Messages 2007

America and Spiritual Truth - 2.

October 1, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me add to my message of January 23, 2007. We Celestial Angels certainly are not naive. We know, as every mortal now knows, that your country originally only allowed white male property holders to vote. And it can also be argued that the government they created was designed to keep this ruling class in power.

I referred in that previous message to the principle of freedom. Well, this has been just as real as the limitations of the original government.

My point is that it was a good beginning, so now, it can be built on, so that the enlightened though limited vision can be extended and broadened. Everyone knows that in some important ways, this has occurred, with, for example, the granting of voting privileges to women, and progress for African American rights.

I also referred in that message to more interest in Native Americans. Well, this will occur. Many of your countrymen are deeply examining their country, and they perceive both the grievous harm done to the Natives, and the value of their ways of thinking.

The most important consequence of President Bush’s American Empire is to unite the world’s people against the sort of tyranny and unjust power which it stands for. And you are not alone. The Creator and the Celestial Kingdom are very active everywhere, and you will soon see the fruits of our efforts.