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Healing And Miracles

This page is a work in progress. This is because we are still learning and have not had a great many messages on the subject to assist us. There appear to be two types of healing energies. One is best called magnetic, and the best proponent of that modality was William Gray, the unnamed subject of “Born to Heal”. His technique is attached as a pdf on that link. I currently believe that reiki and such healing is magnetic. Now the point of this page is not to try and prove one is better than the other. If you read “Born to Heal” you will probably conclude there is literally no limit to what can be achieved with magnetic healing. Magnetic healing may well be called faith healing in some circumstances, but as far as I can see, no faith is needed on the part of the healer or the recipient.

In this message Jesus describes two types of healing. Divine Love healing should probably be called faith healing, because it requires both healer and recipient to have faith in God, and the degree of faith frequently limits what can be achieved, sometimes rendering assistance impossible. Healing via Divine Love is the same process as was used by Jesus and his apostles. Over the years that I have been involved in healing, I have become less and less concerned about what might actually be occurring, and simply learned to go with the flow. If the recipient receives an instantaneous healing, that is wonderful. If they don’t, but they are still healed over time, is that not also wonderful? Many of the Divine Love followers over the years have speculated that Divine Love healing is instantaneous, but I have seen a communication to the effect that the attribute of “instantaneous” is a special gift from God. This instantaneous healing is of course what we call a miracle, although even a healing from a terminal disease that takes time would be viewed as a miracle. I have also discovered that we can heal animals, and I have had considerable success there too. I now wonder if Divine Love healing energy is simply Divine Love in action, as opposed to the idea that there is a type of Divine Love healing energy.

In Blackpool in October 2013 I was able to lead a healing circle, and I decided to create a merkaba. I had never done that myself, in public before, but it was a wonderful healing session. It was confirmed at that time, by a spirit Sereta Kem that this was a useful technique. Shortly there after a very good friend of mine received further instruction on how to build a healing merkaba. I have created a detailed page on the advice we have now received.

Author Title Date of Message
John If men would have faith like the Apostles, healing and so-called miracles would exist today. September 12th, 1915
Helen Padgett On healing Mr Miller. January 21st, 1916
Helen Padgett On healing a sick woman. April 18th, 1916
Jesus How the Divine Love may be called upon and used in the healing of our physical bodies May 16th, 1916
Jesus “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do, shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto the Father. If ye ask anything in my name I will do It.” September 24th, 1916
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) refers to Jesus’ message of last night - God will respond to prayer when that prayer asks the removal of causes, but never when it applies only to effects Dec. 25, 1916
White Eagle White Eagle and Arondah assist Dr. Stone in his healing work.  
Jesus Lazarus was not dead, only unconscious. September 27th, 1955
Jesus Rapport necessary for spiritual healing. November 28th, 1955
Keea Atta-Kem Healing Effect of Colours July 26th, 1970
Jesus On Healing and the Law of Change and Growth. July 2, 1987
Jesus Faith and Healing. August 18th, 1987.
Jesus Healings Are Not Always Performed Instantaneously. March 31st, 1988.
White Eagle Healing through the Instrumentality of Spirit Healers. November 3rd, 1999.
Jesus On healing November 6th, 1999
Mary You all have the capacity to be a channel for healing energies February 27, 2000
Jesus Healing January 18th, 2001
Jesus Healing continued. January 23rd, 2001.
John The sight and sound of Love. May 13th, 2001
Swift Bear Healing. July 17th, 2001
John Mark Free Will and offering Healing. April 9th, 2003
Seretta Kem The greatest of all types of healing is Divine Love healing March 29th, 2015
Seretta Kem Healing with Energy of the Earth vs Divine Love Energy April 13th, 2016
Seretta Kem Healing and the Law of Harmony Part 1 September 18th, 2017
Seretta Kem Healing and the Law of Harmony Part 2 September 21st, 2017
Lotus Blossom The Diamond Lights of your being October 29th, 2017
Sri Yarisupta Questions Answered About Divine Love Healing January 26th, 2019