Messages 2003

The Lack of Hope found in the Hells.

February 5th 2003

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


My dear brother:

The Padgett messages contain one or other rather suggestive descriptions of the situation in the hells, of places and conditions which hurt every sense of human beings. Take this example:

“In this hell of mine, and there are many like it, instead of beautiful homes, as the other spirits described, we have dirty, rotten hovels all crooked and decayed, with all the foul smells of a charnel house ten times intensified, and instead of beautiful lawns and green meadows and leafy woods filled with musical birds making the echoes ring with their songs, we have barren wastes, and holes of darkness and gloom and the cries and cursings of spirits of damnation without hope; and instead of living, silvery waters we have stagnant pools filled with all kinds of repulsive reptiles and vermin, and smells of inexpressible, nauseating stinks.

I tell you that these are all real, and not creatures of the imagination or the outflowing of bitter recollections. And as for love, it has never shown its humanizing face in all the years that I have been here - only cursings and hatred and bitter scathings and imprecations, and grinning spirits with their witchlike cacklings. No rest, no hope, no kind words or ministering hand to wipe away the scalding tears which so often flow in mighty volumes. No, hell is real and hell is here.

We do not have any fire and brimstone, or grinning devils with pitchforks and hoofs and horns as the churches teach; but what is the need or necessity for such accompaniments? They would not add to the horrors or to our torments. I tell you my friend that I have faintly described our homes in these infernal regions and I cannot picture them as they are.

But the horror and pity of it all is that hope does not come to us with one faint smile to encourage us that there may at some time be an ending to all these torments, and in our hopeless despair we realize that our doom is fixed for all eternity.

As the rich man in hell said, if I could only send Lazarus to tell my poor, erring brothers on earth of what awaits them, how gladly I would do so and save their souls from the eternal torment.”

But worst of all is, as this spirit expresses it, that they harbor not a single spark of hope that some day they could escape from their awful situation.

Lack of hope, you tell me. Yes. But why is this so?

Certainly, at the base, there is only one explanation: Their total ignorance about God’s nature. I don’t mean that the inhabitants of the hells are all atheists. No, no, my friend! I had the doubtful privilege of spending some time in those gloomy places and — believe me — I did believe in the existence of God. But in spite of having shared so much time with the Master, I had not grasped the essential nature of God; I had not managed to understand why Jesus used to call him “Avva” that is to say, “Daddy.”

If you remember my last message, you will understand right away that what really is missing there, amongst folks in the hells, is exactly that trust in God, because of their lack of personal experience of His nature, and because of their lack of information.

It is difficult to create trust, especially in desperate situations. You think that desperate people cling to the faintest ray of hope as shipwrecked sailors do to a floating board. But you are mistaken. You do not know what real despair means. Those poor spirits live submerged in phases of bottomless depressions, interrupted by short moments of wicked attentiveness, where all their desire focuses on their efforts of leading “by remote control” one or other poor mortal into situations where the spirits may enjoy “a second hand experience” of the controlled mortals’ excesses, and where the mortals get stuck ever more in the bog of their own doom.

How, then, can we help those spirits? We cannot leave them behind in their misery. We have an obligation of reaching out a helping hand to them. However, in general, they reject it. What can we really do?

The key to our rescue work is the creation of a condition of trust. Usually, it is a poor choice for a bright spirit to approach one of those gloomy spirits, because they will “cocoon” themselves immediately, to the point of refusing to lend an ear to whatever the spirit who tries to help would tell them. How should we proceed, then?

Well, my brother, I sense that our connection is weakening, and I have got much more to write. I suggest that we postpone the balance of my message for tomorrow.

God bless you,



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