Unpublished Messages of James Padgett.

We let the dark spirits write

March 28th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, Helen.

Well, you had quite a siege of unhappy spirits and I hope that you did all good. But you must not continue this any longer for we do not think it best.

Well, we were here all the time and let them write, because they seemed to be anxious and need help so much. We understand that you sent them all to us to find the way, and we are willing to do everything in our power to help them. The last one will be the hardest to convince and Mr. Riddle will have the opportunity for an argument, but I guess he will enjoy it, as he has a very argumentative mind.

Well, sweetheart you have written enough for tonight and must stop. I am glad that the Master came to you again. He certainly is interested in your welfare. And you need not fear anything: the promises he will keep and is able to keep. Only trust him. So, we must stop. You are tired.

With all my love heart, many hugs and kisses

I am your own true and loving,



This message is not in the published volumes. It was transcribed and presented at the 2014 100th year Anniversary by Paul King.