Messages 2015 and 2016

The world is fast approaching a time of chaos.

Date: 17 August 2015

Spirit: Jesus

Medium: Al Fike

Gibsons, Canada.


Blessed are the children who seek to heal this world,
Blessed are the children who long for the Father’s Love,
Blessed are you my beloveds, for in many ways this gathering and these precious souls are the hope for the world.

My precious souls, you long to know many answers that relate to your personal lives and to how this world will be transformed in Light. And in many respects you are not able to comprehend the progression of these changes because you seek to understand through the faculties of your mind rather than the perceptions of your souls. And you long for physical evidence of the Truth and this my dear and beloved souls, is not the approach you must take. And we have exhorted you many, many times to seek through your soul the answers, to seek the Divine Love in order to receive those answers. To put aside your questioning minds and put forward your questioning and longing souls towards your Heavenly Father.

And you seek a formula for this. How can one soul convey to another soul a longing? This is not possible but a soul does long for this gift of Love. A soul is created to long for this Love. And what stands in the way of this longing? It is all the clutter of the mind. The fears, the intense feelings of being lost, afraid and fearful of the unknown. All of these aspects that thrive in so many lost souls can be conquered in love. It is that relationship of the soul knowing love which conveys love to another soul who does not know love. And when you gather those who are lost and seeking, it is your love, it is your love that reflects in your eyes, in your arms and your simple thoughts and speech which draws in even those souls who are suspicious and afraid.

We ask you my beloveds to be in the world but not of the world. This is what we mean by this, to be in the flow of God’s Love as others sense differences, others long for this peace that surrounds you, this Love that emanates from you and though you. Do you realize what precious gifts you possess? Do you realize you hold the key to healing the world? Can you see within yourselves that you have the wisdom you require, the knowledge, the Love to bring healing to this world?

And you ask why many turn away, and I say to you that each soul has its time to acknowledge this longing and you must realize that their time on earth is fleeting as is yours. They risk life, greater life in the spirit and many opportunities will be presented to those dear souls and all the souls created to accept the Love of God. And yet it is indeed a mystery, even to us, why not all souls accept this gift, this invitation. Indeed from the very beginning of the creation of humanity the first parents turned away from this Gift, believing it is unnecessary, believing that they possess within themselves all that they require for their own happiness and life and you my beloveds have turned towards God. Of course you live in different times, you are not given everything that you require for your happiness. You live in dark conditions, you have all felt the pain of this and the inhumanity in this world. You have all sought to understand love rather than nurture the bitterness within your souls. You have sought to be healed, to be redeemed and to know the Truth.

So, you have to ask yourselves: what is it within you that made that choice, that decided to walk in the world in Light rather than to join so many in darkness. The answers do indeed lie within you.

And you ask about your future steps. You all know that each of you have unique gifts and you have been told this many times. And you were brought together in this place to share your gifts, to pool your gifts, so that you may do the task that has been asked of you. To further spread the Truth of Divine Love in the world. This is what we have asked of you. And we ask you to take time to formulate a plan in order for this to take place and unfold. This requires some sacrifice and commitment on all of your parts and many of you have indeed invested time and effort in this great work to spread the Truths of Divine Love in the world. You have gathered souls together and have spoken this Truth, you have put this Truth upon the wires, you have walked in the world asking to be a channel of Love wherever you go, you have taught the children, you have been an example, you have done much. But now you must coalesce into a body which is committed to work together and present ideas as to how you may further this Truth to inspire others, to bring into the world the knowledge that they, all the souls of this world, have a choice to receive this Love. And indeed, each of you will be guided and it is important for you to share you guidance, to share your ideas, to share your inspiration with all who are present.

It requires your trust and commitment with one another, it requires an appreciation of what each has to give. It requires work, expending energy, time and effort. And each of you can express your gifts, focused on this plan that you devise together. For it requires you to exert your free will to say ‘I am willing to work with you’, ‘I am willing to reveal my thoughts, my inspiration, feelings that I have from my soul’, and to add this to the collective effort. When you are able to freely allow this to be so and to put aside your own personal needs and your own personal concepts that are more designed to gratify you egos and less in line with God’s Love and the Laws that pertain to His Love, when you think of the depravation of this world, when you think of what is clearly required to bring more love into this world, when you pray that God will inspire within you the answers to how and when and where and why, the work shall truly begin.

We have been with you in your conversations and I must honestly say, that many of you are too caught up in your own needs. In your own inner thoughts reflecting this. It is time to put aside your needs, and come to understand what God needs of you. And when you can do this, you have effectively put aside the mental imaginations and come to a place of listening to your soul which understands God’s Will. I know for some of you this is not what you want to hear. For some of you it is important to hear the technical explanations to things, the mechanics. This my dear and beloved souls is available to you, these answers are in books already written. If you seek these answers then read, bring it into your minds and then let it sink into your souls in a true understanding. For everything that is written must be prayed over and contemplated, truly learned. We cannot flip a switch as you say and bring understanding to your minds. It requires your efforts, your efforts to research and to understand these things.

Now my beloveds, I wish to say some things to you that are very important. The world is fast approaching a time of chaos. There is a great change coming, the storm is just upon the horizon. It requires for you my beloveds to have great faith and strength and to rely upon your Heavenly Father to guide you through the coming times in the world. For it will be dramatic and it will be destructive and this will not be caused by men but by God and by God’s Creation which responds to the actions of men. The earth rises in pain, it has been abused so greatly by the will of men, by the greed of men and the earth is fighting back. And I do not think that any of you truly understand the power of the earth, the forces of the earth. Indeed when these winds of change come you must secure yourself in Light and all of these questions that you ask will become irrelevant and the burning question will be: “Father, guide me through these darkening times, help me to be a beacon of Light for those around me who are frightened” as the earth shifts and the winds blow and the oceans rise, as the fires and the rain and all the elements of the earth conspire to wash away all the traces of man. This is indeed a very serious time and you my beloveds are given a warning as to what is to coming and in this I want you to redouble your efforts in prayer to dedicate your lives to spiritual progression, to walk as clearly and powerfully upon this Divine Path and in this many gifts will open to you, many faculties and abilities which will serve you greatly in the times to come and will help you to assist others to survive these times. And when the clouds clear and the sun shines again, there will be a thousand years of peace upon this world. This transition, this time of cleansing has happened before in your world and it will happen again. For God loves this world. He loves His Creation and He loves all of humanity but those who turn away from His Love, who turn away from all that is good and all that is in harmony with His Creation and exert their will to such a great degree that there is no semblance of understanding and love and light, merely the accumulation of things, the accumulation that has taken from this earth and nothing returned but rot and garbage fouling the seas and the air and the land. Is this how you are meant to live my beloveds? Is this what God intended for you? No, you are meant to live in harmony with this world and with each other and God does not punish those who do wrong but the laws of creation are inexorable and for every action, there is a reaction. And all of you chose to some degree to ignore this crisis, this deep and profound wrongness and wrongdoing for you are indeed human. This does not mean that God loves you any less or we love you any less but it does mean that you must, you truly must adopt ways of Light, to increase your souls with Love and to open your eyes truly, with great honesty and integrity and to walk this path of Love boldly. The time of fear cannot continue in your lives or in this world. The time of enlightenment and freedom of fear, freedom from all that is so dark, must be, must be !!!

My brethren, my beloveds, I will walk with you and when the changes come, ask for my presence to comfort you, ask for God’s Love to strengthen you, ask that God open your eyes and show you what you must do and where you must go.

Yes, your efforts to open centers of Light indeed are part of the guidance given. For these centers will be centers of refuge for many. You must prepare these places, these lifeboats of Light for those who are caught in the storms, these storms of change. And you must focus your efforts as one prepares a home for the coming storm, you must focus your efforts to prepare yourselves, to prepare places, to prepare those who will listen. And I do not say these things to engender fear in you, for truly what is to come is the cleansing of the world, a starting anew and time of regeneration, where all the creatures of this world and all the wonderment of God’s Creation will then have the ability to regenerate. And this will happen quickly my beloveds, it will happen quickly. The power of God’s creation, the power of nature, as you call it, is immense. The power to heal, for the world to heal itself is great but the power of mankind to heal itself is weak. The power that mankind must rely upon for healing comes from God. You have free will and with your free will you have weakened yourself so greatly and yet you my beloveds, have found the key to be powerful, to heal yourselves. Use this key my beloveds, use this key. You know all that you need to know and yet you continue to question to wonder and to seek the answer in words. The answer lies wordless within your souls. Seek your souls my beloveds, each of you is quite capable in seeking your souls and finding your souls and when you feel you have not come to that place, my dear beloved beautiful souls, you have made only an excuse and have only formulated an idea within your minds that it is not possible to know your own soul. You have made a choice to turn away from your soul rather than turn towards it and in many respects these thoughts and these decisions are the result of the human condition which implores you so often to turn away. Indeed I reiterate, you must be in the world but not of the world, you must embrace this Truth and live this Truth. And by living this Truth your life will change in many ways and you will change in many ways and what is important to you today will not be so important tomorrow and what you cling to so resolutely, will fall away and you feel the rightness and the freedom of this.

You cannot continue to walk forward and not be fully in the Light. You have been called as my disciples to bring the word of Love and Truth to mankind. Surely you are capable in doing so but if you indulge yourselves in what you need, what is so very important to your minds, then you will fail. You will fail your calling. You must take a good and honest look within yourselves to see what holds you from this. And when you are able to release those barriers and prejudices and fears, you will truly know what you must do. For the soul informs all. The soul is what you need. The soul is everything. And then the mind will be subjugated by the soul and then the clarity, the clarity and Truth will set you free from those burdens that you carry so resolutely and insistently.

These questions, surely you can answer these questions yourselves. And if they remain a mystery to you my beloveds, you have not acknowledged your souls as you must. For within your souls lies every answer, every answer. Follow your guidance my beloveds. Walk in this Light every day and ask God to guide you with each day and those who feel they cannot hear and know this guidance, ask God to remove the barriers and to increase your soul with His Love and the vista shall open to you. The curtain shall be drawn away. For each of you are capable and gifted but many of you approach this from your mind, which you cannot do any longer.

My beloveds, the time grows short. There is urgency and there is necessity to put away your indulgences and to be focused on what you must do to bring greater Light to this world, to bring the message of Love and Truth to this world and to be channels of healing and Love in this world. To bring peace and harmony to your homes and to draw your friends in this way, to draw all who are seeking in this way. Accept every soul who comes to your door and though you may not approve of what they say, it does not fit into your belief, within their soul is a longing which you must recognize for in your soul is the longing as well to seek Truth, to seek God. Though they may not recognize this in their minds, you my beloveds must recognize this within their souls and in this you will give love, in this comes the flow of God’s Love.

“Heavenly Father, bless these, Thy children, who seek the Light, who are questioning and who want to be in the Light, and free from all the pains of this world, all that burdens them, and holds them from You. Father, I ask you, to heal my brothers and sisters. That You may give a great inflowing of Your Love into their souls. May they long for this, may this be their burning desire, their true and burning desire to be redeemed by Your Love. For they seek, they seek this. May their prayers be answered, may all our prayers be answered that this world may be healed, that peace may come, and all that is not in harmony with Your Laws of Creation be swept away and in their place may men rebuild this world with greater wisdom on the foundation of Love. With wisdom that there may be beauty and grace, that there may be harmony and peace, and all the falsity and all the pain and all the darkness be swept away by Your breath of Love.”

God bless you my beloveds. I hope that now you are at peace. I hope that now you understand why you were brought together. I hope you can work together in loving harmony. And each will play their role, each will contribute their true selves, their true soul’s gifts into this great effort to heal this world.

I am Jesus, and I am your friend and your brother and I am with you in all that you do, in every effort that you make. For it is truly of your souls’ origin and every effort you make in this way will be truly blessed. Walk with me and I will light the way.