Messages 2017 and 2018

The Diamond Lights of your being

October 29th, 2017


Received by Al Fike


God bless you, I am Lotus Blossom and I wish to speak of your physical and spirit bodies and how there is such an interplay between the two caused by many different factors both internal and external. The body reacts to your thoughts, beloved souls, in many different ways. When you have positive thoughts, light1 emanates from your mind and your physical brain and travels down the meridians of your body from the top of your head down through your body right to your toes. This stimulates the cells in your body. This light has an effect on every cell. When your body is out of harmony, your respiratory system is not functioning harmoniously or your digestive system is sluggish, it inhibits the flow of this energy through your body.

And then of course there is the effect of your soul. A soul that is alive and activated by the Father’s Love has a very profound affect upon all organs within the body and your mind, again another system, another layer that pulsates light into your bodies and encourages harmony. Your physical movement also creates waves of light through your body, energetic reactions as each aspect of your body is stimulated by the movements that you make. Then there are those who you engage with; their energies affect your energies, their spiritual and physical condition and mental condition will affect all three aspects of yourself. There is an interplay of energy in the universe - many, many different levels.

You well know that with your thoughts you attract various spirits to come close to you. When you bring the spirits of Light into your aura, this also benefits all aspects of your being. Your body lights up in joy, responds in positive ways to the energies of Love, the energies of positive thought and the energies of all those around you. So you see why it is important that you continue to reinforce positive interactions amongst you, not only to benefit your own souls and your minds but to benefit your bodies as well. These things that are active in your life, these elements composed of all different layers of life are important in the maintenance of your being in Light.

Although you do not need to know all the complexities of these interactions for they are indeed very subtle and complex, it is important that you maintain positive thoughts, that you eat nourishing foods, that you drink water regularly through your day, that you pray regularly through your day. These simple rules will bring great benefits to each one of you, beloved souls, and will help to facilitate the development of this gift you seek. For when all of your cells are glowing in Light, healthy, vigorous, you may assist in the development of the elements needed to bring about the gift. For it does require energetic and physical components of yourselves in order to create the conditions and the elements necessary to bring physical mediumship forward. This is why we are encouraging you in your prayers, in your interactions, in your efforts on all levels for they have a direct affect upon the development of this gift. If your bodies are out of alignment, if your mind is not in a positive frame and your souls not open to God, there is not a possibility to have this gift come to the fore. Yet when all of these things are in harmony, what a powerful expression of these gifts that is possible.

Beloved souls, you are complex beings, many layers interacting and interplaying within you and around you. God has provided you with a beautiful environment in which to prepare yourselves for this gift. All is given in Love. All is provided for. We see that you do understand that you must make those efforts that are required to bring a harmonious outcome to your efforts for your project. Continue to keep this in mind, continue to pray fervently, continue to interact with one another in Love and all will swirl about you in harmony and beauty like a beautiful constellation of light, ebbing and flowing within you and around you. As you are each in harmony and you are together in Love, what a powerful channel this becomes. How beautiful is the light that you attract to yourselves and allow the angels to work with you to bring about these wondrous gifts.

Each breath has the potential to bring greater Light to yourselves. Each moment is an opportunity to choose Light. Each prayer brings you closer to God. As you joyfully come together seeking to love and support one another, to help in the healing of each one of you which in effect is bringing a beautiful light within you, a light that infuses every layer of your being. Continue to love one another with ever more intensity and to love yourselves. Love is the greatest catalyst for any spiritual work. Love is the key that will open the door to this venture that you seek to be a part of and will open many doors so that each of you may express all the many gifts that lay within your beings. As you create the environment within you, so these gifts begin to emerge. They are nurtured, they grow, they blossom because you let it be so, because you ask God to touch you with the spark of His Love to bring to life new and wondrous parts of yourselves, beloved souls.

You have journeyed far. You have grown in many ways. You have come to know your Heavenly Father so that He is no longer a mystery to you but a beautiful force in your life. This is the greatest benefit of all, beloved souls, and it informs many parts of you from your thoughts to the functioning of your physical body. This Love, this Love, the elixir of life that ignites the soul and all aspects of your being. Bring all these positive elements into yourself so that you may take advantage of all of God’s blessings and gifts and nurturing qualities that He has created in Light. So many possibilities arise when the soul is awakened, the mind is in harmony, your entire being is ignited in Love. So many possibilities, so many openings as your soul awakens and takes Light.

How loved you are, my precious, precious souls. How much I love you. How beautiful you are, exquisite in every way. Your light shines forth. Your beauty emanates in wondrous and ever changing ways as the energies of your being interplay with light and light interplays with you creating such beautiful aspects of yourselves. The beautiful Light of God’s Love touches every part. Its lovely hues of Light make for an intriguing kaleidoscope of expression on all levels of your being. Thus this beauty becomes ever more exquisite and intricate and fascinating. Each of you is unique in this way bringing forth a unique creation of God into this world, a beautiful soul expressing its wondrous facets and beauty.

A diamond by comparison is dull for you sparkle with such intensity that no jewel can rival the jewels of your soul, beloveds. God bless you. I am Lotus Blossom and I love you. I receive such joy observing and assisting you, beloved souls. Such a blessing, such a blessing from God. God bless you, my precious souls. I love you.


1 Do not take “light” literally, it expresses a concept of energy that probably is visible to spirit.