Messages 2001

Healing continued.

January 23, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your brother and friend, Jesus of the Bible, and one who prays for the Divine Love of God to fill me and transform me into the very Essence of my Heavenly Father.

I am most happy to have this opportunity to write to you on the subject of healing, for there is much that you can understand in your search for truth.

As you know, when on earth my disciples were simple men who had no great spiritual or moral development, and their education was most primitive by comparison to the knowledge you have at your disposal today. But they possessed a single desire to serve me, in their love for me and their God, and they were blessed by the Holy Spirit in such abundance that, by reason of their faith, they were able to be instruments of healing and teachers of truth.

It is important to recognize also that the faith of the common people in these acts of God-blessed Love and kindness was sufficient to enable the forces of good to manifest through these so-called miracles. They were aware of the powers evidently available to these men who followed my teachings, and they accepted the truth of this power without question.

The simplicity of their lives was such that mental traps of disbelief and doubt were not so much the troublesome enemies to their spiritual awakening. Rather it was the consumption of their thoughts to survive the rigors of life, and whether they aligned themselves with their animal nature and its base instincts over their soul nature that was slowly becoming awaked by love and faith. The contrast between these forces was somewhat striking, for the oppression of the human spirit was very prevalent among my people, and they chose spiritual freedom to physical bondage. By aligning themselves with these forces of good that they could see working in the lives of my disciples, they were also evoking the workings of the higher laws that are a vital part of healing.

As D___ noted, God’s Will plays a role in how these forces operate and whether healing occurs or not. Even today you will find isolated cases of miraculous healings wherein the channel of such healing has no particular disposition to heal. It stands to reason that God would have a Hand in how the gifts of spirit are manifest through the human soul, as the soul of man is created to be subject to the order of His Laws. You see gifts manifest in the creation of the many good works and qualities that improve your lives - so God, through His Laws, operates His Influence upon the soul of His created child.

As you know, the development of your souls in the Divine Love is what disposes you to the powers available to you from the great world of spirit. Your soul is the repository for the very Substance and Energy of the Divine Love - the highest love and, therefore, the highest form of energy available to you. It is not merely something that improves your life on a personal level, but it effectuates an energy which surrounds everything that you interact with.

I will use the example of a choir of voices. Individually, when your voice is raised in song, it is small when it is released into the air. But, if your voice was only one among hundreds, the song you sing would take on a power and influence that could be heard as a mighty sound.

Imagine then that the manifestation of your love, when it escapes your soul, mind and body, joins the unseen but powerful force that is always present in the world, so that the effect of this Love becomes a mighty force. You may not see the visible effect of this Love, at least not immediately, but Its effect upon people, events and developments around you is unfailing.

By faith you will perceive these forces of good surrounding you and effecting change for the better. Use your wonderful imagination to envisage the influence of the Spirit of God touching everything. It will silence the evil thought, it will alter the unloving intention, for it is a force that commands every lesser law and bring its influence to bear merely by its presence.

Yes, we are your Celestial brethren who aid and support your spiritual strength, but you must recognize the might of your love to change things for the better in every way. Love one another with the Divine Love of God, active within your souls, and you will bring peace and happiness to your world.

These gifts of love you shall not envy in one another, but rejoice in them as a mighty chorus of Love.

I love you, my disciples of Christ, and I am your brother and friend, Jesus, who loves and serves you in Divine Love.