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The Copyrights on this Site

The material produced by James Padgett and edited by Dr. Stone and others has been placed in the public domain by the copyright holder, The Foundation Church of the New Birth Inc. This includes material channeled by Dr. Samuels and Eugene Morgan.

There are well over 1,000 contemporary messages on this site subject to copyright. The copyright is held by the author/medium of each channeled message. Some of these are clearly identifiable, but where they are not, I, Geoff Cutler know who is the owner of the copyright. So in all instances where there is a desire to copy some of this material, please approach me first.

The messages received by H.R. and published in the book “Judas of Kerioth” are copyright Geoff Cutler because I have edited these messages significantly since receiving them in what I kindly referred to as “Spanglish”. The original author H.R. has released copyright in his original emails, but I am not aware of those being published anywhere. I no longer have them myself. Those web sites that have this material have copied it from my site and do not have a right to publish it in the edited form.

I am hosting here a small number of pages belonging to Rev. Mark Kramer. He is the copyright holder in these pages that are clearly identified.

I, Geoff Cutler, hold the copyright on this new-birth web site, and in the presentation of the material in the arrangement that has been achieved here. I also hold the copyright on the many pages of commentary on a wide variety of spiritual subjects. I have no objection to this being used as is typical in such literary references - limited in scope, properly attributed and totally unchanged or edited. My copyrights are held under Australian Law.

I have also republished a large amount of material - books - that were out of copyright and hard to obtain even in print. I have not placed copyright on these print books, Kindles, epubs and pdfs. Small circulation special interest books are not well served by lengthy copyright terms as they become unavailable very quickly.

Thank you, Geoff Cutler, Sydney, Australia.