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Jesus: Why doesn’t he appear to people today, as he did to his disciples 2,000 years ago?

July 20, 1996.

Received through K.S.


I am your friend and brother in spirit - the Christ Spirit made manifest in my soul - Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.

I am aware of the ideas you and D___ shared about why I do not appear to people on earth in these days, and many thoughts have been given to you by your celestial guardians and by your own soul’s wisdom.

I can very well imagine an appearance would cause chaos in some places, total rejection as a scam in other locations; as there are magicians who can make the statue of liberty disappear, it wouldn’t be difficult for people to disbelieve an appearance as being real or valid, or even who I claim to be.

Every faith, every race, every different ethnic division has its own idea about how I look, what nationality I am, what I might say if or when I “return”. If they see me in what they might interpret as materialized in a flesh body, some might consider this my “second coming”. And as you are aware, my second coming has already occurred - in the second revealment of the Truth of the availability of God’s Love to the souls of His prayerful children.

Such an interpretation of an appearance would detract from the importance of my message; in fact, because of the disbelief, my message would not even be heard - because people would think I’ve come to take up the righteous with me into heaven, and cast out the disbelievers into the pits of despair. They believe they would be saved because of their belief in my name, in my sacrifice for their sins. They would be disappointed, to say the least, if I were to appear and not take them up, since they have been waiting for so long for this to happen.

So, if I were to appear, and some did believe that I am who I claim to be, and if I was able to convince them that I was not God, and that they need to turn to God in prayer for His Grace (Divine Love) in order to progress spiritually, would that bring an immediate change in their lives?

I don’t think so. They would be disappointed that I would not be able to save them from their unhappiness. People, for the most part, really want to make someone else responsible for their imperfections; even though they may accept the fact that there is no royal road to achieving spiritual excellence, they tend to wish it was an easier pathway.

If they become humble, and put themselves into God’s loving care, they are well on their way to fulfilling their spiritual goals. But the mind of human beings tends to want to be in control of their direction in life - their choices which they’ve decided are “best” for them. Most of these choices involve the making of more money, the acquiring of a different partner, moving away from their current hardships, or some materially oriented consideration, which do not include prayer or humility, and least of all a turning over of their life to their Maker.

Ask D___ if he’s willing to accept the consequences of my appearance? Would he be willing to leave his name and number for anyone to contact, to answer their concerns about how they react to such an event?

When I am convinced by a large majority of people on earth who are progressing in the Divine Love, and have peace and fortitude, the strength and patience needed to sustain their ability to satisfy people’s unsettledness over the “second coming” - or the appearance of someone who calls himself Jesus of Nazareth who supposedly appeared out of thin air, who said someone was healed because he performed a miraculous healing on them - then there could be a possibility I could make an appearance.

But in these days, with the widespread unrest, with the widespread variance of beliefs, I cannot see it as a solve-all questions kind of thing to do.

You are aware of the fact that two so-called Christian religions have been at war with one another for some 300 years. Which side would decide that I am the real Jesus? Which side wouldn’t? I can’t imagine my appearance would stop them from fighting.

Men’s minds are like cement; even though when the ideas are first mixed up there is a chance they can be molded to fit a particular belief or situation, but once it becomes set, it is very difficult to change. And after 300 years of inherited ideas being cemented in one’s mind and passed down to others, it becomes established as a “fact of life”, which loathes to change or be asked to take on new ideas, or can you imagine… “agree with one another, that since we both look upon Jesus the Christ as our leader, and he would appear before us, we would accept what he says and stop our centuries-old warfare”… If I thought for one minute this feud would be resolved with an appearance by me, I would not hesitate to make the attempt.

But knowing the nature of human beings, and their tendencies to blame others for their shortcomings, and their desires for a quick-fix, so to speak, in regard to getting them out of their present condition of hopelessness, the event of an appearance by me would not resolve these problems, and may even intensify them because of some inexplicable twist of human nature.

Whenever an opportunity arises in which I see that my presence would be of benefit to my Father’s children, I will make an appearance. Even though I made the statement that I would never appear in the flesh, you will have to realize that a materialization of my spirit body is not a flesh body.

Some believers think I will come again in the flesh; this will never happen. They even think I went to heaven in my flesh body - how absurd!

I have made appearances on many occasions, mostly to God’s gentle children who are making the transition from earth to spirit life. Some can see me, and others sense my presence. There are stories of “seeing the light”; oftentimes these bright energies are Celestial Beings, come to escort the new spirit to a resting place.

The time will come when it may be appropriate for me to appear, but that time is not yet here. And you know that I am with you much of the time, and you do not have to see me to believe that. I am here with you, and guiding you and giving you my overwhelming love and protection and blessings.

I sincerely do hope D___ will feel some satisfaction from this answer I’ve tried to give. He may still think it would change the world if I did some miraculous thing, but my sensibilities and sensitivities and wisdom tell me otherwise.

I will leave you now with these thoughts, and thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

I am your friend and brother in spirit who leaves you now with my blessings for a harmonious and productive week ahead.

Jesus of the Bible,


Master of the Celestial Heavens