Life After Death

Death and Passing Over - Where does the soul go after death

This section discusses death and the initial period of orientation that occurs. A summary provided by Dr Stone is also useful. The majority of these messages ignore the sad condition referred to as being “earthbound”. These messages are from spirits more advanced than those who end up in the dark earth plane and are called “earthbound”.

I have just completed a summary of the pdf Getting The Hell Out of Here which includes material from this site and others. This is in the form of a pdf and can be downloaded. If you do not have Adobe on your computer, this very long web page has the same material.

Author Title Date of Message
Helen Padgett Experience in leaving her body and going to the spirit world. December 9th, 1914
Salyards Prof. Salyards describes his entry into the spirit world and his spiritual progression. December 18th, 1914
Helen Padgett Helen writes about the sudden passing of a friend and how she tried to convince her that she could not reenter her body, which was similar to her own experience. January 27th, 1915
Professor Salyards Various experiences of spirits when they arrive in the spirit world. February 25th, 1915
Professor Salyards Laws of the spirit world April 13th, 1915.
Professor Salyards Laws of the spirit world continued. May 3rd, 1915
Judge Frank Syrick Judge Syrick confirms what Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone told him about the Spirit World and reports on his experience there and progress to date. May 6th, 1915
John B. Comeys Spirits’ experience when entering the spirit world and their progress December 22nd, 1915
Rev Fontaine Experience of an orthodox minister after he passed into the spirit world. July 1st, 1917
William Woodward A friend of Mr. Padgett’s writes that when on earth he believed in the New Birth but found It quite different upon entering the spirit world. December 18th, 1917
H.M. Where is the Spirit World? January 17th, 1918
Helen Padgett Helen explains the sudden passing of their daughter, Nita, as a result of a serious operation, and the great progress she is making in the spirit world. June 20th, 1918
Francis Bacon The continuity of life after death May 26th, 1919.
Nita Nita describes her experiences in passing into the spirit world. May 25th, 1920
Judas Judas’ death and passing into spirit. September 5th, 2001
Judas Various questions concerning passing over. September 9th, 2001
P.J.R It’s really all one place. September 26th, 2003
Mary Where on Earth is the spirit world. October 31st, 2004
Amy Crossing Over: The newly arrived spirit. January 2nd, 2006
Bill Reilly A message from Bill Reilly. July 20th, 2009