Messages 1984 to 2000

Relationships - Gay and Heterosexual

8th August 2000

Received by K.S.


This was in response to a question I posted on the Divine Love web message board: “What is the Church’s view of gays in a Divine Love context?” You will see the answer is far more profound, covering every relationship. This was my first experience of getting a spirit answer to a question that I had been seeking a clear and unequivocal answer. Prior to this I had asked the question on many other “spiritual forums” but no replies were as direct as this. Most danced around the issue with “yes buts”.


“The church policy in relation to homosexuality is the same for a person of any sexual orientation - one has to answer to the Laws of God, as He alone is our judge. Anything done in love is in harmony with the Laws of God. Do you think you can look at a person and accurately evaluate his intention and motive for what he does? If you can, it would be because you have a highly developed spiritual nature, in which case you would not judge anyone harshly because you would know that each person has to pay his own penalty for wrong choices and unloving acts.

You are responsible for your own thoughts and deeds. You can bring peace and joy into your heart by becoming Love, by seeking to fulfil the highest potential of your soul. Set yourselves free from feeling responsible for judging your fellow human being for their free will choices. As you have observed, there can be two people who seem to be doing the exact same activity. One can be in harmony with Love and God’s Will, while the other may not be. It is dependent upon motive, intention and will.

Everyone is responsible for their own acts of love or acts of hate; acts of acceptance or acts of rejection. You have the free will to choose. If you firmly believe that you cannot change your attitude, it’s because you’ve chosen to have this outlook. Your parents and their parents pass down certain lifestyles and prejudices, so the inclination to feel this way may be predominate. But you do not have to remain there. It takes courage to stand up for what you know is right, especially when it goes against the grain of others around you.

Becoming a person who turns the other cheek and is loving and spiritual is what is required in order to bring love and peace into the world. It is right to be loving and accepting, doing your very best to have an open mind and loving heart. You have heard the statement, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend until death your right to say it.” This is a good attitude; one of acceptance, tolerance, good will and the person you are setting free from the pain of prejudice is yourself….”

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