Messages 2001

The sight and sound of Love.

May 13th, 2000

Aptos, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here, my sister in Christ, and I am John the Apostle of Jesus and his true follower. I follow my Master because he is the example of the Christ Love manifest through his soul and he has been at-one with the Soul of God since his days on earth.

I want to share with you the reason we simple men could become the teachers of truth and the healers of men and women and it was because Jesus had such faith in the reality of God’s Love and its Power over all things that he led us into our own faith. But another factor to our success in our ministry was that the people of our region were ripe for a change, and their ability to put their faith in God was much more developed than what you may find in people of your modern world.

The challenge before you today is to maintain your faith in God and put the spiritual before the material even though your fellows who are relatively content in their lives surround you. I say relatively because the strong lure of the material world gives the illusion that these “things” provide a sense of well being and satisfaction. Your challenge is not to fall prey to the same illusion, and even though your motives are to serve God and bring His Love to the world, it is tempting to assume this will be accomplished through the means of material assistance.

What I would like to illustrate is the power of love that Jesus exemplified and is still encouraging all of us to know for our own selves. As the Designer of this universe, God is its Master and Enforcer. Through His Mind all creation came into being, as well as the laws that govern every detail of their working. Understanding this truth will help you realize that as you pray for and receive the Substance of God’s Soul - His Divine Love - into your own soul, thereby becoming at-one with Him, you are thus enabled to wield power such as this material world could never offer. You may ask why you have been unable to heal as we did, but I would have to ask if you know beyond doubt that you are the immortal child of God who has rightfully inherited the power and strength of your Creator.

We have prayed for this Love to become evident through the souls of mortals so that this world will turn once again to the favor of God and His Laws. We have been with you in your prayers to strengthen your aspirations to know what God’s Will is. It is simply that you become at-one with Him in Love, yet this is the greatest challenge for a mortal living in a world that does not recognize the truth that Love is the Enforcer of all law, that Love is the one and only true and real power.

My dear brothers and sisters, I want to convey from our Master that you should not be dismayed by the fact that you are not healing the masses and drawing thousands of followers. Yours is a quiet victory, but one of the greatest in the world. Jesus wants you to know that he loves you and has faith in your ability to make a difference in your life. I add my love and deep admiration for what you have accomplished so far in your ministries and that is the consistent love you demonstrate first to God, second to your angelic guardians, and most importantly, to yourselves and one another.

Do not underestimate what you have accomplished in your personal life. You see evidence of the conflict between material and spiritual in the greed and lust for power that cripples our brother and sisterhood. You see the addiction and illness of spirit that has become commonplace. You see the very planet upon which you depend to survive subject to humankind’s devastation. Yes, because of the power of your love you prevent disaster. This is the truth. Every day you pray to do the Will of God you activate the highest laws to operate around you. Nothing is untouched by this Love because it is at the very center of every thing - its motion, its energy, its purpose - and you are channeling and utilizing this Love through your soul, mind, hands and mouth.

Do not underestimate how many angels are present to usher in that influence all around you, adding their prayers and power to yours. If you could see with your eyes the Substance of this Love as it escapes into the atmosphere around you, touching all things, you could not doubt its influence. It is as a thousand rays of light illuminating you and the world. If you could hear with your ears the sound of this Love as it is played by your soul you could hear the music of heaven and earth for hundreds of miles.

You are my spiritual counterparts on earth. We work alongside one another. We love you as our family in Christ. Have faith that God and all the angels love you. This is the truth, and you have made it so.

I am John the Apostle of Jesus and your friend and brother.