New Birth Christians

Precepts For Living

These messages cover a number of important concepts regarding living according to the Law. The fundamental Law is very simple: Whatever you do, do in Love. A very recent message from Dr Samuels indicates that his chanelling of such things as observances and other things that go with creating a material church was in error. The original messages are however left here.

As there is a lot of debate on the issue of “justified violence” I have created a separate section on that topic. One soon discovers that violence can NEVER be justified.

Justified Violence

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus On self-defense. July 6th, 1999
Mary On self-defense. July 7th, 1999
Jesus On War June 25th, 2000
Jesus Is violence ever justified in self defence? September 8th, 2000
A high Celestial Spirit Turning the other cheek. February 24th, 2001.
Judas Justified Violence and Soulmates. October 6th, 2001
Jesus Channeling about War. March 26th, 2007
Jesus Turning the other cheek. March 27th, 2007
Jesus War and Human Choice March 14th, 2008
Judah Maccabee The Penalty of Physical Violence June 18th, 2010
Jesus Physical Violence. July 29th, 2010
Jesus Militarism. November 12th, 2010
Jesus Self-Defense and Loving One’s Enemies February 5th, 2011
Allen Dulles Ex-director of the CIA learns the price of killing. February 19th, 2013

General living

Author Title Date of Message
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett explains the effect on babies who come into the spirit world as a result of abortion. November 13th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen explains the sabbath and for Mr. Padgett not to take the pamphlet he was reading seriously, that is an Adventist belief. November 19th, 1915
Jesus Jesus speaks about how many Christian Scientists exercise the faith that helps them to overcome harmful habits. April 5th, 1916
Jesus The Father’s Love is never far away when temptation strikes. May 23rd, 1917
Jesus Legal Marriages, Divorce, Adultery, Birth Control and Abortion. April 1st, 1961
Jesus Yom Kippur, Repentance Day, John the Baptist, First Observance, Last Saturday in September. August 1963
Jesus Shavuoth - Pentecost, Fourth Observance, Sunday closest to the 50th day after the 2nd Saturday in April. August 1963
Jesus Chanukah, Christmas, Epiphany, the Second Observance, December 17 and 18; December 24 and 25; January 6 August 1963
Jesus Passover - Easter, Third Observance, 2nd Saturday evening and Sunday in April. 1955 to 1965
Jesus Abortion. June 30th, 1985
A high Celestial Spirit Relationships August 2000.
Judas Divorce. September 29th, 2001
Judas Assisted suicide and Christian Symbols. October 5th, 2001
Judas Effecting your desires - the Law of Desire. October 16th, 2001
Judas Justice and punishment. October 23rd, 2001
John Mark John Mark on faith and looking within. October 29th, 2001
Judas Religious Festivals. December 17th, 2001
Judas To live in this world, but not be of it. February 14th, 2002
Jesus Jesus discusses abortion and child abandonment. March 4th, 2007
Jesus Jesus discusses Abortion - 2. September 19, 2007
Jerry Falwell A Minister’s Sorrow. April 5th, 2009
Jesus The System and People. May 1st, 2009
Jesus The System and People. II May 1st, 2009
Jesus The System and Generosity. May 10th, 2009
Jesus The System and Generosity - 2. May 12th, 2009
Jesus The System and People - 2. May 12th, 2009
Jesus Material Wealth. May 21st, 2009
Jesus Accumulating Wealth. June 30th, 2009
Jesus Making Money. July 10th, 2009
Jesus Making Money - 2. August 21st, 2009
Jesus On Material Abundance. February 23rd, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance - 2. February 23rd, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance - 3. February 24th, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance - 4. February 24th, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance - 5. February 24th, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance - 6. February 24th, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance - 7. February 28th, 2010
Jesus Earthly and Spiritual Concerns. September 10th, 2010
Jesus The Spiritual and the Material, and Jesus’ Message. September 10th, 2010
Jesus The Spiritual and the Material - 2. September 13th, 2010
Jesus Religion as Opposed to Spirituality. September 14th, 2010
Moses Moses’ Relationship with Women. October 20th, 2010
Father penalty and consequence Father talks about having sex without love. April 18th, 2012
Father how do you correct a sin? April 28th, 2012
Father false and true teachers May 10th, 2012
Luke Diet and Spirituality July 15th, 2014
John How the Law of Compensation works. (About Gossip) January 19th, 2015