True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

Julius Soloman is in darkness and is seeking help.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Julius Soloman.

Let me write a little, for I need help too, and the quicker I get it the better.

Well, I am in darkness and am suffering for my deeds, which I did on earth. I was a very wicked man and did not do what I know I should have done. I was a man who tried to make my living by letting other people use my money for a large and usurious interest. Well, I made my living and more besides, but I made my hell at the same time.

You may think this strange, as some argue that money is a commodity like anything else, and is worth just what it means to the needs of people, and that if people want it they should only borrow, when what they pay in the way of interest is no more valuable to them than is the money which they borrow. And this is all right as a mere matter of logic. Because money is a thing which when borrowed, should be paid for according to its value to the borrower, just as any other commodity should be paid for according to its value.

Of course this value changes, and sometimes the commodity is cheaper and sometimes dearer. But in my business the money was never cheaper and its value depended on what estimate I placed upon it and not what the borrower might think it worth. So you see, I was not only the judge as to what should be paid but was the one to withhold if that fixed value was not paid. I now see the enormity of this method of stealing from the poor and necessitous (needy) their money. There was nothing fair or honorable about my dealings, and many a poor man and woman has been made to starve and loose their all by reason of my exactions. So no sophistry or splitting of hairs will suffice now to show me that I was acting legitimately with my unhappy customers. So I am realizing this great sin of mine and suffering very much and would give the world to find relief. Hence I came to you in the hope that I may get relief of some kind.

I know that it may be said that I was no worse than many others, but that does not excuse me or lessen my sin, for I am not responsible for what others may do, but am for what I do myself. I certainly am sorry for my course of life as explained to you; and if it were in my power, I would restore to every man and woman the smallest farthing that I unjustly took from them, but as you know that we cannot do. After we enter this life we cannot make restoration in material things, and so I am forever barred from making recompense.

Oh, why did I not realize all this when I was on earth and engaged in that awful business! So if you can tell me any way in which I can find relief, I will be obliged if you will do so - and will try to follow your advice.

Well they are all like myself, dark and unhappy, and wandering about seeking rest and peace and never finding them. I am not very sociable here, and, consequently, cannot tell you just what evil deeds they are suffering from; but I suppose their deeds were bad like mine or they would not be suffering so much and have to live in such darkness.

Yes, I was a Jew and belonged to the synagogue, but that does not help me. I never believed that it was wrong to cheat the gentile; but now I know that a sin is a sin no matter upon whom it is committed - and in my heart I knew at the time that it was wrong to take the money from the poor and needy.

Yes, I see many, but why do you ask me? They don’t seem to be in any better condition than I am, and need help as much as I do, if they are telling the truth, for they are shouting to me to stop writing.

Yes, I see some bright ones. Well I have asked for your father, and he says that I shall come with him and I am going.

So I will say good night.

Julius Soloman.