Padgett's Messages

The Padgett Tablet or Index of all messages - both published and unpublished

James Padgett created a detailed index of his almost daily communications, complete with personal notes, and a short summary of the content. Whether James Padgett himself decided to maintain an index of his messages, or whether this was first suggested by the angels we do not know. However it is very clear that they supported this enterprise, because he received support, even chiding, from them regarding keeping it up to date. It is indeed very fortunate that he did compile an index. However the original of this has not been found, and as of September 2014 only two tiny snippets of it have been located, not even enough to indicate exactly how he indexed the messages. I assume now this was by groups as I have them here, as that is how Victor Summers seems to have typed it out from the original documents.

The index however that we obtained about 2001 from Victor Summers was a typed document, sorted into five sections, and thus not simply a day by day sequential record of all communications. It also was referred to as “a tablet” but I have reverted to the name index. It is believed Victor Summers created the typed document, as it is much more likely that James Padgett would have kept a handwritten index, as all his records are handwritten.

This index has quite an amount of information surrounding the events, and adds considerably to one’s understanding of what went on. It is therefor a useful read for a serious student of James Padgett’s work. Each message which has been published, is linked by a hyperlink to that message. Not only does this allow one to look at the detail, but one can at a glance see those that have not been published. (Excepting the published messages for which we have no dates at present.)

This index was provided to us ordered into into five sections (Jesus’ Messages, Helen’s messages, Ann Rollins’ messages, The Disciples messages, and the rest), set out below. Reading these indexes, there are clearly many messages that have not been published, although I believe we can console ourselves that all the important messages with deep spiritual Truths have been published. On the other hand, it is also clear that many messages that would be very interesting to read, have not been published at this time. Some of these will be transcribed in the next several years.

The complete date sequenced indexes below, set out by year, have been created by us as this is really very useful in the process of matching messages to dates. This is because the comments often are made by one spirit referring to a just received message. However it is not always obvious precisely what the sequence of messages were on any one day where two or more were received. In those cases where we discover an entry is missing, this has been inserted with a note: “Added” It would appear that somewhere post 1919 James stopped maintaining the index.

All Messages 1914
All Messages 1915
All Messages 1916
All Messages 1917
All Messages 1918
All Messages 1919
All Messages 1920, 1921 & 1922

The messages sorted by spirit author

List of Spirits
Jesus’ messages
Helen’s Messages
Ann Rollins’ messages
The Disciples’ messages
The Rest of the Spirits

Access to the originals is now possible, but it is not on-line, because it is too big. As I now have this archive, I have on several occasions tried to see if I could extract the original which is referenced in the Index and which appeared interesting. But sadly about 80% of the time I have not found an archive record. Indeed all of 1918 appears missing. To save others the trouble, I have now added “No Archive Record” in these cases. In one case I added “Archive record exists” because I have not yet transcribed that record.

This announcement was made by the F.C.N.B. recently to celebrate the release of this archive:

We, the trustees of the Foundation Church of the New Birth, Inc, are delighted to announce Release One of an Image Archive—comprised of over 20,000 scanned pages of handwritten manuscripts and manuscript copies of JPEG files of virtually all of the Padgett and Samuels’ messages known to exist, both previously-published and never-before-published.

This release of the Image Archive is being announced today—the 104th anniversary of the first message from Jesus to James Padgett!

Over 20,000 file names have been standardized and merged into this FCNB-IA Release 1.0, which is made up of two collections—those messages received by James Padgett, Esq. and those by Dr. Daniel Samuels. 

The organization of the images of the manuscripts are further broken down by year and month. The images of any particular message can be found by browsing for date and the spirit-author’s name. 

With this Image Archive in hand, one need not travel to upstate New York to study the original documents; researchers of these revolutionary messages can work with these electronic images in their own homes. The JPEG images are un-retouched and appear just as they came off the scanner – ready to be read or enhanced with Photoshop.

The FCNB-IA Release is available on a 64-GB Flash Drive. Contact Elizabeth Morana, Foundation Church of the New Birth, Inc., at or through the mail at FCNB, PO Box 6, Williamsville, NY 14231, USA.