Messages from Judas

Spirit Spheres - Life after Death

These are the messages from Judas of Kerioth describing the spheres we may reside in after death.

Author Title Date of Message
Judas Judas’ death and passing into spirit. September 5th, 2001
Judas Judas’ experience of the hells. September 6th, 2001
Judas Spiritual light or spiritual vibrations? September 7th, 2001
Judas Passing over. December 7th, 2002
Judas The Lack of Hope found in the Hells. February 5th, 2003
Judas Getting out of the Hells. February 6th, 2003
Judas The Twilight zone and Summerland. September 8th, 2001
Judas Various questions concerning passing over. September 9th, 2001
Judas The second sphere. September 16th, 2001
Judas The Third Sphere. September 19th, 2001
Judas The Fourth Sphere. September 23rd, 2001
Judas The Fifth Sphere. September 25th, 2001
Judas The Sixth Sphere September 27th, 2001
Judas The Seventh Sphere. September 28th, 2001