Messages 2001


January 18, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza


I am here with you now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Jesus, your friend and brother who is your guide into at-onement of soul with the great Soul of our loving Creator. You have perceived that I wish to write upon this subject of the power of healing, for it has been an earnest prayer of yours to be able to help those brothers and sisters who are in pain and suffering.

Let us consider the sources of power that you are familiar with. In nature there is energy that has been harnessed by your technologies to produce power such as electricity, gas, solar energy, fossil fuels, hydro and nuclear power. As the human mind evolves in its discovery of these substances and how these may serve to benefit human life, the effect of a “visible evolution” is produced - a technological development that reflects the development of the human brain and mind.

It is important to understand the role of the mind in this discovery, because if you compare your species to that of the animal kingdom, you can see the limitless potential the mind has to discover sources of power and energy available to it. But where humankind has developed the means by which to use the power available in these natural substances, we misalign ourselves with our proper role in this discovery. Greed and lust for power as a resource has created the subjugation of others to the human will and its desires and have turned what could have been a harmonious and resourceful application of power into something that disturbs our very planet’s natural balance.

If we turn again to the animal kingdom to demonstrate power, you may begin to understand what is necessary to see yourselves as God’s perfect creations. The creature that aligns itself with its purpose and specialized abilities is able to tap into and employ the power and energy available to it within the framework of its environment. A simple example of this is the bird in flight. A bird was created in such a way that enables it to use the power of the air currents to elevate it above the earth, thus enabling it to survey its environment for the sustenance it needs to survive.

Natural habitats provide animals with a myriad of resources to not only survive on the earth, but to contribute to the balance of the energies, substances and co-dependent purpose that allow all of earth’s inhabitants to survive. An example outside the animal kingdom is the trees and plant life that provide much-needed oxygen to your atmosphere.

Why I preface my discussion of the power of healing in this way is to illustrate the necessity to bring the human being into alignment with his intended purpose as a creation of God, and how he “fits” into the scheme of the natural balance of his environment.

If the soul and mind of a mortal become fettered by attachments to material things because he believes that these things produce some form of power over his environment, he begins to misalign himself with real sources of power. Money has become a power in this world, not by reason of itself - as a substance, it provides nothing to the natural balance of this biosphere earth - but man endows this thing with power simply by his own belief. He has become so convinced that this “currency” of the world is a true power that he applies his appetites, desires and will to the attainment of it, even at the cost of his own health and well-being.

You are only just beginning to realize that how you apply your minds’ energies and beliefs has true power over your lives. Truer even than “you are what you think” is “you are what you desire.” Desire is the indicator of your soul’s will and drive to become.

The lives of my disciples who followed me on earth were much simpler than yours, insofar as the limitations the lack of technological developments forced upon them. They recognized their subservience to the natural laws that governed them. They were in closer harmony with the earth in their respect for and cooperation with it. The sun was a resource that grew their crops, water allowed life to thrive; these things were not abused to the extent they are now, and man kept within the balance of earth’s harmony.

When I taught my disciples of their true relationship with God and the nature of their souls created in His Image, they began to appreciate the power of this Love that was evident in my life and teachings. The Divine Love is a substance and a power that is the highest form of energy available to the human soul. It is the nature of love that brings alignment and balance, harmony and peace to its possessor. Beyond this, it is a power that can heal. And if this power is wielded by a soul aligned with his purpose, in body and mind, appetites and desires, beliefs and faith, there is no limit to what this power can do.

You will realize over time the importance of simplifying your life and recognizing the true power that exists in the world, which is necessary to invite healing to occur within and around you. What are you attached to? What do you want? Love, or something other than love?

I will write more on this subject at another time, dear sister, and I thank you for this opportunity to write at such an unusual hour.

Your brother and friend, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.