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The Second Coming of Jesus

Can these messages represent the long awaited Second Coming of Jesus? Yes, that is what Jesus said in 1915. But the reader should also bear in mind, that Jesus has been working with mankind continuously for 2000 years. And he is still with us helping us to find Truth. James Padgett has in 2006 clarified that the delivery of these messages from 1914 on was the start of the “Second Coming” which is ongoing to this day.

If these messages are read closely, one discovers that Jesus has told us he will never return “in the flesh”, but it is necessary to know what he means by that. The vast majority of people have no idea that Jesus’ time in the flesh ended on the cross, and that his being seen subsequently was not a flesh body, even though it fooled Thomas. It was what is called a materialised spirit body. That has been explained by the Apostle Luke.

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus Jesus writes, that Mr. Padgett’s prayers have been answered and is now ready to receive Jesus’ teachings on the Truths of the Father. January 5th, 1915
John the Baptist John the Baptist is now the harbinger of the Master as he was on earth. Confirms Jesus’ writing through Mr. Padgett. August 10th, 1915
Soloman Solomon writes of Mr. Padgett’s selection by Jesus. October 1st, 1915.
Jesus Jesus says his mission in writing these messages is - his second coming on earth. December 2nd, 1915
St. James St. James was over-powered by Jesus’ great presence. December 2nd, 1915
St. John. St. John said the Master had written and showed his great power and glory. December 2nd, 1915
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins affirming that the Master wrote with such power and glory. December 2nd, 1915
Jesus Jesus will never come as Prince Michael to establish his Kingdom. August 13th, 1916.
John St. John explains that Jesus has already come the second time, which subject he will discuss at a later date. December 29th, 1916
Elizabeth Elizabeth, cousin of Mary, mother of Jesus. The work that Mr. Padgett is doing, which is the real second coming of Jesus. January 6th, 1918.
Helen Padgett Helen confirms their daughter Nita’s progress and the Truth of Jesus’ second coming on earth. December 29th, 1918
Jesus Why doesn’t he appear to people today, as he did to his disciples 2,000 years ago? July 20th, 1996
James Padgett The Second Coming. May 21st, 2006
Jesus Clarification on the Celestial Existence of Jesus November 26th, 2018