1914
Judas Joseph marries Mary and returns to Bethlehem. October 3rd, 2001
Judas The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. October 4th, 2001
Jesus The star of Bethlehem and the Three Wise Men. January 17th, 1955
Mary Mary writes that Jesus was the natural son of Joseph and Mary. April 15th, 1916.
Mary Jesus’ birth and youth as revealed by Mary, mother of Jesus. 1963
James the Lesser James the Lesser states he was the son of Mary and Joseph, and a brother in the flesh of Jesus. October 8th, 1915
John John gives reasons why corrections have to be made in the New Testament and that James is the real brother of Jesus. August 28th, 1916
Jesus Jesus states that his disciples never wrote many false doctrines in the Bible attributed to him. September 5th, 1915.
Judas The flight to Egypt. October 5th, 2001
Jesus Jesus’ boyhood in Egypt. January 10th, 1955
Jesus Jesus’ Early Life. August 18th, 2008
Judas The education of Jesus in Egypt. October 8th, 2001
Judas Joseph and Mary return to Nazareth. October 9th, 2001
Judas Young Jesus, Mary and Joseph arrive back in Nazareth. October 15th, 2001
Judas The Tax Revolt in 6AD. October 25th, 2001
Judas After the Tax revolt of 6AD. November 5th, 2001
Judas John the Baptist as a child. November 13th, 2001
Judas John the Baptist and Jesus growing up. November 14th, 2001
Judas The Essenes, the Sadducees and the Dead Sea Scrolls. November 16th, 2001
Jesus Description of birth and life of Jesus up to the time of his public ministry. June 7th, 1915.
Judas Who would Jesus preach to? December 4th, 2001
Jesus Jesus continues his description of his birth and life up to the time of his public ministry. June 8th, 1915.
Jesus More about Jesus’ father and mother. December 16th, 1954.
Jesus The condition of the world when Jesus came to teach. May 24th, 1915
John Portraits of Jesus. June 3rd, 1917
Judas Communication of Truth, and the use of parables. December 12th, 2001
Judas The Weight of Love. December 14th, 2001
John the Baptist Jesus was the true Messiah and the true Christ as he taught when on earth. April 20th, 1916
Jesus Jesus was never in India and Greece studying their philosophies as some claim. June 29th, 1915
James Jesus was never learned in the wisdom of India or Egypt or Persia. He was taught by the Father and the Angels of God. April 3rd, 1917
Judas The start of Jesus’ public Ministry. January 2nd, 2002
Judas The response to Jesus’ declaration that he is the messiah. January 3rd, 2002
Judas Nathanael, the first disciple. February 2nd, 2002
Judas Jesus is baptised. February 4th, 2002
Judas The return to Kpar Nahum. February 5th, 2002
Judas Jesus meets Simon Peter. February 8th, 2002
Judas Jesus meets the Zebedee family. February 15th, 2002
Judas The Prodigal Son. February 18th, 2002
Judas Judas meets the Master. February 22nd, 2002
Judas The wedding at Cana. March 3rd, 2002
Judas The miracle at Nain. March 4th, 2002
Judas Mary Magdalene. March 11th, 2002
Judas The devils in Mary Magdalene. March 12th, 2002
Jesus Jesus meeting with Nicodemus. July 12th, 1960
Judas The story of Nicodemus. March 18th, 2002
Judas The healing of the mayor’s son in Kpar Nahum. March 27th, 2002
Judas The healing of the paralytic in Kpar Nahum. March 28th, 2002
Judas The miraculous catch of fish. March 29th, 2002
Judas Healing the leper. April 2nd, 2002
Peter Jesus did not perform all the miracles claimed in the Bible. May 30th, 1917
John The miracle of the loaves and fishes never happened. April 25th, 1917.
Lazarus Lazarus says he was not dead when he was raised by Jesus. August 5th, 1915
Jesus Walking on the water… March 5th, 2000
Jesus The virgin birth; fasting; temptation by the devil; washing of the Divine Love. April 12th, 1955
John Why Jesus was without sin November 28th, 2014
Elameros Spirit who heard Jesus’ teachings when he was on earth. January 22nd, 1917.
Nicodemus On the importance of the New Birth. July 30th, 1915
Elias Elias writes that he is the prophet of the Transfiguration that actually occurred. October 8th, 1916
Elias (Elijah) Transfiguration on the Mount a reality. October 11th, 1916
Judas Why Judas betrayed Jesus. August 23rd, 1915
John It was not ordained by God that Judas should betray Jesus; Judas was not a bad man. August 15th, 1915
John Many things in the Bible John says he never wrote. John was mistaken about the kind of kingdom that Jesus came to establish. March 2nd, 1918
Judas The Temple Incident August 21st, 2001
Jesus Events in the Garden of Gethsemane; Pilate and Herod. March 3rd, 1955
Jesus The exact nature of the charges at Jesus’ trial. December 21st, 2006
Elohiam A member of the Sanhedrin and judge at the trial of Jesus states the reasons for condemning the Master at the time. January 23, 1917
Judas Judas’ death and passing into spirit. September 5th, 2001
Unknown The wandering Jew. June 21st, 1917.
Samuel What actually happened at Jesus’ crucifixion. March 27th, 1921
Jesus Jesus throws more light on his trial and crucifixion and supplies additional truths about his birth. May 17th, 1955
Jesus Jesus elaborates further on His Crucifixion, resurrection and what followed. September 14th and October 10th 1955
Joseph of Arimathea Joseph of Arimathea describes what happened after the remains of Jesus were put in the tomb. March 16th, 1916
Luke Explains dematerialization of Jesus’ earthly body. October 24th, 1915
Thomas Carlyle Comments on what Luke wrote about Jesus dematerializing his body after crucifixion. October 24th, 1915
Josephus Josephus affirms that Jesus is a true son of God, and lived on earth and was crucified. August 8th, 1915
Josephus Josephus affirms that Jesus lived in Palestine at the time he wrote of him. September 20th, 1915
Jesus Jesus heard the speaker’s discourse on “Drama of St. Paul.” December 5th, 1915.
Paul St. Paul’s comments on the preacher’s sermon, “The Drama of St Paul.” His experience when on earth. December 5th, 1915.
Jesus Jesus explains the phrase: “He that liveth and believeth on me shall never die. August 15th, 1915.
Helen Padgett Jesus showed his glory. December 2nd, 1915
John Affirming that Jesus showed his glory, power and authority when writing through Mr. Padgett. September 27th, 1915
Judas/HR Portraits of the followers of Jesus.  
Jesus The full list in chronological order of the published messages from Jesus, received by James Padgett. (These are only the messages from Jesus) Sept 12th, 1914 to Sept 19th, 1920