Messages 1984 to 2000

White Eagle: Healing through the Instrumentality of Spirit Healers.

November 3, 1999

Santa Cruz, California

Received by Amada Reza.


I am here with you, and I am your brother, White Eagle, a follower of our Master Jesus, who is our elder brother and leader in the Celestial Kingdom of God’s Divine Love. I am happy to be able to come to you at this time to give you a message on healing, as you desire to know what forces are at work in the transmission of healing energies through the ministering spirit to the mortal.

The laws of God are exact in their workings and will not fail to operate when it comes to bringing mortals into accord with the Plan of Eventual Harmony, and one must always consider that illness is only a manifestation of what we are aware of as the workings of laws. So many people ask why infants are ill, when they have broken no law by the exercise of their own will, and I will say that the sins of the parents are visited and passed down through the generations. Illness of the body is relatively easy to heal when there are higher spiritual forces present and able to be exercised over the lesser material laws governing the body. It is in the instance of the sin having found lodgment in the soul, and when the mind has been used to cultivate the thoughts and desires to sin, that causes illness of the spirit which is not so easily healed. One may, as a spirit healer, give temporary relief, but it is the will and pattern of behavior that causes the mortal to resume his or her sinful activities that will keep them in a state of illness.

In the case of the infant who has not exercised his or her will to break the laws of God, should the parents pray for the intercession of God’s Help and Love to bring relief to the child, the spirit healer may be able to actually remove the obstructing disease in the body. This happens when the elements which comprise the physical body are in a regenerative state and through the influence of the higher energy or power upon the material, the molecules are “rearranged” and the balance of the natural and perfect workings of the body is restored. Everyone has a blueprint that is not only subject to the inherited and genetic factors which causes every body to be unique. There is a natural order that is native to the cells and organism we call the body. You have heard of cell intelligence, it is as if every part of the body knows what to do because, as it is created to perform a certain function to sustain life, it will work the same every time within the scope of the natural laws and an environment that supports physical life.

In ancient times, people honored their relationship with the elements that surrounded them and affected their way of life - air, fire, water, the sun, the rain, the herbs and plants that were a part of their every day living that could be used to the benefit of the body. The body was seen more as a temple and recognized as a miracle of life that it was, and there were those in spirit who acted on behalf of restoring the health of the body through mortals who were given to the study and skills of healing. The mystery of the body and its workings were considered sacred, and it was no less than the practice of mediumship when the mortal who would heal joined together with those in the spirit who could help administer the forces of good to bring about the desired condition. It is more difficult in these modern times to trust the natural workings of the body and reconnect with the forces that are already present in nature, that may benefit the body and mind. This disconnection from the physical body has caused illness to occur that could otherwise be healed if the person would just put himself in the proper environment and condition to remove those stresses that impose illness on the natural order of the physical universe, of which his body is only a part.

The blueprint of which I spoke is the harmonious balance of the human body within and without itself - it is designed to work perfectly within itself and within its environment - one breathes and moves through the atmosphere and it is this synergy that is the condition of natural harmony which brings the body into accord with its surroundings. But, in the case of healing through the intercession of a highly developed spirit, especially one who possesses the Divine Love, there are powers present within the energy field of the spirit which may bring to bear this balance and harmony, despite the physical environment and existing conditions in the body. When the mortal exercises faith in the power of the love to heal and bring illness to right, the conditions present in the physical body respond to the higher energy and healing may occur.

You have been receiving my thoughts on this subject and you were right to assume that touch is an important part to healing. The “laying on of hands” is prevalent in the Christian ceremonies, which invite the power of God’s Love to visit the mortal seeking relief and, through the intercession of spirit and mortal healers, relief is often the result. Again, this modern world can sometimes isolate people from one another through distrust and fear. Human companionship is vital to establish a healthy physical environment for a person who needs to restore the balance and harmony in their lives.

I see you question why your friend suffers from depression when it appears that she has not been without companionship, even having had the benefit of loving care and prayers on her behalf. But I will say that there was a shift in her sense of trust and faith in her earlier life that made her withdraw from receiving the benefit of this love that was there for her. Her own will and thoughts played an important part in establishing an unhealthy distance from her heart and her actions were “by rote” more so than an active manifestation of her love. You know the importance of establishing true love as the motive for our actions and behavior toward ourselves and others, and when one fails to manifest this love, they suffer the consequences. Her mistrust has taken the form of blaming God for her discomfort and unhappiness, and she must remove this and reconnect with her true soul’s aspiration to trust in His Love for her and all God’s children.

I know that you, too, suffer from longstanding illness and you may ask God to help you understand the source of your pain, spiritually and mentally, that keeps you from enjoying good health. I love you and will be with you, helping you whenever I can. Ask God for His transforming Grace to help heal you and your family. Put it in His Hands and let Him open your eyes to see.

I am your brother and friend in the Christ spirit, White Eagle