True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 2

Man himself must make the effort to overcome the influence of the evil ones.

December 4th, 1917.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, must I say? - your own true and loving, Helen.

While, in many instances, the evil spirits influence mortals in their thoughts and actions, yet this is not always the case and it will not do for mortals to think so. They are not the mere pliant tools or subjects of these evil spirits, but are persons with free wills, controlled by their own appetites, and for them to believe that all their evil acts are the results of the influence of these evil spirits would place them in a very subservient and deplorable condition, and at the same time retard the development of themselves by their own thoughts and acts. No, the evil spirits are always working evil, but all the thoughts and desires that mortals have and do, are not the results of the influence of these spirits.

Man must realize that in himself is the cause of his own evil thoughts and deeds, though increased by the influence of these spirits, and that he must master these thoughts that he be able to drive them from him and overcome them by thoughts of a different and higher nature. It will not do for men to think that they are wicked only because of the influence of the evil spirits, for to think so would retard their development and at the same time take from them a realization of their own responsibility. And on the other hand, the source of good thoughts is within themselves, and if they will only seek for this source they will be able to progress in their moral conditions; and while the good spirits can and do help them, yet primarily men must help themselves from the good that is within them.

I would like to write you fully on this matter, and will sometime, but tonight you are not in condition, and I will not try. But remember this, that whatever of evil is displayed or gives evidence of the soul being possessed by it, yet within themselves is the power to overcome and cause its eradication. I mean that men must make the effort; realize that they are masters of good and evil. We can help you, if you will let us - it depends on you - and no other can take the praise or blame of the results of your thoughts or actions. Yet, you must also realize this, that when the evil ones form a rapport with you, and in a way obsess you, it will become the more difficult for you to exercise your own will; and hence, men should pray to be given help from the Higher Source to overcome the influences of these evil ones. The character of your company will determine to a considerable extent the kind of thoughts you may have and the deeds you may do. But good or bad be your associates, you alone will be responsible for the results of your thoughts and acts. I must not write more. Good night.

Your own true and loving,