Unpublished Messages of James Padgett.

A project started in 2003 to scan all the originals of the Padgett messages. James Padgett received by automatic writing, and thus many of the original documents exist. They are in very poor condition, as they were written on cheap paper which is not acid free. In 2012 scanning took place of all the images held by the F.C.N.B. and later that year all those held by Patricia Doyle. Those originals in the physical possession of the F.C.N.B are now stored in a secure facility, and in fire-proof cabinets.  As of September 2014 the prayer original, which had been retained by Victor Summers has been retumed to the F.C.N.B. by Eric Niner, and the scanning by Mike Bailey is complete. In October 2015 Mike Bailey presented all the originals he had kept in his possession for some 32 years to the F.C.N.B and these are now in fireproof and waterproof cabinets in a secure lockup. That leaves only one cache of originals unprotected, but at least they have been scanned. Those still in the care of Patricia Doyle.

Where messages are either significantly different from that published in the “True Gospel Revealed By Jesus”, or was not published in those volumes, it will be listed here. It will take many years before this project is complete.

Author Title Date of Message
  James Padgett’s Messages  
Helen Padgett We let the dark spirits write March 28th, 1915
George E. Young Whiskey seller in darkness March 28th, 1915
Dr. Campbell Dr Campbell prescribes treatments and diet for James Padgett August 2nd, 1915
Helen being controlled - Saleeba June 7th, 1915
Amos Amos the Prophet prefers the version in the Bible. August 10th, 1915
John the Baptist John the Baptist is now the harbinger of the Master as he was on earth. Confirms Jesus’ writing through Mr. Padgett. August 10th, 1915
Eugene Morgan’s mother Eugene Morgan’s mother writes November 1915
Jesus Not present last night when the evil spirit came December 22, 1915
John P. Seleman John P. Selman has found the Divine Love April 18th, 1916
Laura Burroughs Laura Burroughs writes that she is so grateful to know the truth April 18th, 1916
Virginia Compton A spirit who led young girls astray September 13th, 1916
John John gives advice as to how to obtain the most benefit from reading these messages January 19th, 1917
James L. Young Striving to get out of darkness February 24th, 1917
Francis Miller Francis Miller Writes April 5th, 1917
Jesus The Father’s Love is never far away when temptation strikes. May 23rd, 1917
Helen Helen is with me when Harry comes to visit at the Office July 11th, 1917
Helen Padgett Helen tells of the false beliefs of Mr Colburn. February 13th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen is with me at Harrys and at the Colburns May 22nd, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen tells how she loved Ned’s love letters. November 2nd, 1921
Helen Padgett Helen writes how happy she is to be back in contact  April 4th, 1922
Eugene Morgan’s Messages  
Luke About his selection by Father for the work April 11th, 1917
Luke Comments on the work with dark spirits January 23rd, 1935