Messages 2007

America and Spiritual Truth.

January 23rd, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Yes, your country, America, is going downhill in so many ways, and other countries are crowding out her former supremacy.

And yet, don’t forget that she gave the world the concept and idea of freedom as a form of government.

You are thinking, that was over 200 years ago, and America has in so many ways, and in such a long period of time, been blatantly untrue to her founding idea.

Well, yes, many things she has done have been wrong. But there was always dissent, and there were always those Americans and American institutions that kept alive the original vision.

It is not your own patriotism that is saying what I now say, that your country will occupy a leading role, not based on military might, political power, or economic domination, but on the very principle of freedom that inspired her birth.

Though it happened centuries before, the principle is alive today as it was then - and even more so. For, as you know, the idea of freedom is at the core of my teachings - the concept that we human beings, whether mortals or spirits, have free will; yes, we were born with this gift. This is not narrow-minded flag-waving - it is the most basic spiritual truth.

Your country is young. Wisdom requires experience and time. But many people in your country have already woken up.

What will surface more and more is the influence of the views of the original Natives, for as the world moves toward greater harmony, the best aspects of Native philosophy will be perceived as valuable.

They will not lose ground by having the dominant society take from them their heritage. On the contrary, their ways of thinking will be taken more seriously by many.

All along, whites have been intrigued, and even enamored of their culture, and this process will accelerate. For God is a God who always works for justice, and He perceives that the demands of Natives for their rights is a just cause.

And it is not unrealistic what I have said, for everyone knows that the American economic system, among others, is destroying the environment, and not providing for the needs of its citizens. So it will be pointed out that right in the heart of the land is a large group of people who can provide reasonable alternatives. The fact that they have been persecuted so brutally and so consistently for over 500 years will give them credibility in the eyes of those Americans who are fair-minded, which includes the majority.

Yes, I know you yourself are passionate about this subject, but you have truly allowed my thoughts about these Native Americans to come through. Don’t doubt yourself. It happens that your passion about this subject is totally aligned with the opinion of the higher spirits. Justice is justice, no matter in what form it may appear.

The problem with historical Christianity is that it has been unable to separate from the restricted culture of the various societies in which these Christians found themselves. And so, you had Europeans coming to America, and instead of loving the Natives, as I would have done, they enslaved them and committed genocide. And that is because they could not see beyond their limited culture.

You made the mistake of judging them, and thus, you were unable to see that in their limited and admittedly imperfect way, they did understand spiritual truth. Here I am referring to the Pilgrims. Your passionate defense of Native Americans blinded you to anything good the European settlers might have done. I am glad you have revised your opinion of them. And well you should, for many of these same Pilgrims, who have progressed to the Celestial Heavens, are now actively engaged in the great redemptive work that is now in progress on the Earth, and nothing can stop it.

And one of our goals is to liberate religion, so that the inner Truth, which I fully represented, and continue to represent, will come to the surface, and the noxious effect of the evils of sectarian religion will be put aside. And I am referring not just to Christianity, but also to other religions, such as Judaism and Islam.

People must learn, and will learn, that religion is not about aggressive imposing of one’s will, but about love, pure and simple. And the greatest love is the Divine Love, which leads to the New Birth of the soul.