Messages 2002

Judas meets the Master.

February 22nd, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


The month of October of the year 25 had begun. The summer heat had given way to a pleasant coolness. However, that afternoon, when I arrived at Kpar Nahum, I felt quite tired after a long walk.

When I asked the first person I met in the village for Jesus’ home, he sent me to an address where the Master no longer lived. I felt very disappointed. But luckily the owner of the house knew where Jesus had moved to, and that he was now living in Peter the fisherman’s house.

When I called at the door, I found Jesus gathered with his disciples. How impressive was his physique! His stature of more or less six feet infused respect. Yes, I know, six foot is not unusual today, but then he appeared like a true giant. I was also quite tall, but Jesus surpassed me.

But to continue in order, it was Peter who received me and welcomed me into the house. He led me to the Master who was sitting with the other disciples on the house’s patio. When he saw me, he smiled and asked: “Who are you?”

“I am Judas, from the town of Kerioth in southern Judea. I have come to look for you.”

“You are looking for me? Why?”

So, I told him my story, how I had left my home, how I had heard of John the Baptist in Jerusalem, and I also told him in very careful words of my dissatisfaction that I had felt with the Baptist. I was careful, because I had found out that John and the Master were great friends. Although I did not know that they were cousins I did not want to offend him. Jesus obviously could see through my intentions, and laughed.

“Judas,” he said to me, “do you fear God?”

The question surprised me. I agreed quickly. Then Jesus asked the same question of all the others present, and all agreed, affirming that they were good Jews. Jesus addressed me one more time.

“Judas,” he said, “is your father still living?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And do you fear your father?”

Once again, I was surprised.

“Master,” I answered, “I certainly do not. I love him.”

Jesus fixed his eyes upon me.

“Why do you not fear him?”

“Because I am his son. He is a good man, and he has always treated me well. When I needed help, he always gave it to me. I have no reason whatsoever to be scared of him.”

Jesus nodded.

“A good father loves and cares for his children,” he continued, “because they are flesh of his flesh and bone of his bones. But we also have another Father, who lives in Heaven, and we are souls of his soul. Who could better love us than He does? Who could better take care of us than He does?

Thus I ask you, if you do not fear your father in the flesh, why do you fear your Father in Heaven?”

I kept silence, hanging my head, and so did the others.

Jesus continued with a smile.

“You only fear what you do not know. However, you will learn to know our Father, and fear will leave you, and love will fill your souls. Judas, stay with us. You will like it here because my message is a message of happiness and rejoicing. My yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Thus spoke the Master. In the future, he would repeat those words many times, of the easy yoke and the light burden. And I, yes, I stayed with him. I had definitely found my Master, a man who knew how to laugh, who lived his life amongst people, and who glowed with love.

Peter’s blessed mother-in-law prepared us a rich dinner, and we then returned to the patio, where we stayed talking almost until dawn. And I say “blessed” without an ironic touch simply to express the fact that many people have found their way to the Master due to her actions. She lives now in the Celestial Heavens as a transformed soul who worked much good during her long life on earth. Her name was Aisha, an anonymous pearl of the very beginnings of Christendom.

My dear brother, supposing that you had to explain the Padgett messages to someone who has never heard of them, how would you do this?

H.: It would begin with the fact that God does exist, and that He is Love, absolute Love. And that He wants to share that Love with us.

Certainly, it is correct to start with the basics. And so Jesus also spoke to us that night of the Heavenly Father, explaining His Love to us, and that He takes care of us, that He knows us all and is completely informed of what we do and think. Jesus said that God was with us, every hour of the day, and that we should see Him this way, near and caring, as the father in the flesh is near and caring about his little baby child. To all of us this was a totally new and fascinating idea.

When we all retired to sleep and Matthew returned to his home, I stayed on the patio, where I slept on the floor in my clothing. Of course they invited me to enter the house but I did not want to inconvenience anybody. The cold had not yet begun.

Yes, I know that you have a series of questions, and I will answer them all. But I want to take advantage of this opportunity while our story flows so smoothly. Don’t worry, I won’t forget them.

Now it is time to say good-bye. I wish you a day filled with blessings.

Your brother in the spirit,



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