Life After Death

The Hells, Judgement & Forgiveness, and the Resurrection.

It is more correct to say there is no hell in any of God’s Universes, than to suggest there is a hell. This is because, if you take the word hell to mean a place of inflicted suffering, of eternal duration, there is no such place. But, if you take it to understand that some spirits find themselves in places and states of mind that are unpleasant, then there are such places and conditions. But this condition is not inflicted because of any false beliefs, or following any “wrong” religion. It is solely the application of the Laws of God, the effect that results from causes. The causes, are broadly sin, or being out of harmony with God’s Laws.

The hells are both a place and an experience. It seems that each soul may in some way create it’s own hell. Certainly we are told that the Law of Compensation causes souls to undergo this purification, following which they progress until eventually they may reach the highest heavens. Hell, then, is not for eternity. However some souls spend a very long time in torment, and it is not uncommon for them to believe that this will last for eternity. These messages tell a different story about resurrection, forgiveness and judgment. It is not correct to view hell as punishment, but rather as the only place where that soul is in harmony. Over time, the soul may choose other actions and beliefs, and change it’s way of thinking, and ultimately lead itself to being in harmony where there is greater happiness, and thus progress out of its torment.

I have just created a summary “Getting the Hell out of here” which includes material from this site and others. This is in the form of a pdf and can be downloaded, or purchased as a booklet. While the messages below contain many tales of the “hells”, none of these come close to that experienced by “The Officer” in Gone West. There you can read about how you can degenerate, even in the next world, passing finally to the lowest hells before crying out to God for help, and then starting the long journey back out. A similar tale can be found in A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands, and in 2017 I learned that the Rev. George Vale Owen channeled “Paul and Albert” in 1931 which is another very detailed account of the hells. I have just created an extract of that as a pdf. 

G. Vale Owen - hells a pdf

The Hells

Author Title Date of Message
Ann Rollins Ann Rollins tells about the errors in the book that he was reading about hells. January 8th, 1915
Samuel Phillips Samuel R. Phillips, a brother lawyer, in darkness, learned that Mr. Padgett was helping spirits in darkness and thought that he would not refuse to help him. March 19th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen writes about her experience with some spirits that Mr. Padgett sent to her that did not believe in prayer, although one said that he did pray as a child. March 30th, 1915
Ross Perry Perry, an old friend of Mr. Padgett’s wrote about his suicide and his condition in darkness. October 1st, 1915
John Padgett Mr. Padgett’s father writes about his friends present spiritual condition and the suffering that he must undergo before he can begin to see the light. November 11th, 1915
Swedenborg Swedenborg writes on the hells. December 17th, 1915.
Herod Herod writes on the hells. December 18th, 1915
John John -The truth as to the Hells. December 18th, 1915
George Butler A spirit describes his experience in one of the hells. January 5th, 1916
Hannah Somerville A spirit who believed in the eternal punishment of those who denied the vicarious atonement of Jesus. January 16th, 1916
John Carlisle Carlisle, an old friend of Mr. Padgett’s, is seeking his help to get out of darkness. March 7th, 1916.
Frank Davis Frank Davis, an old friend and chum of Mr. Padgett’s, describes his condition on entering the spirit world and tells about the help that he received there to obtain the light. March 7th, 1916.
John What does the spirit of man do when it leaves the physical body for eternity? May 29th, 1916
Edwin Forrest Forrest, a brother lawyer and once an associate of Mr. Padgett, seeks help, since he heard that others received help. June 27th, 1916
Jesus Probation does exist among spirits in the hells. October 29th, 1916.
Paul of Tarsus Hell and the duration of punishment. November 19th, 1916
Paul of Tarsus Hell and the duration of punishment - continued from preceding message. November 20th, 1916
Paul of Tarsus Hell - what it is and what the purpose is. Continued from preceding message. November 21st, 1916
John No one will suffer in hell for eternity - all will progress. November 26th, 1916
B____ “It is hard to learn of heavenly things in hell.” January 8th, 1917
Luke Luke comments on the spirit writing - “It is hard to learn of heavenly things in hell.” January 8th, 1917
Edwin Forrest Forrest writes that he is out of darkness and in the light of Love, that he has been praying, and the bright spirits in his behalf and especially Helen, Mr. Padgett’s wife. February 27th, 1917
John Carlisle Carlisle has progressed into the light within the past year with the help of Mr. Padgett and his Celestial Spirits. September 29th, 1917
George Butler George Butler writes about his progress from darkness into the light with the help of Mr. Padgett. March 15th, 1919
Rodgers Rogers is seeking help and was attracted to Mr. Padgett at the seance he attended. March 23rd, 1919
Unknown A wicked woman tells of her many deeds that took many lives while working as a nurse. date not known
J.W. A dark and suffering spirit comes to Mr. Padgett for help. date not known
Sarah Wilson Sarah J. Wilson, an abortionist, realizes only too late the great wrong she performed on earth and is seeking help. date not known
Solomon Brown A wandering spirit is looking for help as he is more or less lost. date not known
Julius Soloman Julius Soloman is in darkness and is seeking help. date not known
Louisa Connell Louisa R. Connell had a theatrical career and is in darkness with others of the same profession. date not known
John Carlisle John G. Carlisle writes about his suffering and darkness that he is in and is asking for help. date not known
Stephen B Elkins A minister: His beliefs were merely intellectual. date not known
Judas Judas’ experience of the hells. September 6th, 2001
Judas The Lack of Hope found in the Hells. February 5th, 2003
Judas Getting out of the Hells. February 6th, 2003
Jesus Channeling dark spirits. December 6th, 2007
Cornelius Vanderbilt An American Industrialist Is Lost. March 1st, 2008
Jay Gould An American Industrialist Is Unhappy. March 1st, 2008
Andrew Carnegie Sufferings of an American Industrialist. March 3rd, 2008
Jerry Falwell A Minister’s Sorrow. April 5th, 2009
Heinrich Himmler A Nazi’s Experiences in the Spirit World. September 18th, 2011

How long do you spend in hell?

In the following messages, it is clear that Julius Caesar has been in hell since his death in March 44 B.C - about 2060 years so far. But, once he learns how to get out, he gets out in no time at all - about 19 months. I have included here confirmatory messages from Padgett’s wife. This was very common, and it was the primary means by which Padgett knew he was not being deceived. If you choose to read all the messages in chronological order, you will discover this to be true, even though not all the messages that were received have been published, and this particularly includes the inconsequential supporting messages.

There are many similar stories about spirits in darkness, and their later returning to thank Padgett for helping them. For another such dark spirit, see the story of Edwin Forrest, a former business partner of Padgett’s.

Author Title Date of Message
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar writes that earthly position does not determine one’s spiritual abode. September 16th, 1915
Helen Padgett Helen Padgett confirms that Julius Caesar wrote. September 16th, 1915
Julius Caesar Caesar is seeking for the Divine Love. Light is breaking into his soul. December 13th, 1916
Julius Caesar Caesar is grateful to Mr. Padgett for his prayer and introduction to his grandmother and is progressing into the light. December 20th, 1916
Julius Caesar Caesar gives his experiences after receiving help from a Divine Spirit. May 1st, 1917
Helen Padgett Mrs. Padgett confirms that Julius Caesar wrote. May 1st, 1917

Judgment and Forgiveness

Forgiveness is forgetfulness, but prayer for forgiveness does not bring forgiveness, although it does bring great help. Real forgiveness is not how Father thinks about us, but how we think about ourselves. When we can recall something that we did wrong, and there is no emotional pain associated with that recollection, forgiveness is complete.

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus The power of Love to redeem men from sin and error. March 6th, 1915
Ann Rollins Forgiveness. March 31st, 1915
John Garner All sin and error will eventually be eradicated from men’s souls. August 8th, 1915
Jesus How the redeemed soul is saved from the penalties that sin and error has brought upon it. March 2nd, 1916
John John writes on the true meaning of ‘the end of the world.’ October 1st, 1916
John Bunyon The Law of Compensation. 9th January 1917
Luke Luke: The conditions of spirits in the twilight zone and their progress in the natural love. February 5th, 1917
Jesus After death, the judgment. What it is and what it is not. February 25th, 1918
Ross Perry When the Divine Love comes into the soul, the lesser Law of Compensation is removed from the scope of its working. April 27th, 1918
Peter St. Peter on forgiveness of sin. November 29th, 1918
Judas Forgiveness and Forgetfulness. November 6th, 2001
Jesus Sinning and One’s Intentions. August 2nd, 2008
Jesus Inheriting Sin. May 25th, 2010

The Resurrection

Is there a resurrection? If so what does it mean, since we survive death no matter what we choose to believe?

Author Title Date of Message
Paul of Tarsus The resurrection that is common to all, be they saint or sinner. January 16th, 1916
Paul of Tarsus The resurrection that Jesus taught without which our faith as Christians is in vain. February 8th, 1916
Paul of Tarsus Paul - What is the real body that is resurrected at the time of the physical death. October 4th, 1916
Paul of Tarsus Paul writes about the resurrection of the body. October 5th, 1916

Earthbound and Dark Spirits in the Astral Plane

While the messages received by James Padgett do not cover this subject to any great extent, it is the case that mortals can be seriously affected by entities residing in the Astral Plane, also called the earth plane. These may be both earthbound spirits and dark spirits. Earthbound spirits are those that have for one or other reason remained in the earth plane after death. The reasons are varied, but in all cases a lack of spiritual development is a major factor. Some are simply confused and scared, and almost all do not realise they are dead. Some are attached to material possessions, and try to stay around those. These earthbound spirits may inhabit a house, and perhaps be referred to as “ghosts” or poltergeists when they are troublesome. More insidious are those that “attach” to a mortal. This always affects the mortal, and these effects can be both physical and mental. There are also however astral shells, which no longer contain a soul, and are simply a residual packet of energy. These entities do not reply when addressed, and continue in a very repetitive pattern, as they have no sentience. These too are sometimes seen as ghosts.

Sadly all too many folk after death are so dark that they awaken in spiritual darkness, in the Astral Plane. They notice the spiritual light emanating from mortals, and go towards it. They may then find themselves “caught” in the magnetic aura of that mortal and can remain caught in that aura for a great many years. For this reason there are bands of more advanced spirits who await the passing of mortals, and hope to catch their attention before this happens. It is possible to spend quite a bit of time in the Astral Plane, which is itself divided into seven divisions. Spirits in this Astral Plane are able to either progress or regress, and either condition will result in their departing the Astral Plane for the Spirit Spheres. Regression is the direct result of obsession, and the desire to participate in earthy activities such as drinking, drugs and sex which is what draws them into obsession of a living mortal.

A very good description of these issues is covered by Gone West as also A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands, in the suggested reading list. An extract is referenced below.

Dark spirits are a somewhat different matter. Because the earth plane is within their allowed range, dark spirits can and do spend a time trying to influence mortals negatively, although it seems that they have to acquire an astral shell in order to do this, which process typically results in them eventually ending up even deeper in the hells. These are all ex-mortals that have not yet thrown off their tendency to sin and error, but sadly, even after death they can dig ever bigger holes for themselves. (If you require someone to remove a spirit attachment, for yourself or another, details can be found here.)

Author Title Date of Message
Mrs Simons A typical attached earthbound spirit. October 27th, 1919
Jesus Jesus: Evil Spirit Influence. June 25th, 1987
Irene Hickman Dealing with attached entities. March 1993.
John John: Getting Rid of Negative Spirit Influence. August 14th, 2000
Anonymous Rising above evil. January 23rd, 2001
Judas What can we do to offset the effects of evil? September 15th, 2001
Judas Some questions on spiritual guides, dark spirit attack and materialism. February 25th, 2002
  The Astral Plane as described in “A Wanderer in the Spirit lands”