New birth

Earth Changes

Three years ago, in 2015, our small group received a very ominous warning from Jesus. Many chose to brush it aside, others chose to get annoyed that this was “scare mongering.” But as the months passed, culminating in a peak in the last few months, so many spirits have raised this topic that it cannot be ignored any longer. We are not talking here about the climate changes which while still argued about by many are patently obvious to the rest. No these are not minor alterations to traditional weather patterns. We are talking about huge disruptions that will kill a great many humans living on this Earth. How many? It’s pure speculation but it has to be enough to completely change our current attitudes. And that has to be a great number.

Now we see other groups that have the same warning, and having spoken with First Nation Canadians, they accept this entirely. They feel it coming.

So what is the cause? It’s not God being angry and punishing us, in fact at this very moment God is pouring more energy and love and support into this world than ever before in an attempt to awaken those who are listening. It’s not Mother Earth either, although the energy to throw us off will come from Earth Energies. But the world has chosen a path of evil, and overall this Earth has never been darker spiritually.

This is how Jesus describes the cause:

The world is fast approaching a time of chaos. There is a great change coming, the storm is just upon the horizon. It requires for you my beloveds to have great faith and strength and to rely upon your Heavenly Father to guide you through the coming times in the world. For it will be dramatic and it will be destructive and this will not be caused by men but by God and by God’s Creation which responds to the actions of men. The earth rises in pain, it has been abused so greatly by the will of men, by the greed of men and the earth is fighting back. And I do not think that any of you truly understand the power of the earth, the forces of the earth.

And this is what Mother Earth - Gaia - has to say:

“My heart is filled with the desire to do Good to My children of time.

“Yet, love unreceived is love unreciprocated and this is the cause of great emotional hurt as well as planetary turmoil. I am subjected to extremely unbalanced human emotions and when constantly fed, they are poisoning My own being by the emotional toxicity they generate and that is also mirrored in actions driven by greed and selfishness — actions that do not take into account the necessity for a wise planetary management.

“Anger affects me deeply — just as it affects you when there is ‘electricity in the air.’ I was not created to be the battlefield of hate. Yet, so many wars have taken place on My epidermis that I too have become a deeply wounded and traumatized victim.

“It is time for My children to realize the impact of their short-sighted decisions. Not only do they harm themselves in the process but they also adversely affect their life’s environment — Me included.

“Now is the Time of Purification. I am not rebelling through climatic events and cataclysms. Just as your mind is being adjusted by your Indwelling Spirit in order to bring you back on a rightful spiritual track, I am undergoing a mighty energetic adjustment that, at the same time, makes My children aware that I am a living entity.

Jesus added this too:

This transition, this time of cleansing has happened before in your world and it will happen again.

And Noah has confirmed that although the Bible story is vastly exaggerated, he too lived through Earth Changes:

God bless you beloved souls, I am Noah and I have spoken to you before about my story and you understand that the story that is depicted within the bible is not correct by any measure and yet the flood did come to this world. There were great changes in this world at that time in history and the existence of humanity upon this world. And I have come to speak again about the changes that are coming, that the world will be engulfed by many changes, for God has brought His blessings to this world so that changes may take place to bring once again harmony to the natural cycles of this world and to all the creatures of this world. To give humanity a second chance that they may come together and understand what is truly important in a life.

As 2018 draws to a close I have now personally experienced an Earth Change event. In late November, Sydney experienced a "one in 100 year" storm. Sure no one died, but it was chaos. Then at the very same time further North we had bush fires described as a "fire tornado." Then earlier this year we had the fires in California. All these were the early Earth Change events. This is only the very beginning. It will get far worse.


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