A Spiritual Journey

This site is dedicated to those of us who search for meanings - the meaning of life, the meaning of death, the meaning of God, and how to reconcile all this to what we may have learned over the years from the established religions and spiritual paths. All are welcome.

Over the period that this site has existed, its purpose has changed. At first it was simply to share the joy of my own spiritual journey. Later it was to share the joy of the Truths I discovered. Now it has changed again. Now I would like to share with you the joy of the Divine Love of God. Indeed I offer you a challenge. Are you willing to prove that Divine Love exists as a palpable physical energy that will create bliss? Take up the Great Experiment and prove to yourself, as thousands have done, that Father loves YOU. And change your life forever!

To those others on a spiritual journey, go where you will. “Seek and you will find” is as true today, as it was 2000 years ago. There would be very few spiritually oriented questions that this site does not answer, as it has over 3,000 pages. For example, these common questions are fully answered:

1. What happens to us after death? Are we alive or asleep, how do we live, and communicate and move? What do we do most of the time?

2. Is it possible to know - as in really know - that God exists?

3. So many religions seem to have a common thread. Is this common thread - love - really the most important thing?

4. If all religions are much the same, was there any point to Jesus coming here? Does Christianity have any unique spiritual advantage as is suggested by its adherents?

5. Clearly not everyone lives by the golden rule. Does this make any difference to how they experience life after death?

6. Is there an eternal hell as promoted by orthodox Christianity?

7. Is there a great day of resurrection?

8. Is reincarnation true, because if it is, so much that the orthodox Christian churches teach cannot be true?

9. Why is there so much evil in this world?

10. Is the world as we know it about to end?

If you know the answers to all these questions, and those answers ring true deep within your being, you will find that you can go about your life in total peace, and without any fear. As I do.

Of recent years I have been answering many questions on the Quora site. These are almost exclusively such spiritual or religious questions as trigger my interest. You can find my profile on Quora here and my answers which currently total over 5,700 are listed there. I have now stopped participating on Quora.

Finally believe nothing that is written here, unless it resonates deep in your heart. The heart/soul has an ability to discern Truth and Untruth despite the topic having no relationship to anything else you might know or have heard of. The material mind sadly does not have this ability. But if you have an oposing opinion in the mind you may then experience a clash within ypu. The challenge then is to recognise which is which. Because the material mind is literally untrustworthy. It alone is the reason there are so many conflicting opinions regarding Truth on this planet.

A major translation project has been underway to create equivalent sites to this one in French, German and Spanish. If any of these are your home language, you may prefer to visit them:

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