Messages 2017 and 2018

Stop the Darkness

November 17th, 2017

Gibsons, B. C.

Received by A.F.


God bless you beloved souls, I am Noah and I have spoken to you before about my story and you understand that the story that is depicted within the bible is not correct by any measure and yet the flood did come to this world. There were great changes in this world at that time in history and the existence of humanity upon this world.

So I have come to speak again about the changes that are coming, that the world will be engulfed by many changes, for God has brought His blessings to this world so that changes may take place to bring once again harmony to the natural cycles of this world and to all the creatures of this world. This will give humanity a second chance so that they may come together and understand what is truly important in a life. Love must reign supreme in God’s Kingdom on earth as in Heaven. So it must be that Love is what must be focused upon and expressed by each individual in your world.

All the many distractions and conditions of this world that do not bring Love, harmony and bring peace are to be wiped from this world. In the tumult of this cleansing of your world will come many opportunities for you to speak and to bring Truth and to explain to the lost souls what is happening, why has the world changed so radically, and so powerfully that mankind cannot stand against the changes that are coming.

All that man has is to listen to God, to be with God, to understand the Will of God. Those who open their eyes in this way will have the opportunity to start anew as the phoenix rises from the ashes, so mankind will rise from this terrible condition. Although from the mind’s eye, this world has a semblance of order and peace and yet from the perspective of the soul, these conditions are more dreadful than what is to come in the change, in the reconciliation between mankind and God.

You see this darkness that is all about you and yet so many are unable to comprehend, to be sensitive to these conditions and to be awakened. Yet they must awaken and come to their senses and utilize the gifts that each have to know Truth, to know their true selves and what is within their hearts and in their souls. This must be in the world, an awakening of mankind, a new dawn.

As you develop and hone these gifts that you so pray for and desire, you will bring the instrument of Truth to mankind. It will be an opportunity for mankind to know, to see that God has an invitation for them to come to Truth and Light and Love. This invitation will be extended to all souls in this world. It will be given out of God’s mercy and Love for every child in this world, for it is time to stop the darkness, the error and the inhumanity. It is time for this to stop and for Love to replace these erroneous ways.

And so my friends, you must express in every way possible the Truth in your lives and your being. You must model what is required to change the conditions of this world by your own behavior, your own actions and your own thoughts and the Light within your souls.

It will be a short time my friends before true change comes to this world and you must pray earnestly if you wish to express this gift to the world, for there is precious little time where mankind may have the opportunity to see with clarity the Truth that is given in this way. When these extreme changes come to the world, so few will be open and receptive to these Truths. They will be caught up in great waves of change.

The time grows short my friends, very short, to make the warning bell heard, to bring your brothers and sisters to a place of understanding of what is to come. This will be done by your voice and our voice; together we will sound the alarm. And we will educate humanity so that they are clear as to their choices and the opportunities that God has laid before them, that they may change, that they may seek greater Light and harmony. So many innocent people will be caught up in this terrible expiation of the earth. Can you not see that you must bring this Truth to them, all the innocents, all the children, all those who seek to do good in this world and live a good life.

So many are asleep, they live life in a dream, a dream that is often repeated over and over again by the powers that be, convincing them that all is well. All is not well my friends, all is not well. And you sense this, as do many, you feel the urgency, the need to bring the power of God back to this world. The mercy and tender care and Love that comes from the Creator must find its place once again in the hearts of mankind. You have found His place within you, you know God now in all His glory and Love. Speak these Truths; demonstrate these Truths wherever you go in the world my friends. And though you may be rejected by many, the truly penitent souls will hear what you have to say, they will hear your Truth and they will find their way through the turmoil and the changes.

Continue in your efforts my beloved friends. Prepare yourselves as I once prepared myself for what is to come. Be strong, be clear, be decisive, be humble and listen to God. God will guide you through this time. God will use you to save many souls on this path, this path of awakening the world. This is a gift from God, these changes, what is coming, it is a gift from God. In the end all will find harmony and peace and the error will be dispelled, the darkness banished by the Light, the pain turned to joy, the solemnness of this world will find laughter and will know peace and not be driven by fear and anxiousness and confusion.

Life will be simpler my friends, much better, much better. You will not lose all that you’ve created, no, some things will survive and other things will come to Light that will make your life easier and yet in harmony with the creation of God, His laws. I know this sounds like I promise you much, but I tell you in the wisdom of God and the Will of God and the expression of God, all will come into harmony. There will be answers to your dilemmas. There will be joy in your hearts as you come to see this world with fresh eyes, a different perspective, an appreciation of life here on your world, so created by God with such beauty. Your needs will be met, for God meets the needs of those who walk in the path of Truth, who live by Love and wisdom, those who honor one another, who live with integrity and honesty, who seek the Light of Truth and know the blessings that God has to give to each of you. This will come, you will find your way because you will be guided by God, just as I was guided by God, so will you in these difficult times to come as many miraculous blessings will also manifest and be part of your life.

Do not fear my friends, but joyfully anticipate the healing of your world, and those who will transition into spirit, what is this truly? Is this a great loss in their lives? No, it is a merciful end to their pain, so that they too may start again in the world of spirit, that they may learn greater Truths and live a life that is of Light. So many see death as a great tragedy and in some cases, it truly is, but in many cases the transition to spirit is a gift and a blessing, not to be feared, not to be dreaded but joyfully anticipated as you march forward in your life. In a life that never truly ends but has many beginnings. Your time will come, but I do not see that your time will come soon. God will want to use you in many ways to bring this Truth forward, to help to reconstruct the lives of mankind in greater harmony and Truth. You have something very valuable to give to the world as your gifts expand, as these blessings continue to flow within you. You bring a greater Light, a deeper understanding, a wonderful gift to your brothers and sisters. Seek to fulfill your purpose, beloved souls. Walk in the Light always, see with the eyes of your souls what must be in your life, in service, in Love and in joyful expression of your true selves.

I too wish to speak in direct voice to humanity, for I will speak to them as I have to you about the changes that are coming. I have lived through great change in the material world, in my life and I wish to bring my wisdom and my counsel to those who are willing to listen. I am now an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom, I have been there for a very long time, since our brother Jesus brought this Truth to Light. And many angels will bring their wisdom and counsel and Love through this gift and through you and into the world. A great plan is being activated, God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. We are a part and many are a part of this wondrous expression of God’s Care and Love for humanity.

Prepare for a changing world my friends as much will happen within your lifetimes, an extraordinary time in the history of mankind. You will witness this and you will be a part of this and God will place you so that you may give and help facilitate the changes that must take place to bring greater harmony to this world. God has a great plan for each one of you and this plan begins to unfold in your lives my friends. Allow it to unfold, allow it to be expressed through each one of you, as you continue to reach closer to the Heavenly Father and come to know your true selves, your beautiful souls. This will come. You grow so rapidly now as the angels make every effort to uplift you and God pours His blessings upon you. This brings great change within you, my friends, a new perspective; a new world opens to each one of you. Let this be so, do not resist, do not fear these changes but come forward and say to God, I am willing to walk with you and I trust in your Will and I wish to work for the salvation of mankind. In this dedication, God will open those doors that awaits your acceptance and desire to serve in this way.

God bless you my friends. I am Noah, I am Noah and yet my friend Moses is with me too. And there are others here as well. At times this instrument cannot discern all of these many spirits that are here in rapport. God bless you my friends. God bless you.