Divine Love Spiritual Mediums.

This page describes how our mediums are trained and how they live their lives in order to maximise the gift that they have been given.

In the world of mediums there are at least two distinct categories. One is called “evidential” and I propose to call our style “spiritual” to distinguish us. Because what we do is very different and our entire approach is very different.

Evidential mediums are the majority of mediums. These individuals find they have some proclivity for discerning spirit, and they generally attend a training program such as that run by Spiritualist Churches. They are offered opportunities to practise on the congregation and their visitors by offering to do “readings” often on stage in that church. Their service is valuable because they seek to prove that life continues by being open to any spirit that may have accompanied the audience, or have been invited to attend by an audience member. They will then proceed to tell a member of the audience things about them that clearly the medium could not know, and sometimes things that frankly no one other than the individual knew. In this way people become confident that life continues after death and may also be comforted that their relatives and friends are fine.

The standards achieved by these mediums vary naturally, but some like the late Leslie Flint were totally amazing. He had additional gifts in that he was able to cause spirit to physically materialise, be seen to some degree and speak in their own voice. This is called “direct voice mediumship” and is extremely rare. Only a few of these evidential mediums become known on the entertainment circuits and one should not assume those particular well known individuals are the most gifted in this area.

While evidential mediums seek to be accurate, when they are not accurate no one loses any sleep over it. I had one try to communicate from my sister, and he simply would not (so he said later) tell me what happened. My sister suicided with a gun, and I expected him, if he was any good, to tell me exactly that. Very few women use guns to suicide, and I would have been impressed had he said that. Telling me that later, when I questioned him in private did not impress me. Perhaps he did not trust his gift, but generally one would just say he was not very good.

I have decided to term what our Divine Love mediums do “Spiritual mediumship” as its very different in every respect from “evidential” mediumship. We seek accurate spiritual teachings that enable us to accelerate our spiritual progress and overcome the barriers life places in front of us.

To start with we cannot run a two day workshop and produce a spiritual medium from someone who has never channeled before. We might be able to teach an evidential medium the difference, but they still have a lot of personal soul development to do before they will reach any decent standard. The issue is evidential mediums use the faculties of their minds to form a rapport with the mind of a spirit. But we have chosen to communicate predominantly with spirits who no longer have that mind, and who now use their soul faculties exclusively. Unless the spiritual medium has quite some soul development, this cannot be achieved. Because the rapport is soul->soul.1 Technically it’s fractionally more complex because the human medium still has to use their mind to reach the world, so what they receive in their soul has to be taken through the mind to reach the outside world. But the Celestial has the ability to make a far more profound connection and communication going soul to soul. Something they cannot do with an evidential medium.

Now there would be some in our Divine Love community who have been very happy to channel spirits who still use their minds. But we have learned the hard way that this has its problems. The problem is one’s ability to develop deep rapport is affected by the energy levels of the spirits you are in rapport with. So if you pick low level spirits like most recently departed humans to communicate with, as many evidential mediums do then you simply will lose the ability to make rapport with the very highest of spirits. Even relatively high level spirits but still using their minds, have a very different energy signature to those who are pure soul.

So what is it that causes a spirit to lose its mind and develop its soul faculties? This is of itself a big topic. We have come to learn that the few phrases left in the New Testament of the Bible where Jesus is teaching are actually critical if we wish to reach our fullest spiritual potential. This is where he talks about the necessity to be reborn of spirit in order to “see God.” We learnt of this via a medium called James Padgett who was the very first human to be tutored by Jesus in the method needed to grow his soul capacity such that Jesus himself could deliver advanced Truth mediumistically. James Padgett would probably not have believed he was talking to Jesus excepting he started out talking to his deceased wife, and both she and her grandmother absolutely maintained it was Jesus. And he had enough experience of talking with his wife that he already knew her energetic signature as well as grandmother’s. So he started to accept it might be.

Apparently using the mind only, as evidential mediums do, means that advanced spiritual truth that is not known to the mind cannot be delivered to any great degree. Unfortunately the several thousand communications received from 1914 to 1923 were not published until the first volume was in 1941, and the last of four volumes only saw the light of day in 1972. To add insult to injury, those Christian pastors who read some of these works decided they were not in accordance with orthodox Christianity which amongst many things teaches Jesus is God, and that his blood saves those that believe in him from the results of their sins. But in the set of revelations, Jesus said that was not true at all. But that we must be born again. Further he set out a physical test, that each of us can test to see if it is as he claims, that when you pray directly to God in love, He responds with a specific energy. So it really was largely only with the advent of the internet that our movement has started to grow. It is still very small. Maybe at best 1,000 people. While I have 450 followers on Quora I do not assume they have developed enough interest to be counted. But a handful of Quora followers have become serious followers of these teachings.

Jesus was also at pains to make clear this is available to every person, and that Christianity has no special claim on this process. This has been proven to us time and again as Confucius, Yogananda, Mahatma Gandhi and a great many others not of any Christian background have come forward and identified themselves as being “at-one” with God in His highest heavens. But some have not so identified. Buddha is not at-one and has no interest in the idea. We do have contact with advanced Muslim spirits but its frankly too dangerous to us personally to speak of that. James Padgett spoke with several and they are on the public record.

So to recap, we have a style of mediumship which is difficult to attain, requires a great deal of daily prayer practice to maintain, and requires the assistance of high level spirits to protect us from low level spirits who might like to form a rapport which we deny them. So all our mediums have spirit gate keepers. Our mediums would typically pray at least an hour a day, and some two hours a day. In the last several years the “new” mediums have been announced by spirit that their gift is about to develop. The rate of progress varies but typically takes a year or two to mature and may take several more to reach very high levels.

Unlike evidential mediumship every time we receive new information, our mediums are concerned that it is totally as accurate as it can be. We do know that strong beliefs will interfere with what is received. So our mediums take this very seriously. I am not a medium myself but I host a very large web site and I take my responsibility to host truth very seriously. We know there is a spiritual penalty for teaching untruth. It’s not that easy to be sure of something. And at one level, its advisable to accept that everything we think we know is probably a simplification anyway.

Finally I might answer directly the issue of how do we know it is Jesus or Confucius or someone else? There certainly are spirits who will attempt to impersonate another spirit. Regarding impersonating spirits, James Padgett was deliberately tested several times. He always picked the imposter. He knew the energy signature of the spirits he was working with and when an energy did not match the name, he knew immediately. We have records of these attempts as we have most of his records.

But to something that I did. Now sadly I have very limited ability to sense spirit presence. One day I was attending a spiritual group, not one of ours, and a visiting medium claimed to channel Jesus. I listened and was 100% certain it was not Jesus based purely on my knowledge of the sorts of things Jesus says and how he says them. In particular he exhibits a level of love and care that is amazing. This spirit did not. With the level of perception many of my colleagues have, I would expect that they would have known by the energy in the room that it was not Jesus. I have also found that when I “acknowledge” a spirit they will often give me a hug that I can feel, and this certainly did not happen. I was unconcerned but made a mental note I would not bother to listen to him again if he had not worked out that it was not the real deal. Several weeks later I was attending the same group and suddenly this guy walks in intending to channel. It would have been very rude for me to stand up and leave, so I did not. But I demanded of my Spirit Guides that no spirit be allowed to speak who was not who they claimed to be. His “Jesus” did not come that day.

However our mediums rely heavily on energetic signatures. But sometimes we receive a message from someone either in our group or close to our group and we were not present at the session. Now we can only judge on the content of that message. It is not that hard to discern if this is a spirit of the Celestial realm, because of the level of love and lack of direct criticism that will be in the content. As soon as someone sends a message criticising another person, we can be 100% sure its bogus. Its even hard to get Celestial spirits to offer personal advice. They would prefer to build up their charges.

We have been told to ignore who claims to be the spirit author and judge the message entirely on content, in the manner I have indicated above. So one is not supposed to be impressed by the spirit saying it is Jesus or Confucius.

Finally in a case of real doubt we can test the spirits. We can do this by asking them to tell us how they reached the Celestial Kingdom and what is different about that Kingdom from the Spirit World. A spirit who has walked the difficult path to full rebirth by transforming its soul and gaining entry into the eternal Kingdom has no problem explaining this. Another mindal spirit does not know where to start.

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Note 1 The communication from James Padgett that most clearly articulates this is quite recent. Earlier messages suggest that mediumship is “mind to mind” and are not wrong in that a human always has to use their mind to share with the world in any way at all. So even when the medium gets a message into their soul, it still has to emerge via the mind. But because the Divine Love medium has this ability to receive into the soul, communication can be had with very advanced Celestial spirits who are “at-one” with God.