Padgett's Messages

All the Padgett Messages for 1917 both published and unpublished


Author Title Date of Message
Helen Padgett with me at Colburn’s - New Year greetings - encouragement Jan. 1, 1917
Jesus comments on article on Christian Science - will write a message on - Mrs. Eddy deplores that she left to the world so many false doctrines - of much soul development - her highest ideal “the perfect man” - her teachings that sin, etc. are not real, all wrong - how evil was created - encouragement as to material things - speaks of his promised message on the soul - when I call for him to come & pray will do so - not God - his home - humility - must not doubt that he comes to me - my work - reward - Morgan & Stone - their work - their rewards - spiritual influences around us Jan. 2, 1917
Helen Padgett glad the Master wrote as he did - his appearance Jan. 2, 1917
Mrs Plummer (Added) Mrs. Nathan Plummer describes conditions in darkness. Jan. 3, 1917
Helen Padgett permitted the dark spirits to write because they wanted help - speaks of Mr. Plummer - Mrs. Plummer - unhappy - dark & repulsive looking - describes his soul condition - condition thrown over me - other spirits look - advice - the work -Dr.’s thoughts sensed by dark spirits - many spirits present - Mary Jan. 3, 1917
Saint Luke writes on subject: “No man can possibly reach the condition of perfection, unless his mental beliefs become in accord with the truth” - the perfection before the fall Jan. 4, 1917
Helen Padgett speaks of indexing messages - my work - encouragement (John on laws & rapport) Jan. 4, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle encouragement - outlook - working to help me - promises Jan. 5, 1917
Saint Luke corroborates Johns message - promises Jan. 5, 1917
Samuel - the Prophet corroborates John & Luke - encouragement - cannot foretell events as if he were omniscient - neither did he while on earth and neither did any prophet or seer - how mediums may foretell - explains why I am to live to do the work - promises - God is love - man the object & is never refused when he comes with the proper longings - divine love - natural love no part of it Jan. 5, 1917
Helen Padgett John, Luke & Samuel actually wrote - encouragement Jan. 5, 1917
Helen Padgett my experience with dark spirits - explains why she & White Eagle are not harsh with them - thousands want help - heard that I help them - what they think - spirit impersonated Jesus - result - encouragement - someday I will see her & hear her voice - never deceived by spirits impersonating messages of truth - work of helping dark spirits - not very different from what they were on earth - importance of spirits hearing the truths - speaks of the prayer - feelings that come with it are real. Jan. 6, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle personal - business matters - heard Mrs. Kate’s prophecies - the most significant element, the large number of people present - many people interested in spiritualism - give more time to receiving the truths - spirit with Mrs. K. but most of the prophecies came from her own mind - neither mortals or spirits can prophesy Jan. 7, 1917
Samuel - the Prophet (added) Jan 7, 1917
Helen Padgett (added) Jan 7, 1917
Plummer, Nathan still in hell & suffering - describes his condition - regrets that he did not listen to Dr. Stone - hears our conversations - “hard to learn heavenly things in hell” - will try to follow advice Jan. 8, 1917
Saint Luke writes on “It is hard to learn heavenly things in hell” Jan. 8, 1917
Saint James (added) James writes that Dr. Stone is progressing in his soul development and in his rapport with the spirits of the higher spheres. Jan. 8, 1917
Shannon, Samuel P. an English scientist - says our writers are deceiving us - no such thing as divine love - gives his knowledge of the spirit world and spiritual things ( interesting) Jan. 8, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to message of Shannon’s - describes him - White Eagle’s appearance where he - Shannon may continue in his condition for long years - will have some spirits meet him to show him the truth - will sometime write the result of the interview - Mary enjoyed the incident - what she said Jan. 8, 1917
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) personal - my condition - encouragement - advice - all the spirits are trying to help me Jan. 9, 1917
Willard, Frances Hallelujah to God - senate passed prohibition bill - the freedom of man is drawing nigh - 4th sphere Jan. 9, 1917
Ann Rollins been trying to help me spiritually - her philosophy of worry - and its cure - encouragement - my work will be done - grandfather in 1st celestial Jan. 9, 1917
Bunyan, John interested in my work - heard grandmother’s message - refers to his earthly troubles - man not born for trouble - law of compensation - divine love - their workings - Father never gives a special dispensation - the law of love the greatest love and supplants all other laws Jan. 9, 1917
Helen Padgett Bunyan - Miss Willard & grandmother wrote - advice Jan. 9, 1917
Salemeese Egyptian - antedated the Pharaohs - priest of Osiris & Closes - have temples & worship - one God - 6th sphere - came to talk of earth life but I am not in condition Jan. 11, 1917
Miller, Robt. L. saw bright spirit write - still in darkness and suffering - listened to spirits - can’t understand spirits - help me - will pray Jan. 11, 1917
Childs, George W in condition that calls for help - Morgan - not made much progress - earth plane - spirits meet & mingle just as do mortals - will go to grandmother Jan. 11, 1917
Bonaparte, Eugenic wife of the last emperor - not happy - stations on earth do not count - her childhood nurse comes to help her - will listen to her - husband unhappy Jan.11, 1917
Ann Rollins personal - encouragement Jan. 11, 1917
Los Trenos murdered in Inquisition of Spain - Romish Church - his tortures by the priests - many killed - did not find himself in heaven - rejoiced when priests came & found themselves in hell - changed - how he progressed - the Father’s love - no sin so deadly that the love will not destroy Jan. 12, 1917
A. G. Riddle (added) Riddle confirms that the Spanish martyr is whom he represents himself to be. Jan. 12, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to the Adventist book “The Great Controversy” - the author (Ellen G. White) now knows that the dead are very much alive - and spirits who communicate are not devils - she realizes the great harm her book is doing - will come sometime & write - do not waste time in further reading the book - the only information I need I will, receive in messages Jan. 14, 1917
Samera - a Greek of the days of Aristotle - message on most important truth - Oneness of God - his investigations - the lesser Gods - 6th Jan. 15, 1917
London, John B. earth plane - light & darkness & spirits of all kinds - hells & purgatory - the only difference the condition of darkness & suffering - been through the hells - progress slow Jan. 15, 1917
Helen Padgett encouragement - home at Tacoma Park Jan. 15, 1917
Nero - the Roman Emperor describes his experience in hell and his redemption and present happiness - in celestial spheres Jan. 16, 1917
Helen Padgett Nero wrote - the world not able to understand that he can be a celestial spirit - has the characteristics of those spirits who have been on earth the greatest sinners - Luke, Judas, most humble - so glad to write - his work Jan. 16, 1917
Syrick, Frank D. he impersonated Ingersoll - test - at church services - frequently comes to Dr. Jan. 18, 1917
Helen Padgett with me at church - sermon spiritualism - preacher medium - what Judge Syrick wrote is true - Ingersoll wants to write soon Jan. 18, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle writes about my spiritual condition - advice as to my getting in rapport & writing - the instrument selected - indifference - many messages to be written - do not read the books - merely speculations - advice as to improving my memory - Judas was youngest of all the disciples & impulsive. Jan. 19. 1917
Luckett, George E. heard spirit talking about soulmates - how could they know that they are soulmates - Helen says not slightest difficult in knowing - she will find mine Jan. 19, 1917
Ingersoll, Robert G. wants to write on a subject, but I am not in condition - progressing - 3rd sphere - more love - when last wrote was in 2nd sphere and had never been higher Jan. 19, 1917
Burroughs, Laura - cousin progressing - husband in spirit world - dark plane - not soulmate - has met him - name Henry W. Spaulding - describes how they met - Helen Jan. 19, 1917
Helen Padgett John’s message (Laws & Rapport) an important one - Laura wrote - she has progressed - Colburn’s soulmate - what she realizes Nettie Robinson Jan. 19, 1917
Helen Padgett Jesus anxious to write - others want to write - promises Jan. 20, 1917
John the Baptist intercourse with spirits & mortals governed by law - easier in darkness than in light - the voice most difficult - the requirement - rare - Mrs. Ripples powers - we will hear the voices - Mr. Morgan will see the forms - at séances much power drawn from mortals Jan. 22, 1917
Elameros a Greek - lived in days of Jesus - not a follower - disciple of Plato & Socrates - no other truths than theirs - a traveler - heard Jesus - comments on his teachings - Jesus not a student of philosophy or an educated man - believed in God and the lesser Gods - Jesus’ mind - his comparison of the teachings - heard of his crucifixion and death - next saw him in spirit world - teaching same doctrines as when on earth - a Christian Jan. 22, 1917
Euliam a Jew - lived in time of Jesus - member of Sanhedrin - one of Jesus’ judges - blasphemy - defended his action - mortals now cannot understand - Jesus breeder of sedition - christs in latter days - only Jesus’ death been remembered - the tragedy - Jewish faith - Jesus the true Messiah - advice to Jews - truth in my messages - is a Christian - Jews not extensively inhabitants of celestial heavens Jan. 22, 1917
Helen Padgett received message from Jew - part of plan to have spirits of all races & religions write to their races Jan. 22, 1917
Comelies, William B. listened to conversation - ideas new - been in spirit world a long time & been interested in spiritual truths but never heard of divine love - come in contact with many spirits - did not listen to them - they had the orthodox beliefs - I studied spiritual laws - many associates - do not accept anything that cannot be proved by scientific tests - conversation made an impression - commenced to think - would like ask some questions - Prof. Salyards comes - says it will give him pleasure to explain - refers me to the bright spirits - will go with him Jan. 24, 1917
Helen Padgett interested in spirit who wanted to know of divine love - Mrs. Stone & Kate wrote Jan. 24, 1917
Bonaparte, Eugenic been with spirits - helped her - divine love - pray for her Jan. 27, 1917
Thomas, Edwin H. alive & astonished - neither in heaven nor hell - number of old friends here - most of them not happy - Helen Jan. 27, 1917
Luther, Martin wants to write to his people - who Jesus was - as to the Eucharist - the sacrament abhorrent to the Master - he dislikes to be worshipped as God - his death etc. does not save Jan. 31, 1917
Saul of the Old Testament God never brought to him victory over the Amalakites, etc.- God not the particular patron of the Jews - not God of any race - God of every individual child - nations rise & fall, etc. - God does not deal with nations as such - only with individuals - victory over self - when nations may say God is our God - God never helped the Jews more than he did any other nation - when he went to Samuel in despair, nearer God than ever Jan. 31, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle personal - pray - encouragement Jan. 31, 1917
Calvert, George C. judge - New Market - dark plane - first in the hells - help - Prof. Salyards comes to him Jan. 31, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to letting the dark spirits write - will write soon Jan. 31, 1917
Blaine, James G. speaks of condition of country as to the war - advice to Wilson - knows the plans of … Feb. 1, 1917
Bismarck on cause of war - defense of Germans - condition of Germany Feb. 1, 1917
Helen Padgett Blaine & Bismarck wrote - the former enthusiastic - the latter serious - spirits come from battlefield in bad condition - she has visited the battlefields - what she saw - speaks of peace Feb. 1, 1917
Helen Padgett speaks of Baha’o’llah - not in the soul spheres Feb. 4, 1917
Saint Luke many spirits in neither darkness nor light - in twilight zone - who they are - their condition - slow progress - hard to convince that they need help - spirits in lower spheres easier to convince - many been in condition for centuries Feb. 5, 1917
Logan, George lived on earth many years ago - at 90 years, a suicide - darkness ever since Feb. 5, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle writes of the Master’s Prayer - full of the declarations of wonderful truths - will meet every necessity - will soon give a full explanation - our work - advice - no mistake in their selection - our mission Feb. 6 1917
Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother John wrote - our selection - our work Feb. 6, 1917
Kennedy, Mary personal - John wrote as to our selection - she has heard the Master say that the Dr. was selected - when he comes to her Feb. 6, 1917
Helen Padgett John wrote - our selection - the glory with John - our work - no mistake Feb. 6, 1917
Layton, John - time of Reformation believed the Bible to be the inspired word of God - in celestial heavens - life never ending progression Feb. 7, 1917
Cornelius interested in my work - in celestial spheres - world anxious to know the truth - refers to teachings in Bible - people resting in these teachings Feb. 7, 1917
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) my work - no other way in which the truths can be conveyed to mankind - must not doubt - necessary to man’s salvation - was Elijah of the Old Testament - was a prophet and not John the Baptist - he was not a reincarnation of me Feb. 7, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - Mrs. Mosher comes to Mr. Morgan often & writes - she is in 1st Celestial. sphere - not met her soulmate - he is still, on earth Feb. 7, 1917
Lincoln, Abraham love and hate, and war and peace Feb. 8, 1917
McKinley, William - ex-President the war - results - souls will be saved - love rules - spirits are working - nations fall and some cease to exist - through the gloom of desolation and ruin I see the rainbow of hope and the end of strife Feb. 8, 1917
Wilson, Mrs. - the wife of the President interested in what is taking place in country - with her husband a great deal - he has around him other spirits who are interested - from Jefferson to McKinley they are with him - the war - the Germans - wish she could bring to him the advice of these spirits - she loves him Feb. 8, 1917
Emperor William - grandfather of the Kaiser in sympathy with sentiments of McKinley - his people - tried to influence his own family - soon after the war they will cease to be rulers - consolation is that life on earth is short - but even in the realm of spirit the suffering will continue Feb. 8, 1917
Crook, COL head doorkeeper at White House for so many years - many statesmen etc. present - especially is Cleveland anxious to communicate Feb. 8, 1917
Victoria - Queen none more interested in the war - my people being destroyed - wished she could have lived a few years longer - could have controlled the Kaiser - have tried to influence him since becoming a spirit - believes end in sight & Germans seek peace Feb. 8, 1917
Forrest, Edwin in better condition - spirits helping him - prays - effect - the Father’s love - anxious to go to his mother - purgatory - her beliefs & priests - Helen Feb. 8, 1917
Mills, Samuel C. heard Forrest - speaks of Forrest and himself on earth - how he tried to help Forrest in spirit world - Forrests change - divine love - will observe Forrests progress Feb. 8, 1917
Plummer, Nathan been listening to Forrest - describes Forrest’s change and appearance - refers to the Dr.’s telling him of the divine love - is going to seek for it Feb. 8, 1917
Helen Padgett must not be surprised that presidents & rulers of Europe write - in spirit world space is as nothing - attraction of kindred thoughts bring together spirits - tonight you have had around you a greater concourse of men & women who were considered great on earth than have ever before congregated in one place - they are all mere spirits and not considered to be presidents and kings & queens - but when these spirits are compared with those from the celestial spheres it is as a comparison between the light of the sun and the light between darkness and dawn - Mary sends love to Dr. Feb. 8, 1917
Helen Padgett send the messages to Mr. Forster - Mr. Riddle glad - at my office - heard me give advice to Middleton - some of his spirit friends were present - his father & sister Feb. 10, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle my condition better - Mr. Riddle’s message describing the progress of the soul is true - no other way - my work - its importance - no one else in all the world fitted to do the work - advice - they are working to bring about conditions - my home here - the importance of the work to them - promises will be fulfilled - with me a great deal - doubts of the church’s teachings permeating the world - the prayers of most worshippers - the harmony of the natural love - “I and my Father are one” Feb.11, 1917
Helen Padgett encouraging message from John - my home here Feb. 11, 1917
Helen Padgett Mr. Morgan’s wishes will be respected as to soulmate - Mr. Mosher’s soulmate on earth - she would not think less of Mr. Morgan - the law of soulmates - he is not being ruled by women in the spirit world - where spirits will not recognize wishes of mortals - when time comes will manifest herself Feb. 12, 1917
Jesus wants to write on the subject of the Soul - but owing to my condition will wait - will disclose a mystery - no mystery for the soul is a creation of God just as all the body & spirit - mankind’s study of the soul - spirit active energy of the soul - men have no comprehension of the soul - it gives to man a creature above the brute - reason - give more thought to higher truths - has prayed with me at night - the influence of the desires of the flesh will continue with me as long as I live - work of regeneration going on - many spirits helping me - pray more - soon be in condition to do the work Feb. 13, 1917
Padgett, Ann R. - my mother have heard the Master’s message - glad of the assurance - his glory when he comes to me - her love - their efforts to comfort me - many friends present - happy and progressing - grandmother - advice Feb. 13, 1917
Helen Padgett Perry wanted to write - bad condition - his belief that he will have to suffer eternally holds him in his darkness - glad the Master wrote - advice - her love - nearer the fountainhead of God’s love - her kiss Feb. 13, 1917
Perry, R. Ross still in darkness - grandmother - not able to believe - must spend eternity in hell - how he suffers - I might suggest - our dialogue - argument - grandmother comes to him and he tells her our argument - she promises to bring him a high spirit who committed suicide - his expression of wonder - will pray - gratitude. Feb. 14, 1917
Perry, Mrs. - Ross Perry’s mother listened to conversation between Ross & myself - thankful - effect on Ross - Judas - grandmother - when he promised to pray - her joy Feb. 14, 1917
Taggart, Hugh T. heard conversation with Perry - how firm a hold his belief in his eternal damnation has on him - tried to help him - told him my experience - could not convince him - grandmothers influence - he doesnt understand my power - many spirits helped Feb. 14, 1917
Helen Padgett my work with Perry - all glad that he promised to pray - his mothers joy - The evil that men do lives after them, but has an ending; while the good that men do, also, lives after them, but never has an ending Feb. 14, 1917
Wesley, John many spirits present - good to dark spirits - my work - Dr. Stones talks - more spirits hearers than mortal - effect of our discussions on spirits - become known in spirit world that there are mortals who can help the dark spirits - the good being done - our rapport with the spirits - encouragement - the great truth is the divine love, and then the workings of this love Feb. 15, 1917
Helen Padgett what Wesley said is true - has not yet gotten the power to make me hear her voice - sometime I will be suddenly thrilled by hearing her voice - the others will follow Feb. 15, 1917
Taggart, Hugh T. the appearance of certain suicides has demonstrated to Perry that his punishment is not everlasting - grandmother brought these spirits and also Judas - effect on Perry Feb. 16, 1917
Perry, Mrs. - Ross Perry’s mother heard what Taggart said - Perry had his mind opened to the truth - he is praying - her thankfulness Feb. 16, 1917
Helen Padgett the result of the conversation with Perry - a soul saved - the work Feb. 16, 1917
Lutrell, Laura B. one of the spirits I helped some months ago - now in light - many other spirits present that have been helped - my work - gratitude Feb. 17, 1917
Colburn, Mrs.- the mother of the elder Colburn present at Coburn’s - many spirits present - Mr. Colburn - soulmates - no love equal to, except - interest of soulmate in newly arrived spirit - beliefs - next to the gift of the divine love the soulmate love is the greatest - Nellie the soulmate of Arthur present - describes her Feb. 18, 1917
Helen Padgett present at Colburn’s - love flowing - Arthurs grandmother wrote Feb. 18, 1917
Jesus heard my call - promises - Nita - helping - home here - work - will soon write message on the Soul Feb. 19, 1917
Pierce, George W. long time ago told of his condition of darkness - advice - the light - helped by spirits Feb. 19, 1917
Saint James interested in what the Master said as to my realizing my wishes - spirits with me - promises Feb. 19, 1917
Scott, Wm. P. has some of the divine love - interested in work - enjoys conversations Feb. 19, 1917
Helen Padgett with me when Nita called - her physical condition should be attended to - no mother to guide her - Nita & I will soon be together - help her Feb. 19, 1917
Randall, John G. work & mission - the truths - new birth - was a Puritan Feb. 22, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle I am better - was with me when I was reading article on church matters - how such readings may help - promises - work Feb. 22, 1917
Salyards, Prof., Joseph H. I am not in good condition - must not become doubtful - advice - only I prevent them from making their love felt - pray more - say I am a child of the Father Feb. 24, 1917
Young, James L. not very bright - striving - I helped him sometime ago - work Feb. 24, 1917
Lambert, William G. stranger - dark spirits - work - truths - divine love - spirits are real Feb. 24, 1917
Helen Padgett with me in all her love - must fight against getting in such a state - pray - we are real and all that has been told you is real Feb. 24, 1917
Calhoun, John C. writes of international affairs - still interested in his country - his doctrines - the present condition of his country what the government should do - peace - Mr. Wilson - Germany - been trying to reach the ear of the President - war is here Feb. 25, 1917
Raleigh, Sir Walter heard what Calhoun wrote - agrees with him - interested in war to some extent - not very great - all men his brothers - human soul in spirit world without nationality and its destiny does not depend on fact that it was lodged in Englishman etc. - is working - 4th sphere - describes his condition - hells not imaginary - goes with Mr. Riddle Feb. 25, 1917
Helen Padgett spirits who wrote are strangers - bright spirits present - sees Swedenborg sometimes he desires to write - soon he will Feb. 25, 1917
Swedenborg anxious to write - been waiting for some time - will write on his interpretations of the truths of the spirit world - God is spirit & not a divine man or a man divine - Jesus is not God Feb. 26, 1917
Helen Padgett Swedenborg wrote - the others dark spirits - White Eagle used force Feb. 26, 1917
Saint Luke what the celestial spirits think of the war - war, as war, is not of so much importance - many mortals made spirits who are unfitted for life in the spirit world - the effect of war on the living & dying of mortals - responsibility of the individual - war an incident of human existence - not indifferent to the happiness or misery of mortals - God by his omnipotence does not attempt to control men - why the innocent suffer with the guilty - do not interest themselves as to whether one belligerent nation or another will win - we cannot destroy sin & error Feb. 27, 1917
Forrest, Edwin progressing - been praying - in light of love - his happiness - personal - will soon go to his mother - all so wonderful - Lipscomb - Miller Feb. 27, 1917
Garfield, James A. writes of the affairs of country - why what he writes will not amount to anything - life of individual & life of nation - the President & the war - makes a prediction Feb. 27, 1917
Luther, Martin comments on Swedenborgian pamphlet entitled “Incarnate God” - Jesus never claimed he was God, either on earth or in spirit world - teachings of New Church as to this all wrong - Swedenborg often converses about his teachings - his opinion now different - why he thought Jesus was God - the doctrine of the Trinity not true - how it arose - how established as a belief - Swedenborg’s beliefs before his visions - he was selected to declare the truths - he came into the spirit world - how he believed that Jesus is God - his doubts in exercising his seership - his interpretations colored by his existing beliefs - his mission a failure - why - disappointing to the spirits - Swedenborg will soon come & write of his failure - his consolation Feb. 28, 1917
Giles, Chauncey was a New Churchman & believed in the cornerstone of its belief, that is, that Jesus is God & the only God - was a preacher - his authority for saying this fundamental doctrine is untrue is that he has talked with Jesus - has never seen God - why he knows there is a God - wishes he could come to his people - cannot because the doctrine of the church is that with the passing of Swedenborg passed all communications between God and mortals, etc. - & it is contrary to God’s will that men should attempt to pierce the veil., etc. - has some of the Divine Love Feb. 28, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - Luther & Giles wrote - Swedenborg present Feb. 28, 1917
Helen Padgett describes Dr. Georges - Mary present - advice Mar. 1, 1917
Jesus Message on the Soul Mar. 2, 1917
Saint Luke refers to the Master’s message on the Soul - many high spirits present to learn - Jesus’ glory and its effect on spirits - band present - my brain used Mar. 2, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to Jesus’ message on the soul Mar. 2, 1917
Mills, Samuel C. Forrest bright - compares their conditions - will seek for the love - Forrest tried to explain the change in him Mar. 3, 1917
Forrest, Edwin out of darkness and happy - the divine love - going to his mother Mar. 4, 1917
Kennedy, Mary a message to Dr. beautiful and instructive Mar. 4, 1917
Perry, R. Ross feeling better - does not believe that he is doomed for all eternity - gratitude Mar. 4, 1917
Perry, Mrs. - Ross Perry’s mother expresses gratitude at Ross’ seeing the light - her love - pray for Ross Mar. 4, 1917
Helen Padgett Many spirits present - happiness - many dark spirits seeking the light - Perry is better and praying - his mother - the scene between them - grandmother - love surrounding us tonight Mar. 4, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle advice - work must be done - people anxious to hear the truth Mar. 6, 1917
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) Paul, Luke & James have important messages to write - & other spirits - Ingersoll wants to write - he wants to write on what became of his physical body - his ascension in a chariot of fire (no archive record) Mar. 7, 1917
Saint James writes on subject: What is the way in which men can be restored to perfection Mar. 8, 1917
Helen Padgett (added) Helen expresses James’ disappointment. Mar. 8, 1917
Forrest, Edwin is progressing - his hopes - been to his mother and told her of the love - what she said - priests, masses & prayers Mar. 10, 1917
Ingersoll, Robert G. writing on Life and Death - beautiful Mar. 10, 1917
Smith, C. Maurice Forrest’s change - the surprise - must follow his course - speaks of my advice Mar. 10, 1917
Randall, Samuel J. has progressed out of his darkness - experience with spirit who tried to help him - his habits of thought - heard the messages to me - effect - his experience in seeking for the love - gratitude Mar. 10, 1917
Helen Padgett a number of spirits with me when I was talking to Copeland - describes his condition & the low spirits around him - advice to him - his mother present Mar. 10, 1917
Sprague, Kate Chase happy - sought for the love - in the bright plane - praying for more - gratitude Mar. 12, 1917
Saint Luke message on the Authenticity of the Bible Mar. 12, 1917
Padgett, John H. - my father waiting a long time to write - with me very often trying to help me - not surrendered his guardianship - my work among the dark spirits - seventh sphere - mother and soulmate - grandfather and grandmother Padgett Mar. 13, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle at séance of Dr. Bruen - describes medium - spirits, influence, etc. - advises against attending such séances - imposters - Dr. Stone’s new Indian friends - his work does not lie in the séance room - the work of these mediums - why John was at the séance - sometime the work will cease - the Kingdom closed and then the separation - the second death Mar. 15, 1917
Plummer, Nathan at séance - some hellish spirits present - is praying - Forrest growing brighter Mar. 15, 1917
Stone, William. - Dr.’s father (added) Mar. 15, 1917
Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother at Dr. Bruen’s séance - heard Johns message - advice - the Dr. Mar. 15, 1917
Helen Padgett at séance - take advice given - our work - Dr.’s howling Indians - the messages that the Dr. reads do no good to these people Mar. 15, 1917
Jesus personal - encouragement - my future on earth - refers to his message on the “Soul” - Mr. Morgan’s selection, etc - advice to him - Mar. 16, 1917
Helen Padgett she really spoke to me and I heard her voice - refers to Jesus message - Nita Mar. 16, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle will soon come and write on equality of men & women - impression made by messages in Copeland - Mrs. Mosher was present and wanted to communicate to Mr. Morgan - the greatest privilege that man can enjoy Mar. 17, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to our meeting - Copeland - many spirits present Mar. 17, 1917
Wilson, Mrs. - the wife of the President anxious in regards to husbands condition - the strain on him - not just in condition to come to spirit world - she loves him - wonders whether it is a continuance of the earth love or the love that lasts through all eternity - in highest planes of earth sphere Mar. 18, 1917
Colville, W. J. hardly realizes where he is - will come again Mar. 18, 1917
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) message on the truths of some things of the Old Testament- at the time that he lived - his experiences when he passed into spirit life Mar. 18, 1917
Luther, Martin wants to write his message - interested in the war as a lover of all children of God - no distinction between races - many spirits coming to spirit world before their normal, time - the consequences - “man exercises his will and man must endure the consequences” Mar. 18, 1917
Helen Padgett (added) Mar. 18, 1917
Ingersoll, Robert G. with me while reading Swedenborg - my impressions - Swedenborg’s teachings, his errors - has talked with Swedenborg - compares their conditions - Love the greatest thing in all the saint world Mar. 29, 1917
Eugenie found the love - my help - prays - her husband Mar. 29, 1917
Kennedy, Mary (Added) Date is specified in Vol I. Mar. 29, 1917
Helen Padgett at Dr. Gordon’s meeting - describes his condition - his future - Mary - advice - pray Mar. 29, 1917
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) comments on Dr. Gordon’s sermon: “Do the dead communicate with the living?” - Dr. Gordon’s knowledge of spiritualism - what all spirits know - the book “Raymond” - Dr. Gordon’s condition of soul - spirits filled the church anxious to learn Apr. 1, 1917
Helen Padgett many spirits present at Dr. Gordon’s discourse on Raymond - Jesus present - listening to the sermon - Elias wrote Apr. 1, 1917
Helen Padgett personal Apr. 2, 1917
Saint James - the Lesser - Jesus’ brother my condition of mind and soul - want of faith - material affairs - worry a kind of suicide - promises - never belonged to any of the sects like the Essenes, etc. - Jesus never learned the wisdom of India, Egypt, etc. - how he was taught - not a son of the Magi Apr. 3, 1917
Samuel - the Prophet corroborates what James wrote - will soon come and write on: “What is the Conscience” Apr. 3, 1917
Josephine anxious to write - Catholic on earth - purgatory - doctrine harmful in light - Napoleon interested in earth affairs - soulmates Apr. 3, 1917
Saleeba - the Egyptian Princess in 1st Celestial - her knowledge - gratitude - trying to help her people - will come whenever I call her - soulmate Apr. 3, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - encouragement & love Apr. 4, 1917
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) Dr. Gordon - his condition - his beliefs - opportunity will come for him to hear the truths - with him trying to direct his mind - will preach the truths - many spirits and prayers with me Apr. 5, 1917
Miller, Francis have helped him some - not a believer in the divine love - no eternal damnation - in 2nd sphere - moral development - happy - spirits working on mortals Apr. 5, 1917
Hay, E. R. in third sphere - refers to first visit to me - Helen told him of God’s love - only God and I know what this love means to me - gratitude Apr. 5, 1917
Robinson, W. H. I am gullible - spirit impersonating Dr. Gordon’s mother - the writer an honest spirit - not believer in church - my wife Apr. 5, 1917
Helen Padgett Hay in 3rd sphere - the spirit professing to be the mother of Dr. Gordon not his mother Apr. 5, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle refers to plan to communicate messages - work to have me get my home here - stock market - “The Broker” be used for the purpose Apr. 6, 1917
Helen Padgett difficulty in dealing with dark spirits - what the celestial spirits can see and hear - what the dark spirits can see and hear - no spirit can control the freedom of will - I know more about heaven and hell than Swedenborg ever knew Apr. 7, 1917
Swedenborg many errors in his writings - necessary that he correct them - will come soon - did not know of the divine love - all in the hells will be saved - in celestial spheres Apr. 8, 1917
Saint Luke must not doubt that Swedenborg wrote - many of his teachings erroneous and must be corrected - his one great error “Jesus is God” - another anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection is here - his worship deprecated - his death - his resurrection - work harder Apr. 8, 1917
Helen Padgett Swedenborg wrote - he answered my questions in his own words - Luke wrote - must take messages more rapidly - her love Apr. 8, 1917
Helen Padgett Mrs. Mosher wrote Mr. Morgan of her work among the Catholic spirits - in her work she has with her other spirits who were Catholics - Harry Apr. 10, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle corroborates what Luke wrote on my condition for receiving the messages - the work has to be done and I am the only one that can do it - encouragement Apr. 11, 1917
Saint Luke writes on my condition of mind respecting the work that I am to do and the messages I am to receive Apr. 12, 1917
Luther, Martin adds to what has been said by Luke & John - great number of messages waiting to be delivered - where on earth had his troubles - his work & mine - he was in error in many things - I will not be in error because, etc. Apr. 12, 1917
Cleveland, Grover - ex-President grateful - desires to help - describes his experiences in progressing to 3rd sphere - my instructions to spirit are real truths - the war - his interests - how spirits are interested Apr. 12, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to the writings of Luke, John, etc. - must follow advice - Cleveland wrote - refers to spirit who wrote & could not remember his name - she looked into his memory and found Samuel F. Phillips Apr. 12, 1917
Jesus heard my prayer and prayed with me - have faith - encouragement Apr. 14, 1917
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) material affairs - encouragement in - desires to write a message Apr. 14, 1917
Helen Padgett dark spirits interfered - promises - Elias wrote & mischievous spirit also Apr. 14, 1917
Helen Padgett with me at Terry’s meeting - describes spirits present - as to foretelling - comments on Terry’s statement as to mediumship his knowledge of spiritual truths - several spirits came home with me from the meeting - advice & encouragement - Jesus comes every night and prays with me - think of what this means Apr. 15, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle encouragement & promises - faith & love - refers to communication with the Misses Burgess - suggestions Apr. 17, 1917
Helen Padgett my visit to Miss Burgess - their parents present - and their sister - their soulmates present - Miss Bessie mediumistic Apr. 17, 1917
Gormley, Edwin E. deceived if I believe that two spirits (who expressed gratitude for help) are whom they represent themselves to be - I cannot help any spirit - those in hell have to stay there and those in the other place want to stay where they are - when they are damned they are dammed, and when they are not they don’t need any help - he would be suffering if he would let himself be not a vicious spirit - sees bright spirits Apr. 19, 1917
Hollingsworth, Wallace E. heard what last spirit wrote - he is very dark - one time I came to you and you told me of the future - now in light - damnation only for a time Apr. 19, 1917
Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother (added) April 19, 1917
Helen Padgett dark spirits - I not in condition to receive the higher messages - Mrs. Stone wrote Apr. 19, 1917
Helen Padgett been with me all evening, sitting on my chair - some spirits who wanted to get in rapport with me - material affairs - Master desires to write Apr. 20, 1917
Jesus writes in reference to my condition of soul and the necessity for prayer - because of my condition not been able to write - complains - encouragement - suggestions - heard sermon on Luther who was present - not much said that was vital - I am chosen to do the work - “to no other man since Swedenborg has such an opportunity and privilege ever been given” - I must not become a failure as he was - refers to the prayer he wrote (Following this message came one saying that I must rely on what the Master said, signed by Paul, John, James, Barnabas, Luther, Samuel, John Wesley, John the Baptist and Judas) (and Samuel C. Mills says all the spirits signed the last message) Apr. 22, 1917
Saint Luke the Master wrote - if I only knew how much he is interested in me Apr. 22, 1917
Various (added) Apr. 22, 1917
Helen Padgett message corroborating what the Master said actually written - saw them all sign their names and “with each signature a prayer”€ Apr. 22, 1917
Thomas, Edwin H. is better - is praying - wife and he in earth plane - Helen - expresses surprise at writing - hosts of spirits surround me - eager to write - thought Jesus was God Apr. 23, 1917
Saint Luke worry - advice - promises - can sense the happening of events - material affairs - many messages waiting to be written - pray more and have faith increased - describes how God works among mortals Apr. 23, 1917
Briggs, Emily W. a new experience - confused - earth plane - darkness - goes with Helen Apr. 23, 1917
Padgett, John H. - my father waiting for some time to write - good of other spirits considered - with me frequently - encouragement and advice - have faith - Master interested - his mission to look after my material affairs - the Broker - 1st celestial sphere - soulmates - their love - has no recollection of preincarnate existence - soulmates preexist the earth life - mother’s soulmate (no archive record) Apr. 23, 1917
Helen Padgett received message from my father - speaks of him - encouragement Apr. 23, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - Nita - encouragement - love - Holy Spirit & Master with me - my dreams - will write sometime on dreams Apr. 24, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle writes on condition of my mind & material affairs - advice - promises - faith - how God answers prayers for the material - free will - refers to the petitions in the Old Testament & the answers - how God worked then - my prayers - the miracle of the loaves & fishes - never took place - Jesus will write me about his miracles Apr. 25, 1917
Helen Padgett John wrote - my prayers - predictions - Nita Apr. 25, 1917
Curzon, Lady Mary Lester society woman - now of no importance - died young - not happy no one to love her - what a mistake - in darkness - wants help - goes with Helen Apr. 26, 1917
Roller, John E. needs help - in darkness - Oscar said I had helped him Apr. 26, 1917
Helen Padgett advice - encloses letter from Broker Apr. 26, 1917
Helen Padgett personal Apr. 29, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle I am in better condition - personal - encouragement Apr. 30, 1917
Jesus smoking - material affairs - worry - will be with me to pray May 1, 1917
Dulin, Charles G. progressed out of darkness - gratitude May 1, 1917
Caesar, Julius progressed out of his hells - third sphere - refers to Prof. Salyard’s advice - prayed - the divine love - describes his redemption - with me many times when spirits were writing -many spirits present, anxious to learn the truth - his regrets - would shun the bright spirits - gratitude May 1, 1917
Samuel - the Prophet expects to write many times in the future - work - love - pray - many spirits present desiring to express gratitude May 1, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle Jesus and Caesar wrote - the latter happy & striving - love always waiting and so easy to obtain May 1, 1917
Helen Padgett (added) Mrs. Padgett confirms that Julius Caesar wrote. May 1, 1917
Helen Padgett Dr. & his soulmate - what a beautiful thing is death May 3, 1917
Helen Padgett so many dark spirits present that the bright ones except by force not able to write - my work among them - a lost soul in a spirit body is just as necessary to be saved as one in the physical body - they believe that I can help them - why it is sometimes difficult to detect an imposing spirit - White Eagle - powers - Eugenie May 4, 1917
Jesus message: “The only way in which men can reach the Kingdom of God” May 5, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle the Master wrote the wonderful message - he was well satisfied - the two kingdoms - he will come soon and describe the greater kingdom - what a Jesus! - can you doubt he is the very Christ? - Many spirits present - the bands May 5, 1917
Helen Padgett the Master wrote the message on the kingdom - he loves me beyond all conception - she is full of love May 5, 1917
Jesus intended to finish his message on the Kingdom but I am not in condition - explains difficulties of communicating - with me at church - comments on the communion service - our rapport closer May 6, 1917
Helen Padgett (added but wrong) May 6, 1917
Jesus I am not just in condition to receive his message May 7, 1917
Jesus I am not in condition - advice as to my professional work - with me very often - promises - in the near future I will see him - not desirable that my clairvoyant powers be now developed - will see him as he is praying with me - he wants me to see him - why he writes so familiarly - he becomes very human to make the rapport - the idea of our relationship - the soul in me furnishes the rapport - why the dark spirits can find in me a closer rapport than in the higher spirits - the reasons why the high spirits cannot reach the dark ones - the power the former have over the latter - how they influence the opening up of the souls of the dark spirits - the obstacles - the dark spirits cannot see my soul development - they all very human - what the spirit perceptions may vision - what the appearance of the spirit body indicates May 8, 1917
Swedenborg desires to write a long message May 8, 1917
Helen Padgett had message from the Master - now I can get some idea why I am so important in doing the work among the dark spirits - Swedenborg wrote May 8, 1917
Ellis, Samuel E. found his way to the Fathers love - grandmother helped him - in the third sphere - glad he knew me on earth May 10, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle in good spiritual condition - with me at Dr. Gordon’s question draw - comments on some answers - describes Dr. Gordon’s condition, etc. - the Master & Swedenborg anxious to write May 10, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to séance at Mrs. Ripple’s - mostly spirits of the earth plane - she & father & Perry spoke to me - the spirit of the woman who was murdered by her husband asked for help - séances do not benefit me - great number of messages to be delivered May 10, 1917
Saint Luke speaks of my depressed condition - been trying to help me - repeats what John said - advice - danger - the messages do not depend on my knowledge or thoughts - spirits compose - Mr. Morgan has the band as described to him - many high spirits with him frequently May 12, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle upbraids me for not writing - indifference - advice - pray May 12, 1917
Syrick, Frank D. pleased to write - his feelings for us - heard the message on the kingdoms - progressing - the divine love - Fifth Sphere - Rose - wants to tell of happiness that comes with the soulmate - spoke to me at séance - dark spirits helped May 13, 1917
Saint James refers to reading of messages - Dr. Stone - the message on the kingdom of God - writes to the Dr. - his condition - divine love - advice - life on earth - Dr.’s work May 13, 1917
Kennedy, Mary (added) a message to Dr. May 13, 1917
Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother (added) May 13, 1917
Helen Padgett St. James wrote - as they sang “Home Sweet Home” at the church - my home - encouragement May 13, 1917
Saint Luke message to Mr. Morgan - (important) May 14, 1917
Jesus conclusion of message on: “the only way to the kingdoms of God” May 15, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle Jesus wrote his message on the way to the Celestial Kingdom - pleased that I could receive the message - many high spirits desire to write and there are many messages of the disciples yet to be written - they will sustain me May 15, 1917
Samuel - the Prophet (added) May 15, 1917
Helen Padgett the Master wrote on the way to the Celestial Kingdom - my visit to Nita - a loving message May 15, 1917
Johnson, George old friend - surprising - knows there are hells - wants help - sees a beautiful saint May 16, 1917
Campbell, Dr. Jas. C. glad to write again - I have nothing specially the matter visited Nita - progressing - high spirits - not yet perfected the remedy for tuberculosis May 16, 1917
Bismarck opinion of war - Germans will sue for peace before Aug. 1 - condition of German people - monarchy soon cease to exist May 16, 1917
Helen Padgett ancient spirit wrote - her beauty distinct from beauty of spirits of celestial spheres - she went with Saleeba - Bismarck - Kitchener says Bismarck is right May 16, 1917
Ware, Clara woman who was killed by her husband - comments - came to me a few nights ago at seance & asked for help - wants help - so unhappy & in darkness - never seen devil - has no God to love her - not forgiven her husband - hates him - tries to make herself visible to him - goes with spirit May 18, 1917
Hayes, Lucy Webb was wife of President - did not believe in communicating when on earth - in 5th sphere - follower of Jesus - divine love - Jesus saviour through vicarious atonement - disappointed in not finding Jesus on right hand of God - truth came and Jesus - if the Methodists would only know the truth - effects in spirit world of their beliefs May 18, 1917
Grossfriedrickson, John D. was a freethinker - did not believe in God except as a force - now knows there is a God - why - why he writes - freethinker on earth - knowing that God exists does not solve the problem - in darkness - other spirits in darkness - does not understand the reason - farce for men to suppose they have received knowledge of the laws of nature - wants to find some solution - goes with Prof. Salyards May 18, 1917
Forrest, Edwin has progressed - will soon be in third sphere - wonderful - friends among the Catholics - his mother - her condition - trying to help her - his brothers - they rely on the priests May 18, 1917
Saint Mark comments on Mr. Kate’s book and on his spiritual and intellectual condition as regards the truths - why he writes on these things May 20, 1917
Saint Paul not written for a long time - been present very often - refers to Mr. Kate’s book - will, write on The Spirit and “the Spirit Body as to their Nature and their Creation” - Mark wrote - what a teacher of Spiritualism should be - Spiritualism will supercede the old religions - only three persons who know the truth - John the Baptist and the Master started Christianity - how its truths were lost - the new truths will not perish - what obligation the knowledge of the truths will bring to men May 20, 1917
Padgett, Ann R. - my mother my condition - encouragement - her love - faith - her great happiness - her soulmate in 7th sphere May 22, 1917
Jesus encouragement - his love with me - times of temptation - God never far away - willing to help - the love - thoughts that arise from the weakness of the flesh - life - good and evil - sin the creation of man - in God’s universe all is good when I forget love - experience - how to overcome temptation - evil ones with all mortals - condition of soul - watch and pray (Unpublished) May 23, 1917
Samuel - the Prophet will write on: What were the beliefs of time Jews as to the resurrection and the destiny of the human soul May 23, 1917
Helen Padgett the Master wrote - advice - her love - my condition May 23, 1917
Saint James came to write on: the Frailties of the Human Mind and Moral Qualities - refers to the Master’s message - applicable to all - been very close to mortals everywhere - nature of man today - sins - temptations - Holy Spirit - prior to coming of love moral truths taught to men - moral perceptions in early times - present war - does the world grow better? - what mere moral teachings have accomplished - personal message - interested in Dr. - encouragement May 24, 1917
Helen Padgett James wrote - will write a personal letter to the Dr. - the Dr.’s work - advice to Dr. - Mary wants to write May 24, 1917
Jesus a beautiful personal letter - message on subject “Who and What God Is” - not finished - will complete later May 25, 1917
Perry, R. Ross refers to Mr. Morgans visit to Mrs. Perry - describes his wife’s condition - his condition when he committed suicide - in light and love - his belief left him - message to his wife - wants me to tell her of these things May 25, 1917
Ford, Samuel I. will be at Mrs. Perry’s to protect Mr. Morgan - Catholic spirits May 26, 1917
Morris, Martin F. out of purgatory - light and purgatory do not go together - wants to write a letter of his progress - priests incensed against Morgan - encourages Morgan to continue his work May 26, 1917
Perry, R. Ross with me when messages were read - his appreciation - refers to Mr. Morgan and his wife - wants me to visit his wife - he will be there and write May 26, 1917
Saint Peter speaks of the miracles - many never occurred - their origin - Jesus healed the sick, etc. - the casting of the spirits into the swine never occurred - sometime will consider these miracles in a message - the miracle of the storm - explains it May 30, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle came to give encouragement - personal - with me at Takoma Park and at Miss B’s - describes her, etc. May 30, 1917
Helen Padgett glad John wrote me as he did - advice - agrees with John as to Takoma Park & Mrs. P. - love May 30, 1917
Jesus desires to finish his message - I am not in condition - my worries - faith - promises - how he foretells - not infallible - explains why he said God is everywhere in his early message - pray May 31, 1917
Saul of the Old Testament desires to write a message - interested in the Jews and desires to tell them some truths - difficult to convince them - effect of the war on the Jews June 1, 1917
Forrest, Edwin out of his darkness entirely - third sphere - the love - his mother June 2, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle writes on the Portraits of the Master - describes the appearance of Jesus - ‘the soul has a brain of its own’ - wishes that there was a true likeness of Jesus on earth - he should be loved & his presence longed for - he is working among mortals today as he did when on earth - when mortals long for his presence - the Father’s love and Jesus’ love contrasted - the latter can never transform a human soul - the love must come from the Father June 3, 1917
Helen Padgett had letter from John - Jesus told me that he would sometime permit me to see him - personal - Caroline June 3, 1917
Leibnitz, John G. a stranger - been through the hells, etc. - in 2nd sphere - was a professor of psychology - did not believe in the Bible - believed that physical death was not the end of man - special interested in the speculations as to the future of man - the greatest product of evolution - what is beyond death? - immortality - discusses it - his experiences after death - ancient spirits not able to solve the question - cannot conceive that the preachers know - mere speculation - spirits look through just as dark glasses as do mortals - (told him of the way to find immortality) - is willing to investigate - goes with Prof. Salyards - will return June 4, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle my condition - writes on the subject: What is the reason that mortals will not seek the love of the Father, rather then endeavor to believe in the creeds and sacraments of the churches to which they may belong or affiliate? June 4, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - Caroline June 4, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle personal - advice June 5, 1917
Helen Padgett many spirits present who want help - so pitiable - my condition - higher spirits - lovemaking - Perry - his mother - grandmother June 5, 1917
Jesus my condition - temptations - important that he finish his message on God - is present with me at night - “whenever you do not realize this response, you only are responsible, for the love is present and awaits only your earnest seeking” June 8, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle personal - wants to write a message June 8, 1917
Helen Padgett John and the Master wrote - advice - Nita - hour she foresees June 8, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle must not think while writing - Nita - advice June 10, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - Nita - with her - her sweetheart - divorce (no archive record) June 10, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - smoking interferes with writing - refers to Miss B - Nita - Jesus anxious to finish his message - wants to write her letter - advice June 12, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle my condition - refers to lecture of New Thought woman - what she does not know - how the Father works June 13, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle my condition - refers to prayer meeting of Dr. Mitchell - describes the Holy Spirit and its work and the erroneous conception of the preacher - what it is to “grieve the Spirit” - advice June 14, 1917
Solomon - the wise refers to my selection - urges necessity for doing the work - results of the war - how God answers prayer - personal - advice June 14, 1917
Samuel - the Prophet Solomon wrote - refers to the conversation - material things - things spirits can’t explain - personal - how God works - how prayer is answered June 14, 1917
Helen Padgett doubts - listening to what Solomon and Samuel wrote - How God works - personal - my condition - advice - her love June 14, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle personal - promises - my work June 16, 1917
Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother refers to my work - advice - results of the truths conveyed to me - love June 16, 1917
Salyards, Prof., Joseph H. refers to John and Mrs. Stone - their homes - work - advice - love June 16, 1917
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett listened to messages - Prof. Salyards - is a happy spirit - not the happiness that she saw in the other spirits - their love - first time ever attempted to write - many spirits around me - wants to know what the love is - goes with Kate Stone June 16, 1917
Helen Padgett Refers to messages written by Mrs. Stone & Prof. Salyards & Mrs. Browning - Kate Stone is busy helping dark spirits - Mary’s message June 16, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - Miss B - refers to conversation with Mr. Clark and. Bernina - names Bernina’s soulmate - Mrs. Clark’s brothers June 17, 1917
Burroughs, Laura - cousin progressing - Belle in 5th sphere - husband in darkness - not met soulmate June 18, 1917
Stone, Kate - Dr. Stone’s sister (added) June 19, 1917
Spanglios, Carlos was a catholic - left earth many years ago - purgatory - priests - false teachings - wants to know the way out - lived in Spain June 19, 1917
Helen Padgett Catholic spirits wrote - Nita - her fiance June 19, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - advice - refers to book Raymond June 20, 1917
Wandering Jew the one who told Jesus to, “pass on” - describes the occasion - his wanderings - sufferings - redemption - how he met Jesus -in celestial spheres - the divine love June 21, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle refers to message from the Wandering Jew - tells how he was compelled to live on earth - the sentence - how he was kept alive - his redemption - the powers of the prayers of a longing soul June 21, 1917
William Stone (added) June 21, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to messages from Wandering Jew & John - describes the Jew and his condition June 21, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to book “Raymond” - will bring Raymond to write June 23, 1917
Heyde, Geo. W. (Helen’s father) falsity of Jesus’ blood - personal experience - sufferings - divine love - third sphere June 24, 1917
Goodwin, George knew me on earth - suffering in hell - Catholic, believed in the priests - Mr. Morgan talked to him - goes with bright spirit June 25, 1917
Saint Luke working to make plain the truths by impression - have clairaudient faculty - which enables me to receive impressions without being conscious of the fact - phase of mediumship that is rare - describes it - progressing - special guardians - Dr. Stone June 25, 1917
Forrest, Edwin still progressing - his mother - his brothers - personal June 29, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - advice - not to read so much about Biblical things - the messages will contain all the truth necessary June 29, 1917
Fontaine, Rev. describes his beliefs and life on earth - his disappointment in the spirit world - his mistaken beliefs and his coming into a knowledge of the truth - advice to his wife and children - describes his passing over July 1, 1917
Helen Padgett Rev. Fontaine wrote - the fortune of a mortal having a friend in the spirit world who has the love - a spirit was present who wants to write to Mrs. Fontaine - her father July 1, 1917
Saint Paul writes of the condition of Dr. Mitchell - his beliefs - that he may come to believe the truth - advises me to present the truths to him - his opportunity to save souls July 3, 1917
Mitchell, Mrs. (mother of Dr. Mitchell) interested in Paul’s message about her son - the message is true - describes how she has been with her son - and her contradictory beliefs in the spirit world - her beliefs on earth and in the spirit world - in celestial heavens - how she tries to influence him July 3, 1917
Helen Padgett Paul and Mrs. Mitchell wrote - describes her - why she did not write her letter - her father was present and wanted to write to the preacher - love July 3, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle personal. July 4, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - encouragement July 6, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle personal - encouragement - the cause and means of overcoming despondency - important July 7, 1917
Ann Rollins personal - encouragement - cause and remedy for despondency July 7, 1917
Helen Padgett John and grandmother wrote - encouragement July 7, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle comments on Terry’s discourse - ignorance and error - he is a medium - does not know the higher truths July 8, 1917
Helen Padgett (added) July 8, 1917
Jesus my condition better - would like finish his discourse on God - on prayer - how it is responded to - promises - many messages to write July 9, 1917
Helen Padgett personal and loving July 9, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle a loving personal letter - prayer - the divine love - how to pray - “only soul can call to soul” July 11, 1917
Helen Padgett dark spirits present seeking help - speaks of Harrys visit - sends him a message - and one to Nita July 11, 1917
Helen Padgett with Harry as he left the city - refers to her message - Nita July 13, 1917
Helen Padgett with me at Colburn’s -€œ “Raymond” will come soon and write July 15, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - has found “Raymond,” and invited him to write - he will do so - his condition (no archive record) July 17, 1917
Helen Padgett many dark spirits present - have gone with the bright spirits -spirits wrote to Dr. Stone - love July 18, 1917
Mitchell, Mrs. (mother of Dr. Mitchell) with me when I called on her son - his mind - doubts - her hopes - not impressed with message from Jesus - who he believes is God July 19, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to my visit to Dr. Mitchell - effect of messages - condition of his mind - the truth will prevail July 19, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle personal - encouragement - Dr. Mitchell’s beliefs - he will not rest satisfied in these beliefs - important that these truths come to him July 20, 1917
Mitchell, Mrs. (mother of Dr. Mitchell) anxious to add to what she said to her son - so interested in his learning the truth - if he requests me to receive messages from her, please do so - what John said last night is true July 21, 1917
Saint Luke comments on book dealing the “Creation and Fall of Man” (book by Samuel Shuckford in 1743) July 22, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to conversation with Dr. Mitchell - he is commencing to think of some of the truths - love July 23, 1917
Helen Padgett must not try to reconcile messages with Bible sayings - in time Apostles will write about these matters - personal - advice -what Bismarck thinks of war - he wants to write July 26, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - spirits anxious to continue their messages July 28, 1917
Mitchell, Mrs. (mother of Dr. Mitchell) at church and heard her son preach on the divine love - many spirits present - hopes son will accept the truths July 29, 1917
Helen Padgett was present at church, when Dr. Mitchell preached on Divine Love and Holy Spirit - his mother present & the Master - and was pleased with the sermon July 29, 1917
Riddle, Albert G. present when Mrs. Foster visited me in regards to her daughter - the causes of Mrs. Foster’s condition - will try to help her - saving of soul more important than the saving of the mind - will call band to help her July 31, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to my conversation with a man about spiritualism - results of such talks - do good - personal Aug. 1, 1917
Riddle, Albert G. refers to the trial of his granddaughter as to her insanity - many spirits present - rapport of evil spirits - her other troubles describes her condition - my conversation with his other two daughters Aug. 3, 1917
Helen Padgett condition of Alice Foster - twofold cause - band endeavoring to help her - rapport of evil spirits broken - her remedy Aug. 3, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - Nita - her new love Aug. 4, 1917
Helen Padgett my visit to Colburn’s - many spirits present - Mrs. Colburn’s desires in reference to her husband - Mrs. Knowlton’s - the husband of Mrs. Bartlett present and anxious to write - he is in earth plane Aug. 5, 1917
Helen Padgett better visit Mrs. Foster - deliver message to her - spirits trying to help Alice - her father a harmful companion - personal - “Raymond” will write Aug. 6, 1917
Helen Padgett Alice Foster will recover - personal Aug. 9, 1917
Helen Padgett with me when I visited Mrs. Foster - heard conversation - spirits endeavoring to help Alice - her condition of soul - personal Aug. 10, 1917
Helen Padgett personal Aug. 13, 1917
Helen Padgett personal Aug. 14, 1917
Padgett, John H. - my father with reference to the Broker - personal Aug. 18, 1917
Helen Padgett with me at Colburn’s - music - spirits present - photograph of Mrs. Colburn genuine - her desires for her husband and children - Mr. Morgan’s parents present and Dr. Stone’s soulmate also - personal Aug. 19, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - many spirits anxious to write - my birthday (Aug. 25) - comments - my work - advice to Mr. Morgan - his future Aug. 24, 1917
Ford, Samuel I. wants to say a word to Morgan - protection - the priests helping them - describes his condition - how our conversations benefit the spirits - why - what the spirits teach Aug. 28, 1917
Helen Padgett difficulty in making rapport - Broker - Mr. Morgan’s work among the Catholic spirits Aug. 29, 1917
Helen Padgett speaks of “God, the invisible King” - and its author Aug. 30, 1917
Helen Padgett writes of the spirit who sees the bright spirits for the first time - refers to Wells, author of “God, etc.” Sept. 1, 1917
Jesus I must get in condition to write - desires to finish his message on God - personal Sept. 2, 1917
Mitchell, Mrs. (mother of Dr. Mitchell) anxious that her son’s mind be opened up to the truths Sept. 2, 1917
Helen Padgett received message from Master - get in condition to write - Mrs. Mitchell wrote - anxious that her son may learn the truth - personal Sept. 2, 1917
Jesus personal - advice and encouragement Sept. 14, 1917
Bright Star - Mrs. Ripple’s guide invites me to séance Sept. 14, 1917
Helen Padgett Master wrote - in great earnestness - “Raymond” - our three children - message to Nita (no archive record) Sept. 16, 1917
Jesus writes about the work of Mr. Morgan and myself - what condition we must be in - “while in the world must not be of the world” - must have our physical comforts - advice as to these - as to work after book is printed - the world ready for the truths - war will soon end - results - Christian faith will not satisfy - our reward - advice Sept. 17, 1917
Helen Padgett refers to Christian Scientists’ book that I had been reading - Mrs. Eddy anxious to write - encouragement Sept. 17, 1917
Helen Padgett a letter of love - our children - encouragement Sept. 23, 1917
John the Baptist desires to write a message - advises me to get in condition to receive the messages Sept. 27, 1917
Helen Padgett John the Baptist wrote - urges that I get in condition to write Sept. 27, 1917
Carlisle, John G. is progressing - listened to our conversation - prayer - difficulty in getting the true longings - foolish for men to suppose that they can get these longings just as they will to do so - saying that they believe on Jesus Christ not sufficient Sept. 29, 1917
Helen Padgett Master anxious to write - with me at Colburn’s - writes of the song and love and happiness - at Theosophical lecture - comments on it - all mistake - personal Sept. 30, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - Nita Oct. 1, 1917
Syrick, Frank D. progressing - keep up courage - many spirits present - the Broker Oct. 2, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - encouragement Oct. 3, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - with me at the show - describes my thoughts - our meeting in spirit world - love of soulmates - many spirits waiting to write - advice - keep up faith Oct. 5, 1917
Helen Padgett personal Oct. 6, 1917
Helen Padgett with me at spiritualist meeting - comments - the benefit of such meetings - advice Oct. 7, 1917
Helen Padgett higher spirits will not write - advice - with me - love - my dream - the law of soulmate love - souls Oct. 8, 1917
Helen Padgett Mr. Morgan’s friends wrote - many high spirits present - heard her talk - advice Oct. 10, 1917
Sinclaire, Madeline wants soul love - speaks of her earth life - in hell Oct. 11, 1917
Mary Kennedy (Added) Date is specified in Vol IV. Oct. 11, 1917
Whitefield, George - the great preacher of England seen display of soulmate love - soulmates in spirit world and on earth - his soulmate with him in celestial home - soul without its soulmate - comments on Dr. Gordon’s discourse on the ”coming great world teacher” - who the teacher will be - how the awakening of the human soul is aroused - Jesus’ teachings - the preacher’s conception not a true one - the truths will have to be taught - miracles will take place - the Master is the leader Oct. 11, 1917
Helen Padgett many spirits present - Mary’s love - Whitefield wrote - Jesus will be the teacher in his messages through me - our work - the Dr.’s work Oct. 11, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - has many things to write Oct. 12, 1917
Helen Padgett at Mrs. Kate’s meeting - father of girl present wrote Oct. 14, 1917
Mary Kennedy (Added) Date is specified in Vol IV. Oct. 16, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - Nita Oct. 19, 1917
Helen Padgett ministers are investigating spiritualism - spirits present who wanted to write Oct. 21, 1917
Wolcott, Charles D. interested in writing - knows nothing of the divine love - in some darkness - man of education - devoted himself to material things - future life speculation - since coming - to spirit world - don’t know how soul is developed - sees other spirits writing - they seem to be possessed of a happiness different - never spoke to them - Mr. Riddle Oct. 22, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - many spirits present - band desires to write - Mr. Riddle in 7th sphere - her love - our happiness on earth - our home to be in spirit world Oct. 23, 1917
Helen Padgett Mr. Morgan’s spirit friends present in great numbers - true that they have made such rapid progress - his soulmate Oct. 26, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle personal - encouragement - desires to write on spiritual things - world needs the truths - the war, God’s attitude towards - men must control it - how God will influence - the leaders obsessed by evil spirits - will end sooner than men expect - the spirits of truth - how the Father answers prayers - God does not interfere in an arbitrary way - no miracle will be performed - man’s free will - sow and reap - God not indifferent to the results of the war - before the end many mortals will become spirits - and find their homes (?) - what is necessary on my part to make rapport - explains the law of communication - that upon the possession and development of the soul of things spiritual depends the capacity of the human brain to receive the various kinds of messages” - the law of rapport and communication Nov. 2, 1917
Jesus could not form rapport with me - importance - many writings to be received - the reasons for my condition - material things - worry - advice - things will come - with me in my reading about the various religions - comments - reformers -the truths could not be taught by them - the new religion - comments - what the future religion will be - new birth - Helen Nov. 6, 1917
Helen Padgett Jesus wrote - glad he told me of her love - her love Nov. 6, 1917
Father Williams - Catholic priest (added) Nov 8, 1917
Helen Padgett priest wrote - experience - Mr. Morgan’s€™ work - results - encouragement to him - explanatory - personal - love Nov. 8, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - advice - many messages to be written Nov. 9, 1917
Helen Padgett personal Nov. 10, 1917
Helen Padgett sorry could not write her letter - speaks of the priest who wrote - the messages Morgan received were actually written Nov. 11, 1917
Helen Padgett personal Nov. 13, 1917
Helen Padgett comments on Atonement - she is divine - personal Nov. 15, 1917
Syrick, Frank D. in 7th sphere - writes of my work with dark spirits - Morgan’s work with the priests - results, etc. Nov. 16, 1917
Helen Padgett writes of lectures I attended - of Mr. Bear’s dead son - love, etc. Nov. 18, 1917
Helen Padgett personal Nov. 19, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - present when Mr. Mitchell called - he is interested - his beliefs - his mother present - Nita Nov. 21, 1917
Jesus the necessity of continuing the writings - many messages to be written - many high spirits desire to communicate - messages Nov. 26, 1917
Simms, Peter W. soulmate did not write - he is the only spirit who can write - a giddy spirit - call on him - sometimes he goes to mediums - “If you can make a mortal happy why not do so, even if you have to tell a lie” Nov. 26, 1917
Helen Padgett the Master wrote me - must try to write - personal Nov. 26, 1917
Johnson, John B. in better condition than when he came to me - thanks Nov. 27, 1917
Helen Padgett my physical condition - the influence of thoughts - think more of the truths that have been revealed - love - work Nov. 27, 1917
Helen Padgett Master present expecting to write - my condition - why the rapport cannot be made - advice - rapport controlled by law - the condition of the median’s soul determines possibility of receiving the higher truths - the remedy - encouragement - love Nov. 30, 1917
Caesar, Julius progressed much since he last wrote - gratitude - wants to write Dec. 3, 1917
Pelham, John G. was in Confederate army - now in hell - a gambler - spirits told him that I could help - could not understand what they meant - wants to meet the bright spirits - in earnest - sees & goes with a spirit Dec. 4, 1917
White Eagle glad I called him - Great Bear Dec. 4, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - not evil spirits that always cause us to wrong - mortal free will to do evil - man must realize that in himself is the cause of his own evil thoughts and deeds - it will not do for men to think that they are wicked only because of the influence of the evil spirits - the source of good thoughts - men must help themselves from the good that is within them - evil obsession - character of companionship Dec. 4. 1917
Helen Padgett personal - wants me to get in condition to receive the messages - divine love - advice - comes direct from the Father - at Colburn’s - describes experiences - her happiness - White Eagle Dec. 6, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - Nita - the Master and other spirits would like to write - she is happy and far up in the celestial spheres - will try to describe her home - mother in high spheres - grandmother almost in the plane of the Apostles - when I come over - home - her love - scenes of the war Dec. 7, 1917
Watson, Jas. E. a spirit redeemed from darkness - grateful Dec. 8, 1917
Smith, George W. a spirit rescued from darkness - grateful Dec. 8, 1917
Lincoln, Edward P. a spirit rescued from darkness - grateful Dec. 8, 1917
Helen Padgett the spirits who had rescued from darkness wrote were very grateful - Mr. Morgan wrote to Eugene Dec. 8, 1917
Helen Padgett heard my call and prayed with me - many spirits and the Master present wishing to write - comments on the lecture on Christian Science - its defects Dec. 9, 1917
Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother a letter to Leslie - her happiness - the Father’s love - “God is Love” - comments on - compares the divine love & mortal love - how the latter is unsatisfying - knowledge comes to her - ambitions of some mortals in the spirit world - refers to Leslie’s experience in going out of his body Dec. 10, 1917
Jesus my condition better - I received a long message from a beautiful spirit (Mrs. Stone) - encouragement Dec. 10, 1917
Helen Padgett Mrs. Stone wrote an important message - wonders if Dr. and I appreciate the exceptional blessings that we have - love Dec. 10, 1917
Jesus pleased that I was reading the messages - advice - pray to the Father - Nita - encouragement - material things Dec. 11, 1917
Williams, Arnold a spirit who had tried to deceive me - now in light Dec. 12, 1917
Helen Padgett a vengeful priest wrote Mr. Morgan - dark - Nita Dec. 12, 1917
Helen Padgett read with me Conan Doyle’s article on “the New Revelation” - not wise to write to him and make contents of the messages known - higher spirits say it is better that these truths be not disseminated piecemeal - book published - advice - will try to bring Raymond to me (no archive record) Dec. 13, 1917
Helen Padgett flood of love present - Morgan & Mina - the priest present - Ford wrote - will have to make a sacrifice to relate what Morgan wants Dec. 15, 1917
Jesus not in condition to receive his message - many to be written - effect of war - world’s knowledge of a future life - the only things that show the destiny of the soul - Bible - advice - in my prayers Dec. 16, 1917
Saint John - the Apostle been with me a great deal - soon resume our writings - speaks of Colburn’s opinion that ancient spirits cannot communicate direct - the most ancient spirits if the medium is in proper condition can communicate direct - much work done in which high spirits take no part - when the high spirits take part - Jesus the leader - what spirits know the work - the highest spirit and most ancient are communicating through me - every message received forms a link in the chain of revelation - don’t doubt - advice Dec. 16, 1917
Horner, Mrs. first wife - a beautiful letter Dec. 16, 1917
Helen Padgett I had message from the Master - and from John - and from Mrs. Horner - seen her at my office - gentle spirit - his soulmate - condition of his soul - advice - love Dec. 16, 1917
Woodward, William. R. listened to our conversation - does not comprehend - “What do you mean by transformation of the soul?” - believed in the new birth when on earth & no more in presence of God than when on earth - his disappointment - wants help Dec. 18, 1917
Mary Kennedy (added) Date is specified in Vol IV. Dec. 18, 1917
Helen Padgett Mary wrote to Dr. - spirits listening to conversation - Woodward wrote - he was interested in subject of new birth - went with Genl. Henkel - often present, helping dark spirits Dec. 18, 1917
Condon, Wm. H. was one of the devils - free from sufferings - thankful Dec. 20, 1917
Willis, Sofia - mother of Dr. Willis one of the dark ones who came for help - out of darkness - gratitude, etc Dec. 20, 1917
Robey, Sarah G. was a dark spirit - now in light - many dark spirits through my help have found the way - gratitude Dec. 20, 1917
Root, Richard happy and progressing - his children Dec. 20, 1917
Helen Padgett not best for bright spirits to write - the grateful spirits wrote - the Roots - Nita Dec. 20, 19l7
Richards, Stephen J. has listened to our conversation - we are mistaken - believes in the orthodox teachings - is happy - never seen any reasons why he should not believe in the promises of the Bible - never seen Jesus - seen some celestial spirits - sees one of these spirits - going with him Dec. 21, 1917
Stanhope, Grace a young mother who died in childbirth - a beautiful letter - her experience in death Dec. 21, 1917
Syrick, Frank D. mystery & truth - with me often - many spirits around me - “Not only do we do unto others as they would have them do unto us, but we do unto others as we know both for the good of these others” - progressing - Rose - soulmate love - Mr. Morgan - Catholic spirits & Morgan Dec. 21, 1917
Helen Padgett Syrick & other spirits wrote - the young mother a bright spirit Dec. 21, 1917
Colburn, Mrs.- the mother of the elder Colburn a beautiful letter to her husband Dec. 22, 1917
Saint Luke many dark spirits found help - I cannot understand what my work means - the experiences of the dark spirits - encouragement - great interest in the souls of mortals - anxious to write formal message - my work - urges me to get in condition - responsibility Dec. 23, 1917
Ann Rollins heard what Luke said - must take his advice - my work - turn my thoughts to the work - with me often - soon write Dec. 23, 1917
Swedenborg heard messages of Luke & grandmother - follow advice - his experience “failure” - comparative - what failure means - privilege conferred - my condition - how the messages are to be revealed through me - advice Dec. 23, 1917
Helen Padgett received important messages tonight - ponder over them - encourages to work - with me at church - Xmas - people worshipping Jesus as God - distasteful to him - comments on the worship- effect on Jesus - love Dec. 23, 1917
Kant, Immanuel his experience & beliefs - search for truth - goes with bright spirit Dec. 24, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - Xmas Eve - writes of our lives on earth & Xmas experiences - Nita - had letter from Kant - love Dec. 24, 1917
Helen Padgett personal - our happiness - spirits present Dec. 25, 1917
Jesus I in better condition - my rapport with the soul of the Father - advice - corroborates what Luke wrote - my selection from the mass of mankind - must not fail - encouragement - no vicar on earth - not God - the Pope - how he can represent God - infallibility - will write in detail as to the Catholic Church - the worship of Jesus as God Dec. 26, 1917
Kitchener, Lord the War - its ending & cause Dec. 27, 1917
Bismarck on the War - its ending & cause Dec. 27, 1917
Colburn, Mrs.- the mother of the elder Colburn about her husband & children Dec. 28, 1917
Helen Padgett why she did not write last night - personal - encouragement - messages - work Dec. 30, 1917
Helen Padgett thoughts on the passing year - what will face me when I come to spirit life - happiness - beautiful letter Dec. 31, 1917

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