Messages 2001

Swift Bear: Healing.

July 17th, 2001

Seville, Spain

Received by Alfredo


I am here, my dear brother, your spiritual guide, who accompanies you at every moment, to guide your steps towards your progress.

I wish to speak of healing, which is used with great love on the part of those people, who possess this most precious gift.

It is exercised for the benefit of those people, who go through painful moments in their lives. Everybody may participate of a healing through their prayers, setting in motion a mechanism of energies, which are transmitted to the sick one. For such an end, healing spirits are acting, as well as your own spiritual energies.

A healer, who is blessed with this quality, may bring about spectacular feats. But s/he should make sure to love deeply the one whom s/he is healing. This is easy to do, although you don’t know personally the person in question. You should just be aware that s/he is your brother/sister, to put yourself in their place, and feel in your own flesh what s/he might be going through. An approach mechanism is triggered toward the person, who controls the spiritual forces, which are important to attain to the desired goal.

Sometimes it happens that no healing is accomplished. And we believe that we have not helped the patient in anything. But this idea is all wrong, because the sick person’s strength to face his or her disease increases significantly, alleviating him or her so much in the spiritual as well as in the physical sense. Our Father, with His Great Love, gives us all we need. Although we may not see the results, but they surely do exist. That is why it is important to give all our love and energies to the person in need.

I ask you, the healers, to apply, please, all these suggestions in the best way possible, because you cannot imagine the forces you are moving, and you are not able to envisage the angelical healers, who perform through you.

Do not desist in your zeal, and you will succeed, and you will be filled with a happiness you cannot compare with anything. God bless all your efforts.

From your brother,

Swift Bear