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Why is there so much evil in this world?

I wrote this as a reply to Stephen Fry and his ridiculous comment on what he would say to God, if he gets to the Pearly Gates, as reported in a televised interview.

It is obvious to all that people can be evil on earth with no apparent result while they live here. The fact that this is the case, has led many to conclude that God could not exist, because He allows this situation. There is also the parallel situation of innocents who suffer, either at the hands of others, or simply from disease. While appearing different in nature, it is actually an outcome of the evil that goes on, and has gone on for thousands of years. The conclusion that this means there is no God is not surprising, but it does not take into account the design of the universe, which is actually very clever.

Firstly, many of these same people only believe in the existence of this earth. They often do not accept that there is any place where we go after death. That being the case, I guess it would be easy to deduce there is no God, because the only place He can take any action would be here. And, to be honest, I am not going to be able to convince anyone that there is a life after death, if they have made up their minds. But for those people who are open to what I am about to say, I will continue.

To continue, there are at least four quite different and totally separate dimensions, or realms that I know of. These are so different that the Spiritual Laws work differently in them. I will however really focus on three of these here, as the other one is really designed specifically for adults who have a shorter life than normal. This earth realm is a realm of mercy. Whatever we do here is forgiven. Almost totally without limit. (But that does not mean there are no consequences to choosing wrongly, nor does it mean there are not great benefits to living wisely. As Hitler and Mother Teresa both discovered.) We arrive here as baby virgin souls. Free Will is also unlimited here. Reincarnation does not occur. If you want to study that, as I have, I suggest reading my book, which is quite inexpensive. It is not surprising that this is therefore a realm of mercy, because this is where we are supposed to play, and figure out what is up and what is down.

Although the Law of Attraction applies here, its scope is very limited compared to the next realm we go to. Again it is obvious that you could sit next to a serial killer on the bus, and possibly never know that this happened. Yes its very likely, if you have highly attuned spiritual antenna, you will notice something. But equally the majority of people will not notice. The Law of Attraction simply does not prevent this happening on earth. So you don’t discover what is right and what is wrong by observing the action or reaction of this realm to your actions. It is possible to know what is right or wrong, but that insight becomes desensitived if you continue to do wrong. So it’s not surprising that there now exist a large number of people whose objective here is to get what they want, irrespective of how they have to act to achieve that. But we all die. So if they did not learn here that love is the answer, they will soon. Because the Law of Attraction in the Spirit Spheres makes that learning inevitable.

If you are prepared to research the subject, whether it be by Near Death Experiences, or Past Life Regression, or channeled communications I would submit there is overwhelming evidence, and a huge amount of information on what happens after death. The next spirit realm is a realm of justice. Here the Law of Attraction is ruthless, and Free Will is somewhat limited, in that you cannot will yourself somewhere other than where the Law of Attraction places you. A serial killer will be situated a very long way from the nice lady next door who was always a honey, and will in fact be surrounded by other serial killers. The little old lady will be surrounded by just precisely the kind of people she loves best. It has some additional features too, that the situation in which you find yourself will reflect your innate soul condition. Everything is visible, nothing is hidden, unlike earth where everything is hidden. In this realm, you cannot be “killed”, and the only way that you could be exposed to someone with that intention would be if you are equally minded, or alternatively are on a mission of mercy, trying to help those undeveloped souls.

Fortunately this realm also provides for progression, almost unlimited. The more people progress, the more happiness they experience. I add almost unlimited, because there does appear to be a fork in the road, where one of the forks is a dead end. The other continues for all eternity. Again God does not insist on any particular behaviour, but you do learn immediately, because when you make a mistake, the Law of Attraction enforces the environment in which you find yourself. Nasty folks are with other nasty folks, graduated nicely, so the very nastiest are in the perfect company of equally nasty folks. And one finds that by being nice, and changing from being that nasty person, you progress into more light, and more happiness, because the company improves. This means one is actually becoming more loving. And this is the source of the choice of paths. One can choose to grow spiritually using Father’s Love, or ignore Him and go it alone. Jesus explained this to Nicodemus that no one will come to the Father except they be reborn of spirit. And it is by absorbing enough Divine Love that one can alter the literal structure of one’s soul until it is fit to enter the last realm. However this spirit realm lacks the ability to teach us as the the very first one did - earth. Because your soul condition keeps you with like minded and like developed folks, you are more inclined to stick to your chosen beliefs for a very long time. So while it teaches very quickly that love is the answer, it does not offer the exposure to other approaches that earth does. It is the case that religious groups can be found, and they, whether Muslim or Catholic or Jewish or whatever tend to believe they are still following the only true faith. And they keep pretty much to themselves, because that is where they experience the most happiness.

The separation that occurs at this last stage as some enter the Divine and Eternal realms has the effect that there is not a single human in the Divine Realms who has not consciously dedicated themselves to Father’s Will. Yes they still have free will, but they have learned that what Father wants for His children is the very best for us. Sadly however a large number of mortals from this earth do not choose this path. That does not mean they lack for anything, excepting that they are not eternal in nature, but they do experience great happiness in the highest of the “heavens” that they can reach. But their progress eventually stagnates. Conversely those that have accepted the path to rebirth, manage to enter this final dimension - the timeless eternal Realm of God. In a very real sense they graduate. By this means Father has ensured that the beings He allows into His Inner Sanctum are very unlikely to rebel. Apparently not a single human has, although some of those Father created Himself have chosen iniquity. And sadly they have caused a lot of havoc. This last realm is a Realm of Love. Divine Love. So really it all makes sense, great sense. And we are free to choose. And many choose evil while they can, but they will change.

There remains only to talk about the unfairness that you might notice. Innocent children dying of disease. Or having severly stunted bodies. This is apparently a result of the way the earth currently is. If we were living the way it was intended, none of that would occur because we would have healthy bodies resistant to all disease. Of course this last statement cannot be proven at all, unless you were able to travel to another planet living in “Love and Light” and so might not be much comfort to the reader. What is a comfort however is the wonderful care and love that surrounds these poor children whose lives are so foreshortened. Being innocent themselves, they are in considerable light, and are looked after by advanced and loving spirits.

So, there is a lot of evil in this world because people are free to choose, indeed that is one of the major design considerations behind THIS realm. The existence of that evil does not prove God is absent, because He has a plan. And evil will fall away from each individual as they experience life after death. This is just the first phase. Actually it now seems that the enormous quantity of evil on this Earth will bring its own reaction here, and Mother Earth will be bringing us back to harmony, in the only way she can - unleashing the forces of nature. For every action there is a reaction - this is part of the Laws of Creation. This is somewhat unexpected, and will be very traumatic. You can read a warning we received in August 2015.