Messages 2003

Getting out of the Hells.

February 6th 2003

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


I would like to continue my message of yesterday.

“The key to our rescue work is the creation of a condition of trust. Usually, it is a poor choice for a bright spirit to approach one of those gloomy spirits, because they will “encapsulate” themselves immediately, to the point of refusing to lend an ear to whatever the spirit of good will would tell them. How should we proceed, then?”

With these words I ended my message. How should we proceed, then?

The first step, as you have already guessed, is that spirits who on earth were friendly with those condemned poor people in hell, approach them and try to renew this friendship and trust. Well, you do know an instance where exactly that happened - my own case.

I have always had an excellent relationship with Andrew. He was, he is, older than I, and in some ways I saw in him a father figure. Very skillfully he knew how to break my initial resistance to his presence, a resistance due to the fact, amongst other things, that I did not want anybody whom I cared for to see me in my situation of misfortune and despair. But once the ice was broken and I understood that his intention was serious and full of love, that spark of hope was born within me. And it happened because of the trust that I held in him, that I was able to activate my desire to move on.

Well, I can see what you are thinking: that all spirits in desperate situations would logically hold a strong desire to improve their situation. But this is not so easy as you may believe it to be. You are right, this desire indeed does exist in their souls, a feeble and weak desire inhabiting a gaunt soul. But even when the spirits thus confined do not recognize consciously that it was their own fault that has taken them into such a situation, there is another desire growing unconsciously within them — the craving for self-punishment — a much stronger desire than the one that would allow them to get started towards progress. It is a vicious circle, and you can be sure that, in the case of the spirits in the deepest hells, they would never be able to break this steel chain tying them to their cold hovels if it were not for the help of other, higher-developed spirits who are able to restore their self-esteem and transform empty feelings of guilt into true penance. Because it is not their constant wailing over the “injustice” they are suffering (in the opinion of many of them) and their self-commiseration that will help them to progress. It is their recognition of their own guilt, their preparedness to assume the consequences, and also — more important than anything else — their desire for reconciliation with God. This is what is called penance; this is what is called remorse; this is exactly what the Father wants: that all His misguided children return to Him and celebrate with Him at the tables of paradise.

Yes, Andrew skillfully managed to break my resistance. I was lucky that I had such a friend as he.

Sometimes we find relatives, such as parents and siblings, who come to aid those poor souls in hell. But there is another “institution” dedicated with even greater success to the task of rescue.

Yes, you received it well. I am speaking of soulmates, of those individualized halves from one single soul. They have such strong feelings of attraction to each other that they very rarely encounter difficulties in establishing a relationship of trust in order to help their counterparts to progress.

This function, namely that of helping their mates to get started in the progress, specifically in the lower spheres of the spirit world, is perhaps the most important and decisive task for the institution of soulmates.

The love between soulmates has been described as the “icing on the cake,” or in other words, an addition to make what is perfect (the relationship based on Divine Love) even “more perfect.” But I tell you that this function is practical, necessary and extremely beneficial — although it is not indispensable.

[H.: Is this the reason why soulmates generally do not incarnate at the same time or in the same family or region? I mean, is this a provision to make sure that at least one of the counterparts may obtain the necessary development for being able to help his or her mate in the case of necessity?]

This is not a rule as far as I would know, but indeed, so it happens in the vast majority of cases.

[H.: Does this also mean that it is impossible that both soulmates could live in the darkest bottom of the hells? Because in this hypothetical case it would be virtually impossible for them to help each other.]

I have never seen such a case. Frankly, I do not know if this is possible or not. Don’t forget that there are other mechanisms to quicken the desire of the condemned spirits for getting started and attaining reconciliation with God. But I dare say that there is a probability of nearly one hundred percent that such an extreme case — that both souls live in an abysmal level of darkness — would not result.

The intervention of soulmates in the rescue work for “lost” souls in the hells is explicitly described in the Padgett messages.1 It is true that in those messages this essential function of soulmate love has not been highlighted. With my message I hope that I may have contributed to an ampler understanding of this institution.

I would have liked to talk also about the creative powers of evil spirits — uncontrolled and unconscious powers — but I fear that you are running out of strength. I will leave the treatment of this subject for another day.

I will say good-bye now with my best wishes for your spiritual well-being.

Your brother in Christ,

Judas of Kerioth


1 Both Nero and Caligula were rescued from the hells by their soulmates, who both ironically were Christians.


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