Messages 2006

Crossing Over: The newly arrived spirit.

January 2, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Kathryn, as you have often been told, there is always someone available who has the time, inclination, and desire to deliver their thoughts through our coworkers in the flesh who are so inclined to receive our writings. As you are aware, when expectations are running high, this can create blocks to your openness to receive. When you relax more, and trust that you have the ability to receive our thoughts, and that we are more than willing to take advantage of the opportunity, this makes the blocks disappear or fade away into the background.

There are ministering angels working overtime on earth, as there are many good spirits from the natural heavens, during these hard times of so many natural disasters taking place. Besides attempting to influence, guide, and encourage all the many mortal helpers who are on the job, and tend to become overwhelmed, there are also thousands of newly-arrived spirits who need comforting, instructions, and some sort of help to realize what has happened and how to get to a better place.

Kathryn’s question: After spirits go through the adjustment at the Grand Entry Hall or Meeting Place in the spirit world, have they learned that they are “dead”? Do the spirits who are earthbound go to the Grand Meeting Hall in the spirit world? Do you use the term “crossing-over” for spirits who are ready to leave earth and go to the appropriate plane, which is exactly suited to their soul condition?

There are too many varieties of soul conditions, along with the degrees of fear, confusion, attitudes, and the like, to be able give definitive answers to your questions. Earthbound spirits can live on earth, around the people and things with which they are familiar, for well past the time they are qualified to enter higher levels of habitation. And there are many different terms used for earthbound spirits, not even taking into consideration the hundreds of languages or belief systems. For example, some refer to these spirits as stuck, stagnating, and not progressing spiritually. It is an individual pathway each person takes on his or her journey toward at-Onement with God or the purification of his or her natural love which was given to them by God at the creation of their soul.

When you have learned and accepted that God has given all his beloved children total free will to choose their destiny then you can clearly understand that the variety of conditions and beliefs is infinite. To give only a few examples wouldn’t be doing justice to your questions.

Even though it’s a “general rule” that spirits just entering the spirit world are “escorted” by guardian spirits to the “Grand Central Station” for a period of adjustment before being required to go to the place of habitation their soul is suited for, there are exceptions to the rule. Some spirits upon arrival to the adjustment station stay asleep for a long time. Some are not ready to face the reality of where they are. Some are conditioned to believe one is required to stay asleep until “judgment day.” Some aren’t willing to deal with the requirements of their condition. Eventually, of course, everyone will wake up.

Many spirits are familiar with their surroundings when they come to the spirit world because they have visited many times during their dreams. Some people are aware of their visits, and can will themselves to astral-travel whenever they desire to do so.

Even though it may be called, “crossing over” when a spirit is ready to take the step of leaving the earth plane and taking up residency in the spirit world, they have the opportunity and privilege of returning to earth anytime they choose. It’s not like you’re either here or there, and a door closes behind a spirit who decides to move on.

There has been some extended discussion about the angel’s teachings possibly underrating the goodness of the natural love and its ability to bring satisfaction, harmony, and happiness to the soul on its pathway, but I’d like to explain a bit about why this may have happened. In our work of teaching about God’s great gift of Grace, it has become our focus as we attempt to help seeking souls learn about the potential to become born-again in the Substance or Essence of God’s Divine Soul. If we were to go into all the avenues available for investigation in the natural heavens we would run out of paper and never get around to writing about the blessings of the higher love.

As you see, the natural heavens are populated with spirits on every level of development. In your imaginings you’ve concluded that if the spheres are expanding around earth in ever-larger spheres, and each sphere is thousands of miles in depth, their circumferences become almost unfathomable by the time the sixth circumference is reached. Even though the millions of generations of souls entering the spirit world, may end up in the highest natural sphere, you can envision that no “crowding” would ever occur under the circumstances of the spacelessness.

But, have we gone off track? In answer to one of your questions, I will say that some fearful, earthbound spirits who are confused and lost do not want to go to the Grand Meeting Hall, and therefore remain earthbound. Even if they were taken there, and went through a semblance of an adjustment period, they would return to their confused state and location from which they were taken after their demise.

A spirit’s adjustment to their new life is an individual experience. The varieties of these experiences are like the bookshelves filled with novels of every kind. Your ability to adjust to your life as a spirit can start now. You can accept change as a real part of earth life’s every day happenings, and know that spirit life will be a good experience.

If you want to know the truth of your highest potential, which includes a higher power, you can learn that love is the highest power. Love is a quality of your soul. Even the natural love, which God gave each soul at its creation, is a high power and can bring relative contentment to those who would remain satisfied with what they can attain through their own power.

I’m not sure if I’ve been able to satisfy your questions, my dear sister in the Christ spirit, but I will be able to come again to write whenever you feel moved by your love to sit for a message from me. I realize that you have a block about receiving the identity of a spirit writer, but I will try to put you into a state of calm and peace, and assure you that you’ll be able to receive my name because you love me and know I would do nothing to make you feel pressured, only loved and appreciated for your willingness to do GodÂ’s work.

God bless you. I am your friend and guardian, Amy, your grandmother on earth, and now a Celestial angel who helps watch over you, along with many other Celestials.

Thank you for preparing yourself to receive a message.