Messages 2015 and 2016

The greatest of all types of healing is Divine Love healing

March 29, 2015

Received by: A. F.

New York, N.Y.


Beloved souls, I am Seretta Kem. When I was on Earth, I lived in what you call Egypt, many, many generations ago when my country and culture was at its peak, and I have studied the art of healing for a very long time and I walk upon the Divine Path and I inhabit the Celestial Kingdom. The greatest healing of all is obtained through the inflowing of God’s Essence, His Divine Love. For as you heal your souls in this way as God brings His transformative Love into you, then all changes within your being, every cell within your body, all the energies of your spirit, all the aspects of your mind, both material and soul are influenced by this Love. It is truly transformative and powerful.

And when you feel stray emotions rising up from within you, this is the power of God’s Love, in its qualities of expiation of the soul, cleansing your soul, bringing it to a place of light and free from the entrapments of the conditions in which you were born in. All souls are born into this human condition, and are different to those conditions which you have brought upon yourself through your own choices which are not in harmony with your creation. Your bodies will change and be influenced by this Love.

And I would urge all of you to assist in this changing of the very cellular structure of your bodies, to bring a greater health and strength and comfort of all aspects of your being. You may assist this in your diet and for your natures, your thoughts, and your emotions. It is important to encourage within yourself a diet of positive thoughts - constructive and clear. This assists you in your daily practices of prayer and what you do with each day, how you encounter others. It does take discipline. It does take effort. And with the foundation of God’s Love within your souls, all of these aspects of your being will come into alignment and harmony.

One must always take into account the power of free will, of your choices in your thinking, in what you eat, in how you pray, and how you are in the world. These are all disciplines, and in order to have a life in harmony, these aspects of your beings must be tended to, and choices must be made, and efforts must be made to bring all of you into a harmonious state. And in so doing, the awareness from deep within you, within your souls, will blossom – and more readily come forth within your consciousness. For there are many obstructions within the mind and the body and spirit which often shield and veil the awarenesses of the soul.

I would urge you my beloved, beautiful souls, who are embarking upon this journey to know God, to know His Love, and to know yourselves, that you make this effort to nurture yourselves in this way. Indeed, God’s Love will in time clear all obstructions, but it does indeed work against the human condition which is always conspiring to distract and detract from this burning Love, this burning energy and Love which has the power to change and transform you from within. Your own efforts will quicken and heighten the effects of this Love and its transforming powers.

And as always the choice is yours, how you walk upon this Earth, how you present yourself to others, how you love yourself, how you are in the world. There are many old habits within each one of you which are not conducive to the flow of love through you and within you and about you, and I would urge you to take a good and honest look at this and to choose light, harmony, goodness, health, peace and Love.

And we in spirit who have great powers of healing, can with each day bring you to a place where you are free of these inhibitions, these obstructions, but would this strengthen you on your journey? It would be gratifying and make many challenges easier, but it would not strengthen your souls, your resolve, and those aspects of your beings which need transformation, and discipline, and efforts which must rise from within you.

You are all on a journey to come to know yourself, your own identity, and to know God. And this is a struggle because the human condition makes it so. And we in spirit do desire to support you, and we do so in many ways, many ways that you are not aware of. Do not take my message as a message that indicates that we do not have care for you, or that we do not care for you and give you the nurturing and guidance and influence of Love, for we do, in great measure. But in partnership with our efforts, your efforts are required and necessary. For we come back again to the power of free will.

How important is that gift? And how necessary it is for you to understand the power of this gift and to choose. God does not give His Love to those who do not choose to receive it. It is your choice. It is your prayer. It is your longing. And as more Love flows into your soul, it brings to your consciousness a greater awareness of that which is not in harmony with this Love. Again you must choose to change, to walk in greater harmony, to be in a greater and higher condition of Love. And to attend to those needs of your bodies which would make greater harmony with this temple that God has placed your souls in.

Yes, life is not easy. There are many, many aspects of life that challenge each one of you, and there are many around you who challenge you, and there is much need in this world, a great need and a desire to draw from you. My brethren, my brothers and sisters, heed my words and understand, you are truly loved. You are truly loved. In the grace, in the beauty, in the peace of God’s Love. God bless you.