Messages from Jesus of Nazareth

Contemporary Messages From Jesus

These are messages received post Dr. Samuels, from the Master. They have come through many different mediums.


Jesus On prayer n/a
Jesus A clarification concerning Swedenborg February, 1984
Jesus Keeping the Faith.. July 18th, 1984
Jesus Desire for Truth… December 10th, 1984
Jesus The Presentation of the Father’s Truths. 1985
Jesus Abortion. June 30th, 1985
Jesus First Message to D.L. April 9th, 1986
Jesus The Law of Prayer. July 8th, 1986
Jesus Born Without Sin. August 28th, 1986
Jesus On D.L.’s Mediumship. February 17th, 1987
Jesus The Truths You Have Received from Mr. Padgett and Dr. Samuels Are Only the Beginning of Our Efforts. March 17th, 1987
Jesus Nourishment for the Soul. April 23rd, 1987
Jesus The Progress of Mankind. May 7th, 1987
Jesus His Church on Earth. May 13th, 1987
Jesus The Law of Activation. May 20th, 1987
Jesus Our Lifelong Ministry. June 11th, 1987
Jesus On the Law of Progress and Change and Growth. June 17th, 1987
Jesus Evil Spirit Influence. June 25th, 1987
Jesus On Healing and the Law of Change and Growth. July 2nd, 1987
Jesus The Great Network of Communication. July 9th, 1987
Jesus Assistance in the Spirit World among Spirits. July 27th, 1987
Jesus Faith and Healing. August 18th, 1987
Jesus Automatic Writing and Thought Impression. August 31st, 1987
Jesus Who Is the Author of “New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity”? September 9th, 1987
Jesus The Leaven of Love. November 12th, 1987
Jesus …Without Love, I Am as Tinkling Brass… December 17th, 1987
Jesus The Work before Us. December 31st, 1987
Jesus The Law of Equipoise or Balance. January 18th, 1988
Jesus Born without Sin. February 4th, 1988
Jesus Answers questions about the fall of the first parents, and human cloning. March 8th, 1988
Jesus Healings Are Not Always Performed Instantaneously. March 31st, 1988
Jesus Divine Love Knows No Pain of Regret, Delay, or Lack of Fulfillment. April 29th, 1988
Jesus Truth and the journey to perfection. August 11th, 1988
Jesus Atlantis. October 18th, 1988
Jesus Humankind is beginning to see Truth. January 16th, 1989
Jesus Hope for the lost soul. January 22nd, 1989
Jesus The bearer of Glad Tidings. March 24th, 1989
Jesus The importance of developing the love nature April 9th, 1989
Jesus The Ebb and Flow of the Divine Love. October 1st, 1989
Jesus Step by step, God’s Kingdom is built with Love October 1st, 1989
Jesus The Dissemination of Truth and Reincarnation. January 10th, 1990
Jesus Handling a church bequest. March 15th, 1990
Jesus Ordination confirmation. May 6th, 1990
Jesus Volume Insertions. December 30th, 1990
Jesus Presentation of the Volumes. December 30th, 1990
Jesus Editing Volume II. August 11th, 1991
Jesus Ripples become waves. November 29th, 1991
Jesus On Various Mediums. June 10th, 1992
Jesus On Mr. Padgett’s Selection. May 15th, 1996
Jesus Why doesn’t he appear to people today, as he did to his disciples 2,000 years ago? July 20th, 1996
Jesus The problems of organised religious groups. October 20th, 1996
Jesus Jesus Answers Questions About Rembrant and Marc Chagall, Providing Insights on Life in the Spirit World. January 12, 1997
Jesus Advice on Healing… Comments on Books Purporting to be Written by God. February 1st, 1997
Jesus Some Answers to Personal Questions, Along With a Few Pearls of Wisdom… April 1st, 1997
Jesus Getting on in this world and the next. May 17th, 1997
Jesus The work that lies ahead. October 6th, 1997
Jesus Much work lies ahead. November 24th, 1997
Jesus Annual Trance Message June 1999
Jesus On self-defense. July 6th, 1999
Jesus Take Your Problems to God and Leave Them There. July 27th, 1999
Jesus Dr. Samuels’ channelings. August 1st, 1999
Jesus Spirits may adjust their appearance to meet the expectation of mortals to whom they appear. September 2nd, 1999
Jesus Prayer and protection from lower spirits. September 12th, 1999
Mary & Jesus Answering personal questions and why James Padgett was chosen. September 16th, 1999.
Jesus The bouncing sun of Fatima. September 19th, 1999.
Jesus Sinful thoughts and the Law of Compensation. October 25th, 1999.
Jesus On healing. November 6th, 1999.
Jesus Encouraging Alfredo. November 19th, 1999.
Jesus Dr. Samuels’ channelings and the importance of the reader’s own ability to employ the use of his or her own soul perceptions of these truths December 25th, 1999
Jesus On suicide. January 16th, 2000
Jesus Walking on the water… March 5th, 2000.
Jesus Trusting in others. March 19th, 2000.
Jesus The Truth That Is Written in Your Soul Must Be Spoken in Every Language. June 4th, 2000.
Jesus Annual Trance Message June 25th 2000.
Jesus Encouragement. July 30th, 2000.
Jesus Alfredo and Swift Bear. August 28th, 2000.
Jesus Is violence ever justified in self defence? September 8th, 2000
Jesus A Christmas message from Jesus December 25th, 2000
Jesus Healing January 18th, 2001
Jesus Healing continued. January 23rd, 2001.
Jesus Jewels of Love. May 30th, 2001.
Jesus Trance Message from Jesus. June 24th, 2001
Jesus Praying for peace. July 13th, 2001
Jesus Hearing your inner voice. August 17th, 2001
Jesus Love and Truth must come first. October 6th, 2001
Jesus The year in reflection, and the value of simplicity. August 17th, 2002
Jesus Person behind the curtain. September 2nd, 2002
Jesus Walk gently in peace. February 17th, 2003
Jesus Why did Jesus pick Judas and Mary Magdalene? April 7th, 2003
Jesus Mediumship. May 22nd, 2003
Jesus Glide on the wave of change. July 10th, 2003
Jesus By a River August 21st, 2003
Jesus Anxious about Tomorrow. September 3rd, 2003
Jesus The speed of Love. September 29th, 2003
Jesus Not a great message. October 6th, 2003
Jesus What is Love? October 27th, 2003
Jesus The Path I Took. February 12th, 2004
John, Jesus The Equality of God’s Love December 17th, 2004
Jesus Compassion and the Gift of Choice. March 26th, 2005
Jesus Fulfillment as an Attribute of Love. May 7, 2005
Jesus The Magic of the Laws. July 22, 2005
Jesus Keep the message on Love. October 7, 2005
Jesus Planting the Seed. October 12, 2005
Jesus Does Mother Earth react to human negativity? November 11, 2005
Jesus The Joy of Divine Love Day. December 13, 2005
Mary Magdalene and Jesus Observing the Human Soul. April 1st, 2006
Jesus The Eternal Moment. June 10th, 2006
Jesus Jesus comments on James’ message. June 17th, 2006
Jesus Jesus comments on the Padgett messages. June 22nd, 2006
Jesus Jesus comments on the Divine Love/Padgett Movement. June 27th, 2006
Jesus Jesus comments on the Jewish presence in the Padgett Messages. July 3rd, 2006
Jesus The physical pleasures are good. July 30th, 2006
Dr Daniel G Samuels & Jesus Turning the Corner. September 21st, 2006
Jesus Jesus comments on the masculine language in the Padgett Messages. September 24th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud. September 27th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - The Parable. September 27th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - Women. September 28th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - Similarities, Continued. September 29th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - Chronology. September 30th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - The Two Talmuds. September 30th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - The Soul and the Afterlife. October 7th, 2006
Jesus Jesus and the Talmud - Women, further explained. October 17th, 2006
Jesus Clarifications of the Padgett/Samuels Messages. October 21st, 2006
Jesus Perceptions of the Talmudic Rabbis. October 21st, 2006
Jesus God’s Location. October 21st, 2006
Jesus The Environment. October 29th, 2006
Jesus The Book of Job and the problem of evil. December 6th, 2006
Jesus Suffering, Redemption and the Cross. December 19th, 2006
Jesus The exact nature of the charges at Jesus’ trial. December 21st, 2006
Jesus War and Peace and God’s Plan. December 24th, 2006
Jesus The American People and Peace. December 25th, 2006
Jesus War and Peace and God’s Plan 2. December 26th, 2006
Jesus Public Attention to the Padgett Messages. January 17th, 2007
Jesus The Physical Pleasures and Spirituality. January 18th, 2007
Jesus War and Peace and God’s Plan Part 3. January 20th, 2007
Jesus The Evolution of the Physical Body and the Padgett Messages. January 20th, 2007
Jesus The Closing of the Celestial Heavens. January 20th, 2007
Jesus Economic Justice. January 20th, 2007
Jesus Economic Justice Part 2. January 20th, 2007
Jesus America and Spiritual Truth. January 23rd, 2007
Jesus The withdrawal of Divine Love and its Rebestowal. January 24th, 2007
Jesus Righteous Indignation. January 26th, 2007
Jesus Jesus discusses the Padgett Messages. February 5th, 2007
Jesus Rebestowal of Divine Love. February 6th, 2007
Jesus The Concepts of Justice and Love. February 28th, 2007
Jesus American Apathy. March 3rd, 2007
Jesus Jesus discusses abortion and child abandonment. March 4th, 2007
Jesus The use of harsh language. March 7th, 2007
Jesus The Unconscious. March 22nd, 2007
Thomas Paine Thomas Paine and War. March 22nd, 2007
Jesus Channeling about War. March 26th, 2007
Jesus Turning the other cheek. March 27th, 2007
Jesus The races of humanity, and diversity. July 7th, 2007
Jesus Meher Baba. July 7th, 2007
Jesus Hope for the Environment. July 26th, 2007
Jesus Turning the other cheek - 2. September 5th, 2007
Jesus The Environment - 2. September 9th, 2007
Jesus Jesus discusses Abortion - 2. September 19th, 2007
Jesus Spirits who assisted Jesus. September 30th, 2007
Jesus America and Spiritual Truth - 2. October 1st, 2007
Jesus Channeling dark spirits. December 6th, 2007
Jesus War and Peace and God’s Plan 4. December 28th, 2007
Jesus The Moral Law as the Law of Compensation. January 10th, 2008
Jesus War and Peace and God’s Plan 5. January 11th, 2008
Jesus Jesus’ positive view of humanity. January 14th, 2008
Jesus What is the Truth about Evolution? February 5th, 2008
Jesus What is the Truth about Evolution - 2 February 5th, 2008
Jesus What is the Truth about Evolution - 3 February 6th, 2008
Jesus What is the Truth about Evolution - 4 February 6th, 2008
Jesus The Nazi Holocaust and Empire. February 21st, 2008
Jesus Corporations and Financial Transactions. February 26th, 2008
Jesus The Environment - 3. March 9th, 2008
Jesus War and Human Choice. March 14th, 2008
Jesus Both Ancient and Modern Wisdom Are Needed. March 24th 2008
Jesus Positive Signs and Law. June 10th, 2008
Jesus What’s in the Heart. June 10th, 2008
Jesus Good Change. June 11th, 2008
Jesus A confirmation of love. June 23rd, 2008
Jesus Demonstrate the Love in Body and in Soul. June 29th, 2008
Jesus Sinning and One’s Intentions. August 2nd, 2008
Jesus Jesus’ Joy and Faith. August 3rd, 2008
Jesus Jesus’ Early Life. August 18th, 2008
Jesus Jesus and Empire. August 21st, 2008
Jesus Jesus’ Crucifixion. August 21st, 2008
Jesus Good Change. September 7th, 2008
Jesus Preexistence of the Celestial Heavens. September 8th, 2008
Jesus A Global Perspective. September 4th, 2008
Jesus God’s Sorrow. September 17th, 2008
Jesus Jesus’ View of Politicians. September 18th, 2008
Jesus The Truth About Job. September 26th, 2008
Jesus The Law of Compensation and Children. September 28th, 2008
Jesus Jesus’ Economic Program. November 9th, 2008
Jesus Jesus’ Economic Program - 2. November 9th, 2008
Jesus The Shock Doctrine and Its Defeat. November 12th, 2008
Jesus Jesus’ Political Program. November 12th, 2008
Jesus Justice and Judgmental Thinking. November 17th, 2008
Jesus Economic Systems. November 22nd, 2008
Jesus Jesus’ Political Program - 2. November 22nd, 2008
Jesus Indignation and Resentment. December 10th, 2008
Jesus War and Peace and God’s Plan 6. December 14th, 2008
Jesus War and Peace and God’s Plan 7. December 14th, 2008
Jesus The Coming of Peace and Harmony. January 24th, 2009
Jesus Loving Oneself. January 25th, 2009
Jesus The Closing of the Celestial Heavens - 2. February 7th, 2009
Jesus Preexistence of the Celestial Heavens - 2 February 7th, 2009
Jesus Oneness with God and the Sufis February 9th, 2009
Jesus The System and People. May 1st, 2009
Jesus The System and People II. May 1st, 2009
Jesus Jesus’ Political and Economic Agenda. May 3rd, 2009
Jesus Jesus’ Political and Economic Agenda II. May 3rd, 2009
Jesus The System and Generosity. May 10th, 2009
Jesus The System and Generosity - 2. May 12th, 2009
Jesus The System and People - 2. May 12th, 2009
Jesus Material Wealth. May 21st, 2009
Jesus Social, Economic, and Political Forces. May 21st, 2009
Jesus Accumulating Wealth. June 30th, 2009
Jesus The Coming of Peace and Harmony - 2. July 7th, 2009
Jesus Making Money. July 10th, 2009
Jesus Barack Obama and American Politics. July 11th, 2009
Jesus Speaking the Truth. July 14th, 2009
Jesus The Master on Jeannette Rankin. July 17th, 2009
Jesus The Master on Jeannette Rankin 2. July 20th, 2009
Jesus Making Money - 2. August 21st, 2009
Jesus True Soul Growth. September 4th, 2009
Jesus Christian Fundamentalism. September 7th, 2009
Jesus The Evolution of Economics September 12th, 2009
Jesus Receiving the Divine Love. September 15th, 2009
Jesus Corporate Attitude to the Environment. September 30th, 2009
Jesus An Economic System out of Balance. December 18th, 2009
Jesus Clarification. December 25th, 2009
Jesus Clarification - 2. December 28th, 2009
Jesus The European Union. January 17th, 2010
Jesus Clarification Regarding Barack Obama. February 23rd, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance. February 23rd, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance - 2. February 23rd, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance - 3. February 24th, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance - 4. February 24th, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance - 5. February 24th, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance - 6. February 24th, 2010
Jesus On Material Abundance - 7. February 28th, 2010
Jesus Angelic Help April 21st, 2010
Jesus Different Weapons. May 13th, 2010
Jesus Angelic Knowledge of Human Nature. May 22nd, 2010
Jesus The European Union - 2. May 22nd, 2010
Jesus The Soul Perceptions. May 23rd, 2010
Jesus Inheriting Sin. May 25th, 2010
Jesus Unusual Circumstances. May 27th, 2010
Jesus Righteous Indignation. May 30th, 2010
Jesus The Rockefellers. June 5th, 2010
Jesus Different Weapons - 2. June 5th, 2010
Jesus Righteous Indignation - 2. June 13th, 2010
Jesus Righteous Indignation - 3. July 29th, 2010
Jesus Physical Violence. July 29th, 2010
Jesus Jesus Was Born Without Sin or Error. August 9th, 2010
Jesus The European Union - 3. August 25th, 2010
Jesus Faith and Worldly Success. August 26th, 2010
Jesus Optimism about the Environment. September 3rd, 2010
Jesus Earthly and Spiritual Concerns. September 10th, 2010
Jesus The Spiritual and the Material, and Jesus’ Message. September 10th, 2010
Jesus The Spiritual and the Material - 2. September 13th, 2010
Jesus Religion as Opposed to Spirituality. September 14th, 2010
Jesus Inherited Negativity and Original Sin. September 21st, 2010
Jesus Support for the Medium. October 14th, 2010
Jesus The Relative Importance of Politics and Economics. October 16th, 2010
Jesus Jesus’ Message to the World. October 18th, 2010
Jesus Mortal Concerns. October 28th, 2010
Jesus Coming Relief. November 6th, 2010
Jesus Coming Relief - 2. November 10th, 2010
Jesus Militarism. November 12th, 2010
Jesus Coming Help. December 2nd, 2010
Jesus Jesus and Ancient Egypt. December 5th, 2010
Jesus Jesus, Myth, and the Bible. December 15th, 2010
Jesus God’s Forgiveness December 25th, 2010
Jesus Fact, Not Naivete. January 14th, 2011
Jesus Self-Defense and Loving One’s Enemies February 5th, 2011
Jesus The Law of History. April 12th, 2011
Jesus Possessing the Love. June 24th, 2011
Jesus God’s Plan June 28th, 2011
Jesus Comfort From Jesus. November 6rd, 2011
Jesus Sleep and Accountability. November 22nd, 2011
Jesus Memory of Dreams. December 4th, 2011
Jesus Power. December 6th, 2011
Jesus A Call to Prepare. January 22nd, 2012
Jesus Approval to publish the Judas Messages January 22nd, 2012
Jesus A Special Dispensation March 2nd, 2012
Jesus Confirmation of Portraits March 2nd, 2012
Jesus Jesus on War March 6th, 2012
Jesus Jesus on War - 2 March 7th, 2012
Jesus Help Is On the Way March 30th, 2012
Father and Jesus reading the bible April 19th, 2012
Jesus Truth is simple. Truth is free. May 9th, 2012
Jesus false and true teachers May 10th, 2012
Jesus a glorious day of prayer May 29th, 2012
Jesus Comfort From the Master September 4th, 2012
Jesus be a part of our journey. September 21st, 2012
Jesus Not All the Powers of Hell September 30th, 2012
Jesus Never neglect your relationship with Father. October 11th 2012
Jesus The reflected relationship of our parents and our Father. March 17th, 2013
Jesus Encouragement. March 22nd, 2013
Jesus Peace, Part I. April 30th, 2013
Jesus Peace, Part II. May 7th, 2013
Jesus Do not fear to walk the path. June 2nd, 2013
Jesus The Spirit of Truth June 29th, 2013
Jesus Advice May 13th, 2014
Jesus Pray for the Love every day May 17th, 2014
Jesus You are part of my flock May 19th, 2014
Jesus When you walk in the light, you walk with me. May 21st, 2014
Jesus The world is fast approaching a time of chaos 17th August, 2015
Jesus Jesus’ Ministry and the Teachings of Divine Love 2nd April, 2016
Jesus Walk with me in this Light. 11th May, 2016
Jesus About Absolute Truth 14th September, 2016
Jesus Jesus speaks of the Pentecost 11th May, 2017